10,000 Line Up For Free Turkey Dinners In South LA

HYDE PARK (CBS) — Low-income residents and seniors are lining up for free turkey dinners from a local car company.

As many as 10,000 people are expected to show up for the “23rd Annual Jackson Limousine Service Turkey Dinner Give-Away”, which started at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Sky2 was overhead Monday night as a line wrapped around the company’s service fleet yard at 3669 West Slauson Ave.

Yvette Freeman, one of the first people to pick up a meal Tuesday morning, waited in line for two days with a group of family and friends.

“It feels good. It feels really good,” says Freeman, who realized she couldn’t afford her own Thanksgiving dinner when she went to the grocery store last weekend.

“It’s a lot of people, a lot of families from all walks of life,” EJ Jackson, founder and president of Jackson Limousine, told CBS2. “You’ll see them. We love them, but that’s what we are here for; to help one another.”

Turkey and all the dinner fixings, including cornbread, yams and cranberry sauce, are being given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

“It is tough ’cause I was in need,” Lashonda Howard said. “I gotta get down here because this is my only hope.”

For more information, visit Jackson Limousine.

  • Alan White

    So, how do we know that hucksters like Glendale residents won’t BS their way in and claim poverty when in truth, they don’t need a handout? I feel bad for the truly needy families who will miss out when cons and liars take advantage of this charity.

    • Rufus

      Negroes love free things, it’s how they exist. No work ethic, no moral fiber.These negroes lining up in Glendale, don’t live there. Negroes network via “sail fawns” to let other negroes know of freebies. It’s the truth, I’m not a racist (I am however a realist). It’s in “dey culcha”.

    • Stryker 21

      OSAMA BIN OBAMA will be a one term President. He has created nothing but financial depare in this country. Attack watch, no hope and change coming from this no experience community leader.

    • d

      You are right to feel that way- I serve 110 meals to seniors Mon – Fri Let me tell you- resources are zero for them. They are usually 80+ in age- no family- cannot transport themselves…well you get the picture. I am saddened that the line betwen “Want and Need” has been so ill defined in this country- Thank God for Volunteers- Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family-

      • Ron

        You are beautiful “d” and I’ll bet you aren’t recognized for the good you do anywhere the same as the retired Catholic priest, Maurice Chase, well known for handing out dollar bills, to the needy on Skid Row. Someone already was doing much more than handing out dollar bills – more like $10. and $15. for food without seeking publicity. Culver City Police Sgt. Brian Fitzpatrick and a biased female officer named Encina, arrested Rev. Shirley Smith, back on Sunday, October 30th. for informing elderly people that there is no shame in being hungry and telling them where they could go to get free food help. Three Trader Joe’s store hispanic employees who should have been minding their own business INSIDE the Culver/Washington store – harassed Rev. Smith for standing in the nearby Culver City parking structure quietly and unobtrusively handing out information leaflets.

    • 7tex

      That’s exactly how I feel! And she “waited with family and friends”…puhleeze! Couldn’t they pool their welfare foodstamps to buy a freakin’ turkey for $5?

    • mrgoodcat7

      Because people with means and any sense at all will not wait in line for hours on end for a “free” turkey plate.

      • Rufus

        Negroes don’t have any sense other than the “gibbs muh” mentality

      • Rufus

        Negroes will ALWAYS wait for hours for anything they don’t have to pay for. It’s “in dey culcha”.

      • David

        I agree with California Refugee, YOU obviously don’t live in California. Give these deadbeats something free and you’ll have plenty lining up.

      • irishsmile

        Wrong! My father-in law took pride in waiting in lines for free cheese and butter in Lincoln Heights. And ….. he could super-well afford to but the ifood. We’ve laughed about it many times through the years.

      • CaliforniaRefugee

        You’ve clearly never lived/worked/shopped/driven through Glendale.


        Auntie Obama = ILLEGAL
        Uncle Obama = ILLEGAL
        Nephew Barry = ILLEGAL

        THE KENYAN TRIFECTA! http://www.BirtherReport.com



        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net and you’ve now be added to our list.

      • mac


        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net and you’ve now be added to our list.

      • Richard Henkle


        Report this B17ch!

      • Dumb0ma

        @OBAMA-BIDEN 2012: LOL, that’s a birther site.

    • Gerry

      Good point, hadn’t thought of that!

    • Anthony Sanchez

      I don’t think Christ asked the hungary who was eligible he just fed them without hesitation. Even if you don’t believe, its the human thing to do.

      • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

        The difference is in biblical times if you didn’t work you starved to death.

        Today if you don;t work you’re rewarded with more freebies and entitlements than you could hope to ever earn with their limited skills and abilities.

        All that’s asked of them is to vote Democrat blibdly and loyally.

      • jimmytheg

        I think because Jesus generally liked Hungarians.

      • Marmaduke

        You have just gotta love those that selectively use Jesus as a point in an argument to win the debate. Nevermind that those that do are usually ones that do not follow Him as their saviour and/or are not the ones that give to the poor and needy. Not to mention they are probably in line with those that support the death of millions of innocents in the name of “choice”.
        Be very careful…

        Matthew 7:5
        Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

      • Guinko

        You obviously are not an American citizen, if you were you would know to qualify for president you must be an American citizen. The forfathers wanted it that way, it kept people like fidel castro, joe stalin, adolph hitler, mousy dung, che, lennin, amin from becoming president of the U.S.A.

      • Fryar

        “they are probably in line with those that support the death of millions of innocents in the name of “choice”.
        Be very careful…”

        Yes, we Christians must be very careful and wary of fake Christians. Especially those that appose abortion however wholeheartedly support the death penalty.

