New LashDip Treatment Promises Fuller, Thicker Lashes

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BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — A new technology is offering fuller, thicker lashes without having to apply any mascara and the results are semi-permanent.

It’s called LashDip and it is changing the way women wear makeup.

“It’s a semi-permanent gel coating. It is painted on each lash individually and when it’s cold-air cured onto the lash, it will last about a month,” LashDip Co-creator Gina Mondragon said.

The technology was accidentally created by Mondragon and her friend Jessica Harley. They say the semi-permanent mascara is nontoxic and safe for anyone.

“For a lot of people, mascara is not an option. There are allergies, eye infections, with some people just the smearing and smudging makes it not effective,” Mondragon said.

On average a person loses about five or six lashes every day and for many women the subject of thinning lashes can be a sensitive one.

“Lashes are like hair, you know, its part of our sexual calling, it’s part of our femininity. So women flirt with their lashes,” Mondragon said.

The process takes about an hour resulting in fuller, thicker lashes. Pricing starts at $150 and goes up for the initial treatment. Regular touchups are needed about every two weeks, as the lashes grow.

Clients say the price is comparable to many eyelash growth serums and cheaper than eyelash extensions.



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