LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The mother of a 9-year-old boy left brain damaged by a hit-and-run driver is pleading for the public’s help in tracking down the culprit.

Investigators say on Oct. 19, Jeremiah Davis was riding his bright red bicycle in broad daylight near the intersection of 104th Street and Harvard Boulevard when a car hit him and kept going.

“I understand it was an accident,” says the boy’s mother, Angel Davis. “But the problem is that you just left Jeremiah on the side of the street.”

Jeremiah has only recently woken up from a coma, and is living full time at a children’s hospital in Orange. He is relearning how to brush his teeth and to walk.

Jeremiah is unaware of his surroundings and cannot yet communicate verbally. Hospital therapists compare it to living within a nightmare. He is often inconsolable.

“Not being able to know what’s wrong,” says Davis, “not being able just to fix his hurt, it’s hard.”

Jeremiah’s four younger siblings visit the once athletic fourth grader frequently. “He’s the oldest, so they all look up to him,” says Davis. “They’re not understanding what’s wrong.”

Investigators say witnesses described the vehicle that hit Jeremiah as a late model Nissan Altima, dark in color. Davis says other witnesses have stated the vehicle was a Kia.

Police believe people in the residential neighborhood may have seen more than what has been reported so far.

Davis is pleading for anyone who has additional information to contact the LAPD.

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  1. xixxiao says:

    Unknown message

  2. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

    “Police believe people in the residential neighborhood may have seen more than what has been reported so far”. No big surprise there, this happened in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, the majority of the people there are on parole.The young 9 year old victim has four younger siblings; “He’s the oldest, so they all look up to him,” leads me to understand there is no father in the picture, typical.

    1. Auntie Rhonda says:

      @whisky…tango…fotrot yes it is a residential neiborhood and yes it is south central and it is people on parole everywhere not just south central and for info his dad is in his since the day he was born…that’s the problem with people nowadays they be talking what they think and not what they know….I am his Auntie I’m not thinking I KNOW……

    2. outraged says:

      I agree with Auntie Rhonda. If you do not live in this area and you do not understand the dynamics of the neighborhood, then you should not make assumptions based on stereotypes and “statistical” information that you do not have. The way you twist a simple sentence into assuming that the child has no father figure in his life, something which Auntie Rhonda obviously proved you wrong on, leads me to believe that you have a heavily biased mentality which clouds your perspective on life. It is possible that the sentence simply means that as an older brother, his younger siblings, like many other younger siblings from around the world, look up to him. The poor child is suffering and the way you commented on this, and I’m speaking to Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, makes it seem as though you’re trying to make his serious injury less than what it is. What has happened to this poor child will forever change his life; furthermore, his entire family is suffering because of this. His friends, one of whom I’m on a personal basis with and I know has been deeply affected by what happened to his friend, are also deeply affected by what has happened to Jeremiah. So instead of assuming things which you do not know, understand that this child and his family are going through a horrible ordeal and that their struggles are no less important than any others because of the area they live in.

  3. Auntie Rhonda says:

    I meant his dad is in his life

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