LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A state senator from South Bay says he’s outraged that the company Lowe’s pulled its advertising from a cable television show about Muslim Americans.

Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, said he may call for a boycott of the homebuilding supply chain unless it reverses its decision and apologizes for pulling its ads from the TLC Network broadcast “All-American Muslim.”

The Florida Family Association called the show “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.”

The group sent three e-mails to its members, asking them to petition to Lowe’s to pull its advertising. It also published a letter from Lowe’s Cos., saying it agreed to stop advertising associated with the show.

Lieu called the move “bigoted, shameful and un-American.”

The company’s North Carolina headquarters issued a statement calling “All-American Muslim” a “lightning rod” for people who have “strong political and societal views on this topic,” and said it will pull its ads because it is “best to respectfully defer to communities, individuals and groups to discuss and consider such issues of importance.”

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Comments (17)
  1. Everyday Guy says:

    Ted Lieu Pizz on you. I now boycott whatever you support.

  2. Local 13 Life Member says:

    Good for Lowe’s, heck I’m going there now instead of Home Depot glad to see a company with a set of nagas, as for Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance guess I will vote Independant.

  3. Jarhead4life says:

    Soooo once again freedom of Speech is being gagged…and this time the Gagging is being championed by a politician who’s job it is to defend these rights…Could it be a Constituency thing…Just thinking out loud mind you!!

  4. Realist says:

    Another Political Moron Speaks Out…And Says Absolutely Nothing!!

  5. Alan Di says:

    Hey, Sen Lieu, it’s none of your business. At least Lowe’s doesn’t have a space reserved in its parking lot for illegal aliens!

  6. mark says:

    Not a very smart political move on Sen. Lieu’s part. I’m sure Lowe’s decision is supported by most Americans.

  7. Keith says:

    Senator Lieu is in complete denial of what is happening in the world. By being politically correct, he is blinded by his ignorance of the fact the Muslims are taking over the world. It has happened in Europe and is happening in Canada. In Canada they are starting to get political power and are pushing for sharia law. The Muslims have honor killings when their families are shamed; yet they claim Islaam is peaceful. In my opinion they are all radical and if allowed in this country, should adhere to the laws of this great country. This affects the
    American taxpayer. Wake up to this silent revolution, immigration reform is
    needed. Shop at Lowe’s and do not vote for bleeding heart, politically correct politician’s like Lieu.

  8. Dave Price says:

    This man is simply trolling for votes. But I think it will have the reverse impact. I hope that he can afford to be sued by Lowes.. This man is completely out of his mind. This privately owned business has the absolute right to advertise or PULL advertising where ever and when ever they so choose with out ANY government interference.

    This man is completely out of his element on this and should mind his own damned business

  9. American-Plain says:

    If the good Muslims don’t like to associated with the Terrorist Muslims , then they need to CLEAN THEIR OWN HOUSES and MOSQUES.
    If good Muslims turn a blind eye to the filthy ones in thier own Mosques and Homes, then they deserve the Filth that rubs off onto themselves!

  10. OldTimer says:

    They hide under Iman skirts, funnel their money to their cause, chisel away at our freedom and then want to come liver here and destroy our society. Had our founding fathers known about the muslim agenda they would have wrote them out.
    Lowe’s is a Patriot. Senator Loozer Lieu shame on you for picking on Lowe’s. I hope you get voted out.

  11. Joe M says:

    I say we boycott Ted Lieu. How dare he even suggest boycotting a company that provides many Americans jobs in these difficult times!

  12. Down with Ted Liu says:

    To Ted Liu:
    This is an American company, they have the right to put their money where they choose.
    Unlike the Senator from California, they know how to make decisions. You are part of the problem with California, you are a person of no particular morals. You are
    part of the American problem that Californians think they run the country, that they have a Hollywood frame of indecency. I say boycott California.

  13. jason zeidler says:

    hey sen ted, how many americans and people in general around the world need to die and be opressed by islam for you to see the truth? it politically correct cowards like him who get americans like in ft hood killed. he is buying votes with American lives

  14. Q31 says:

    Here’s a thought, Sen Lieu: In lieu of stirring the pot and causing even more division among Americans, why not get your nose back into Congressional Business and stat voting for initiatives that will create a great business climate so that folks can get back to work? It’s truly pathetic that some who could DO SOMETHING about creating an environment in which business could thrive, chooses to make knuckleheaded comments like these. Instead of vilifying companies that are hiring people, do what you can to get folks back to work. If people are offended by this decision, they’ll vote with their wallets! If they support this decision, they’ll vote WITH their wallets! (It’s entirely possible that this was done because the ads on that program weren’t resulting in sales. That’s how we big kids who are in business, generating sales, that you’re oh so eager to tax, do things. (Who’s the bully now?) Oh, how’d you vote on that Canadian pipeline project that would’ve created 200,000 jobs here in the US?

  15. Mike in Michigan says:

    Senator Lieu, it is Americans like you who want to give away the American way of living. It is a basic American concept that allows us to spend our money the way we choose. You are an idiot, you don’t deserve to represent America, California or even Los Angeles. Why don’t you go protest out in the middle of the Pacific. Come to Dearborn, MI and see how the Muslims have taken over a city, that once was a champion of democracy. There is no democracy left in Dearborn, MI.

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