RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Riverside County Animal Services, teamed with firefighters from CAL Fire’s Station 16, rescued a kitten that got itself stuck in a pipe Saturday.

The 2-month-old male kitten wedged itself into a scrap piece of drainage pipe.

Authorities said a Good Samaritan found the kitten near his business, a car repair shop in Mira Loma.

The man bought the kitty/pipe combo into Riverside County Animal Services.

After about a half hour, using various lubricants, the kitten wouldn’t budge.

Vets sedated the kitten to make sure he was relaxed. They also hooked him up to a heart monitor.

Animal Services called in the fire department for assistance. A team of firefighters used a saw and the Jaws of Life to extricate the kitten.

Vets say the kitten is doing fine and if he makes a full recovery will be available for adoption in about a week.

Comments (3)
  1. Alice Ramirez says:

    Precious little guy! Whoever adopts him, and I hope someone does, should probably keep him 100% indoors. Clearly he has a knack for getting into trouble.

  2. Betty White says:

    There is nothing more heartwarming than a pu$$y betting some pipe.

  3. Wanderson says:

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