Lakewood Man, 63, Shocked By Downed Power Line

LAKEWOOD (CBS) —  A 63-year-old man was shocked while trying to move a burning car set aflame by a downed wire in Lakewood, officials said Sunday.

The incident happened at about 8 the 5500 block of Premiere Avenue, Lt. Eric Lindblom of the Lakewood sheriff’s station said.

“A wire went down starting a fire on a car,” Lindblom said. “A neighbor went to tell the owner of the car about the fire and said he would move the car for him.”

Lindblom said that on the way to move the 2004 Mazda 3 the man pressed the “unlock” button on the keys “and the electric charge transferred to him.”

The man was taken to Lakewood Regional Medical Center in unknown condition, Lindblom said.

The car sustained $10,000 in damages and a wooden fence was also damaged, estimated at about $500, Lindblom said.

“We are aware of the situation and we are investigating,” said Scott Andresen of Southern California Edison. “We’ve been out there all day.”

The cause of the downed wire was unknown.

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  • Mr. Edison

    Shocking news!

  • Timothy McGarry

    Wow. Cordless electrocution.

  • Hardmoney

    Back in the old days, we needed a wire to electrocute ourselves. This is great! Perhaps this wireless electrocution tecnology can be further developed, for the benefit of society…like on death row! Hand the inmate a remote control with a big button that’s labeled ‘Press Here’.

  • Courtenay

    That’s good to know. I didn’t know it was possible. Certainly opens a lot of doors for R&D of new technologies. It may be possile to power a source from a distance and because it’s electricty, distance shouldn’t matter..this is very interessting if it’s true.

  • amergerm35

    Wow! Violating all of the principles.
    Now for the facts.
    A downed power line, carrying enough current to start a vehicle on fire, is capable of dissipating the current into the ground. As you approach a downed power line, the current potential grows greater until you become a conductor yourself. This is taught to Firefighter 1 and EMT-B students. You’re also told that if you’re in a vehicle that has a power line on it (accident or what not), NEVER open the door and step out. Rather, jump away from the vehicle with both feet together.

    • Rathman

      ..Probably he reached towards that car with the remote in his hand and being closest that is where it arced.

  • Stephen Cussen

    I work for a power company. This article is missing a lot of facts. One; was the energized line still on the car? Two; was the power company alerted to the scene to kill the power to the downed line for anyone to work around the car? Was the wire primary i.e. 7200 volts or just a mere 120 volts x2 secondary running to a house? The answers are in the details this reporter failed to mention.

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