Heisman Finalist Set, USC’s Barkley Not Included

(CBS) — Despite a late push for consideration, USC Trojans QB Matt Barkley was not included in the five players invited to New York for the 2011 Heisman Trophy award.

Stanford’s Andrew Luck, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, Alabama’s Trent Richardson, Wisconsin’s Montee Ball and LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu are the five finalists.

Griffin III and Richardson are considered to be the favorites.

After hearing the finalists, Barkley tweeted, “Congrats to all the Heisman finalists, what a great year of football!”

  • David Beaubien

    Another shot to attempt to punish USC football program. If you are the best athelete do not go to USC. You can not get what you deserve because of the past violations of the program. Instead of punishment to be paid by the school, for violations of former players/coaches, the current school players are harmed.

    • Not Even Close

      Best athlete? he lost 2 games, 1 of them to ASU. Not even in the running for the heisman. Good season, just not a heisman season. get over it. I bet you think he should be playing LSU in the National Championship also…

    • Brad

      all the talk on the radio was about Reggie Bush costing Barkley.. I think that could be a part of it, but I’m not sure Barkley is more deserving than any of those 5 student-athletes. Barkley wasn’t great all year long. Although, he may be the best now.

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