LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Cal Trans safety inspection reports for several Southland bridges were fabricated, according to a new investigation.

The 405 Freeway bridge over Braddock Drive is one of the bridges in question, but officials say it is still considered safe.

A carpool flyover ramp on the 60 and 57 freeways in Diamond Bar was also tested with faulty equipment.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports.

A whistleblower within Caltrans told the Sacramento Bee that tests on bridges across the state were fabricated or measured with inadequate tools. In fact, test results for the La Sierra Road overpass were falsified three years ago, but the bridge was later retested and deemed safe.

The Caltrans engineer responsible for making those measurements, 58-year-old Duane Wiles, was disciplined for faking test results.

Wiles, who is also responsible for the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, has been placed on administrative leave. The $6.3 billion project is the largest in state history.

Wiles was also charged with contact with a minor for sexual offense – a felony – last year.

Comments (9)
  1. DH says:

    It makes me feel better knowing the engineer who was faking test results has been placed on administrative leave. Remember folks, if this were a private sector job the guy would have been fired.

    1. marcopolo says:

      Not necessarily true. Private sector inspectors falsify reports all the time.

      1. Chris says:

        As a Senior Inspector, Senior Eng. Field Technician and State and Federally Certified Inspector with 15+ yrs. experience in the field…I would argue that point. In addition, I’d be fascinated to see some corroborating data and/or proof to support your statement. I’m not calling “B***S***”” or trying to attack YOU, marcopolo, just happen to STRENUOUSLY disagree with you…

  2. Kevin says:

    this guy STILL has a job???? I agree if this were the private sector he would have been gone, but since its a state job he is placed on paid leave (vacation) gets to stay home on out dime while the speedy wheels of California employment justice reviews this

  3. ron says:

    during the time i worked for caltrans, i saw many examples of this.
    some was due to imcompetent inspectors, but most due to contractors “gifts” .
    this is why most of the highways and bridges are NOT SAFE !

    1. Paul says:

      Of course, you reported this so that we would all be safer, RIGHT?

  4. Chris says:

    As a private sector Construction Inspector with over 13 years exp. working on CalTrans jobsites, I am disgusted by these revelations…but not surprised. As an Agency, CalTrans is archaic, anal-retentive and so full of self-righteous, egotistical personalities that this type of event is totally to be expected.
    Many years ago, a colleague of mine was found to be guilty of an offense of this nature…he was fired, stripped of all his industry certifications AND arrested on several charges.
    CalTrans sickens me, and this revelation not only confirms my feelings, but gives me and all my fellow Inspectors a black eye. Thanks, CalTrans..

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