    • Rita Ippolito

      Wow.. as a hard working taxpayer..I’ve felt that way about most government hand out programs for years…

    • jose

      we dont and the majority of them are cons and liars who take away from the truly needed just as it is with welfare and food stamps and other free mostly government hand outs…the majority are scammers and liars drug addicts and drunks or just lazy bums stealing from the real needy

  • Linda Ellison

    Occupy Hollywood Actors – @ 20 mil a movie why is anyone in LA broke – Occupy their homes! Who needs 10,000 sf for two people !11 Occupy !!!!

  • Mr. Drysdale

    There ain’t no such thing as a free turkey! Someone is paying for it!

  • sean patriot

    Y’all make sho POOKIE gets his turkey.

    • Rufus

      Sean, that is really funny! Pookie needs a 4 loko to go with that turkey.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    Jackson Limousine Service is doing what this country was built on when people cared about others and didn’t let the degenerate, disgusting and criminal government run ruff shot over everything.

    If everyone realized that it is the government that causes the majority of problems, disasters and wealth devastation, people would learn to ignore them. Just look at what a great job government has done educating your children, managing the economy and getting your kids killed in far off places.

    Bravo Jackson Limousine Service


    • Al, Sr.

      Well said Fanny.. For starters, the White House needs a good cleaning!
      Looks like a much needed revolution might be in the making as a means of ridding the Country of the hypocritical, anti-American, appointed Government traitors, who sold the Country out in interest of personal gain!

      • Rufus

        Al, Sr., the white house does need a good cleaning after the Obama apes have stunk up the place. Call Haznig!

    • August

      RIGHT ON!

  • David Moore

    When you have the biggest Turkey in the WH – there is not too much to go around

    • Midge Masters

      That’s not a turkey, that’s Barry Soetoro the Indonesian national illegal alien pretending to be POTUS.

      It doesn’t matter where he was born, he’s constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS as a national from Indonesia.

  • Gimme Free

    That last lady cooking hot dogs, said she will cook her own turkey later. Evidently she needs 2 turkey dinners, one that’s free just for the fun of it.

  • NowSwimBack

    When all the freebies in this nation run out, excess like this is going to be in big trouble. They exist artificially because of a degenerate system.

  • Gerry

    With 10,000 people or more expected to show up I hope they do not have any violence. I can just imagine some hothead pulling out a weapon because he did not get the last drumstick!

  • Anthony Sanchez

    I live in Austin Texas, we have a grocery chain who does this every year, it’s called the Feast of Sharing, put on by the HEB grocery company of San Antonio Tx.

    • d

      And they Rock! God Bless them and their Generosity-

  • chic

    I applaud the car owner for this act of human compassion and love to the truly less fortunate.

    Having said that, did anyone else notice that the hot dog lady was wearing acrylic nails? Now, where I come from, they run between 20-30 dollars a pop, and need to be re-done every 2-3 weeks. Is this what poverty looks like in LA?

    And people wonder why taxpayers are up to their teeth with the gimeeeee crowd.

  • TooHip

    When will the city close it down and levy a heavy fine for; lets say, operating a food establishment illegally, health and welfare, obstructing the sidewalks, failing to meet child nutrition requirements, or anything else idiotic that some beaurocrat thinks up.

    Assistance and compassion and community provided by what?…the private sector….cant have that….its unorthodox.

    We wouldnt want the private sector doing what the govt. is there to do with your tax donations…would we. Unless we are voluntold.

    God Bless Jackson Limousine.

  • jimmytheg

    Anybody ever notice that we go through this charade every year, for decades now, and nothing ever changes. Yeah, Jeepers said that the poor shall always be with us, but come on.

  • c-man

    Lets see how many of these people standing in line are talking on their I-phones and then getting their turkey and hopping in their SUV with 26″ chrome rims and driving to another location for another free handout. How many of these greedy low-lifes would stand in line for hours for a job that pays minimum wage?

  • ex-californian

    Why does group of family and friends have two days to hang around for a handout?

  • Rupert Pupkin

    Hopefully they will be heeding Chaz Napolitano (from the Department of Fatherland Security) and her warning about putting frozen turkeys in a turkey fryer. LOL

  • Richard B

    What a shame your momma didnt abort you c-man



  • mac

    What a picture for the world to see. No doubt in their minds now just how ‘forward’ the US is.
    I’ll ask one more time.

    Is California a third world country?

  • aday

    The reason why this story is different from others we have seen is because the meals are given out by a private business and other private citizen donations. NOT THE GOVERNMENT. This is the way charity and “welfare” should be handled in this country, by people willingly choosing to give of their substance, not taking taxes from everyone to feed a few. I think this is a wonderful heartwarming story.

  • Jason

    Hope & Change, it’s a beautiful thing! Thanks President Obama for my free Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll vote for you 4-ever. Love, from the gang

  • jharper

    I thought Obama was your hope. NOT!

  • John Yaya

    I hope the news media covers this event just so you do gooders can watch all those starving people waddle up to get their free food.
    I feel sorry for those who are really in need and all the working poor in this country.

  • KickOutTheKenyan2012

    Hope & Change Economic Depression brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama…

  • Puff the tragic wagon

    It appears that many of the contributors in this forum are not getting the right amount of oxygen to their brains. Some of you are making comments that are either irrelevant to the story or so off topic of the original story, you are actually making people respond with nonsense because they too aren’t reading the story. And whats with all the Obama and government stuff? This is a private company donating time and resources hopefully to families that really need help in these tough times.

    • Rufus

      Negroes are always “needy”. Needy? They “buy” groceries with ebt cards while parking in handicapped spot in escalades. The negroes know how to scam EVERYTHING.





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