LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City officials were outraged Monday after revelations that a Los Angeles Coliseum director used his personal credit card to purchase items for the venue in order to collect bonus points on the card.

KNX 1070’s Bob Brill reports City Controller Wendy Greuel is among those voicing their disgust over the findings after learning Coliseum Finance Director Ron Leder-Kramer used his own credit card to purchase $270,000 worth of equipment.

“I feel aghast that this could have occurred and no one thought that it was a problem,” said Greuel.

The district attorney’s office along with Greuel’s office will both conduct separate investigations into the commission.

Leder-Kramer re-paid his card by using government checks signed by a lower ranking employee.

He has insisted no wrongdoing was committed and that the Coliseum benefited from the extra year’s worth of warranty that his credit card provided for the sound system he purchased for the Coliseum.

Greuel, however, expects to find similar violations as the investigation proceeds.

“A lot of red flags have gone up,” she said. “I think this is the tip of the iceberg as to the problems that exist in the Coliseum commission.”

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  1. TR says:

    the city credit with vendors SUCKS i know cuz i use to be one i use to supply food for various events in city hall and they NEVER paid on time. likely the vendor for the sound equip WOULD NOT deal direct with city billing so the guy used his card and paid it off with city funds just the way it would get paid if the vendor delt with the city billing directly NO BIG DEAL HERE PEOPLE

    1. Sage Advice says:

      Agree; there are bigger Flounder to fry. Greuel is doing a good job, but wasting time and taxpayer money on this one; I would rather she examine the waste and gauging being done by LA DWP from several directions at once on LA’s citizens. Now THAT is a corrupt syndicate of thieves and crooks!!

  2. Sage Advice says:

    Of all the REAl corruption going on, this guy using his OWN personal credit card where the city fails to pay its bills on time AND has figured a way to benefit the city and himself without injury to the city is GREAT!! if anything he HELPED the city with providing his own good credit where the city doesn’t have any; he helped tax payers get what they needed without costing them more, and get what they needed on time. The same things got purchased and the same bills would have been made, whether he put it on his own credit or the city’s credit.

    The REAl waste is sepnding anyhing at all on the Coliseum, but if the city is going to do it anwyay, and its approved, he may as well facilitate. i would rather see SOMEONE benefit fromt he purchases than nobody benefit by the purchase.

    Greuel is good, and I support her efforts in cleaning up waste and unecessary expenditue, but this is a waste of time and taxpayer money when there is still REAL corruption to be discovered in City Hall.

  3. alal Hart says:

    Sorry, but I don’t share their disdain. He didn’t steal anything. He didn’t misappropriate those funds and there is no where in the City Charter that says he couldn’t do it.

  4. So? says:

    He’s taking a risk by using his own CC and for the most part, I’m sure the city would have had delayed delivery on many of the items he purchased.

    Who cares if he made bonus points, thats between him and his CC company and none of the cities business.

    Is this really how the city wants to use its resources? Seriously? I would investigate the investigator for actually wasting city funds to pursue this.

  5. mindy says:

    i would say the purchase had to be approved or the story would be about him STEALING all that money that he paid out with city checks to pay off his card insted of being just about him having used the card for the purchase

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