HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A music industry executive remained in critical condition today, shot in his jaw by a gunman who fired at more than a dozen people while marching down Vine Street in broad daylight two days ago.

John Atterberry “is still in critical condition,” said Simi Singer, a spokesperson for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. “I don’t expect there to be a change.”

Atterberry,  in his 40s, was shot in his face Friday morning as he sat in his car. The shooter, Tyler Brehm, was shot dead moments later by two plainclothes police officers.

Brehm hit at least three people as he emptied a handgun into cars, and fired wildly from the middle of Vine Street.

Two passing motorists were also hit by bullets that had passed through their car door or window, police said. One was grazed by a bullet in the thigh, the other — a 77-year-old man — suffered glass cuts to his face.

Brehm and his girlfriend of four years had broken up last week.

Atterberry was identified as a longtime recording industry manager and promoter who has worked with r&b artists like Brandy, the Spice Girls and Jessica Simpson.

His facebook wall is filled with well-wishes from friends who are pulling for his recovery.

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Comments (4)
  1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    Man, black males just can’t catch a break in this city. If they’re not being profiled and pulled over by the police or shot at by other African-American men, they end up victim to some psychotic white guy’s suicide-by-cop shooting spree. I hope this man ends up recovering. I’m amazed that nobody else was hurt, considering how many bullets were flying around.

    1. Jason says:

      Yeah, the poor black males, as a whole, so much good to offer in the city, they just can’t catch a break. wow.

      Regardless, this guy seemed to be a solid citizen, and let’s hope for a Christmas miracle for him and his family.

  2. ??? says:

    i hope he get better, wrong place at the wrong time, it’s a scary world. It can happen to anyone at any time. Best wishes to him for a full recovery.

  3. dee.capone@gmail.com says:

    Crazy thing I was going down Sunset at the exact moment but decided to go grab my coffee in Beverly Hills instead. Thank God cuz my girl was in the car with me and it could have been us.
    I pray that Mr. John Atterberry has a full recovery. I know john and we both are in the same biz.
    Poor John. God bless and heal his wounds….. And God Bless the Great Police for stopping this shooter preventing other innocent victims. And God bless the Great Medical Staff at Cedar Sanai Hospital…

    And God Bless America….

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