CHATSWORTH (CBS) — Connie Johnson is the creator and host of the cable TV program “Praise to Fame.” The show’s message is anti-violence. The show talks about the power of prayer and the virtues of righteous living.

Johnson talked to KCAL9’s Jay Jackson about her murdered son Saturday, hours after his memorial service in Northridge.

Choking back tears, she told Jackson, “I kept asking God, why can’t you save my son? When are you going to save Deveron? When is he going to be saved? When? And he never did.”

Her 43-year-old son — her first born — was gunned down November 10th, outside a Winnetka liquor store just after 5:40 in the evening.

All police know is that Johnson’s son got into an argument with a stranger and the suspect shot him, point blank, five times.

Police have released a suspect sketch but are still baffled about the crime they refer to as a complete mystery.

Johnson still struggles to make sense of the crime. Especially in light of the fact, she has made it her mission to help the troubled turn their lives around.

“All the time I did ‘Praise to Fame,’ I always saw these people come to God, they had been murderers, people who had really terrible backgrounds, and they’d done bad things to people. But they turned their lives around because they met God, because they met Jesus.”

She added, “Deveron knew him and he loved God.”

The victim’s brother, Mazier Alagheband, is in disbelief that someone who could be such a cold blooded killer could be walking among us. “It’s an injustice not only to my brother, but to anyone else who has lost a family member to that kind of violence.”

For the victim’s mom, “The most difficult thing for me is realizing I’ll never hear him laugh any more.”

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