SANTA ANA (CBS) — Should public library patrons be subject to monitoring — or even censorship — of content deemed inappropriate by lawmakers?

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports that’s the question facing officials in Laguna Beach Library after someone spotted a man allegedly watching porn and committing a lewd act while using public computer.

An eyewitness first alerted police on Saturday to what he had seen at the library’s computer lab, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

“When he looked over he saw a homeless man next to him masturbating while looking at pictures of naked women on the computer,” Lt. Jason Kravitz.

Officers may have found up to eight homeless men gathered around a public computer to view pornography, the Orange County Register reported.

Joseph Clairence Cormier II was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor lewd conduct and possession of marijuana.

The incident has triggered calls from local parents for officials to better monitor the content that patrons are viewing in public libraries.

“I think they should restrict what people listen [to] and watch on the computers here because there’s a lot of children inside there,” said parent and library patron Phil McManus. “That kind of scares you.”

But branch manager Jenny Gasset said the library cannot legally monitor whatever information people access on its computers.

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  1. vick says:

    You gotta love it, the dude is homeless but yet he still had marijuana in his possession! Instead of looking for a job these losers are looking at porn. I say they set it up where you need a library card to even access the computers or be let in the library.

  2. Tyrone Biggums says:

    Why am I not surprised. Only in the OC where most child molesters and perverts roam the Orange Curtain.

  3. American 1776 says:

    As a taxpayers it affends me that anyone thinks it OK to use tax dollars to provide porn in our libraries. You can’t afford your own porn, to bad.. Where did it become my obligation to help you get your rocks off, let alone in the library where children can see it?

  4. American 1776 says:

    PS You may have a Right to look at porna, I don’t care if you do but, you don’t have the Right to force me to pay for it.

  5. Chuck says:

    While porn is the obvious edge case I dont really want anyone deciding what is inappropriate material. That is the first step toward government censorship. I think that the computer use area of the library needs to be setup in a way that prohibits privacy while using the machines.

  6. Kardashian my a$$ says:

    Oops this article is about one of them damn Kardashians? So sick of reading and hearing that name. A family who literally has no talent to even be talked about. BAN ALL KARDASHIANS from the media!!!!!!!

  7. Alan Di says:

    Censorship is censorship, no matter who does it. There was no room in the US Constitution to allow it.

  8. Lights says:

    NO NO censorship — of content deemed inappropriate by lawmakers.
    Public library is not a private institution.It should not judge what is appropriate.
    People commit lewd acts everywhere and anyway they can. Even in Disneyland.

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