LOS ANGELES (CBS) — You could call it a case of pre-Thanksgiving angst.

With a little over a week remaining before families across the Southland turn their attention to Thanksgiving dinner, one pair of turkeys has decided to put up one last fight.

A tag team of the wild birds has repeatedly threatened motorcyclists in Walnut Creek by racing across the road to confront several bikers.

The fowls reportedly have only targeted motorcyclists, but nobody seems to know why.

“They will circle me and they will get closer and closer on each revolution, and then they will start hitting me with their wings and jumping up in the air and try to bat me with their wings on me,” said local biker Dan Brown.

The attacks have become so frequent that now most riders in Walnut Creek say they simply go out of their way to avoid crossing the path of the fearsome fowls.

Comments (8)
  1. SSINOC says:

    Was wondering where I would get my bird for turkey day this year.

  2. Astonished says:

    Para-Military, Vigilante Fowl! I love it!

  3. walnutcreeker says:

    I work near this place and see these birds everyday. They are beautiful birds and don’t “attack” anyone. Yes, they don’t like motorcycles and yes, they get all excited by them, but I’d wouldn’t say they are “attacking”. They usually run away from people who try to get too close to them and are mostly just walk around the grassy areas minding their own business. I enjoy them watching them on the days they are out on the green.

  4. demo says:

    Its the turkey mating ritual….nuff said

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