‘Occupy’ 2012: Plans Underway To Disrupt Rose Parade With ‘Human Float’

PASADENA (CBS) — 2011 may quickly be coming to an end, but the ‘Occupy’ movement said it plans on sticking with its  same old strategy on New Year’s Day in 2012.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports organizers announced plans Thursday to crash the Rose Parade in Pasadena.

An organizer from the Los Angeles demonstration has launched the “Occupy The Rose Parade” website to rally supporters.

The protest will reportedly focus on the role of banks and corporations in the political process as well as the militarization of the parade itself, said organizer Peter Thottam.

Thottam is planning protests at at least three locations along the parade route.

“There’s no single location, there are a number of strategic spots that we are scoping out and we’ve got various ideas, all protected by the First Amendment,” said Thottam.

The group expects upwards of 40,000 protesters at the parade — a turnout that may be used to make what organizers are calling a “human float”.

But no matter what happens, Thottam asserted the assembly will be peaceful and law-abiding.

“I met with the Rose Parade staff and the Pasadena police department,” he said. “Everything will be on the up-and-up.”

Organizers with the parade have so far declined comment on the planned protest.

  • TT

    Thats innapropriate in my opinion…. this is FAMILY time – where CHILDREN are – to upset them with political reteric while they are with their mommies n daddies watching a parade in unacceptable…. shame on you !!

    • jnsesq

      And you think this anarchist/communist/Democrat crowd cares about your family time why again?

      • Steve Roberts

        Because everything they do is always “for the children” (including abortion). They really are a very compassionate mob.

      • thnik

        is that what drudge told you?

      • hatesmindlesscomments

        Drudge doesn’t write anything. Just supplies links to online new. You don’t thnik much, do you?

      • thnik

        someone telling you what you should know is like a teacher telling kids to put C for every answer on a test.

        matt drudge said i should read this!

        dont thnik much for yourself do ya?

    • mojo

      It was during our family Christmas, many years ago, that I was surprised as I sat close to the television. There was a Christmas parade on TV. As they all do now-a-days, they have a host and hostess at the TV networks review stand who interview people in the passing parade with a wireless microphone. A horse drawn wagon/float stopped. The driver introduced himself, and then introduced the man next to him as “his lover”. Not what you would expect to see and hear during a parade. You just never know what to expect from people.

      • ditchdigger2

        I don’t see very well, or hear very well, pushinging 70, but did I hear this mare was stump broke, or was he speak’in of the drover, strange behavior.

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/11/occupy-2012-plans-underway-to-disrupt-rose-parade-with-human-float/ ?Occupy? 2012: Plans Underway To Disrupt Rose Parade With ?Human Float? | Los Angeles for Me

    […] An organizer from the Los Angeles demonstration has launched the “Occupy The Rose Parade” website to rally supporters. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • Don occupy my streets

    Run them over with the floats. This people need to get jobs, the only thing this people are doing is costting tax payers money. People go get a job, they are never going to listen to you is the goverment you are trying to fight.

    • deerman

      it’s time we working conservative people stand up to these worthless pieces of human debris. Do what it takes to disband them.

      • JBS Puddintane

        Pray would be most effective.
        These people are satan’s children. Just as he can not create anything, but only pervert that which the Creator has made, they can not create a beautiful float of flowers. But they can most assuredly pervert a parade.

    • commie_shooter

      I agree. Run them over or shoot them with rubber bullets. I am tired of these deadbeats disrupting the public arenas funded by tax payers. Of course these free loaders don’t care because they pay no taxes. I am 29 years old and have had a job since I was 14 (started as a bus boy at a Shakey’s). I say this so people know that not all of my generation is a bunch of communist, free loading deadbeats.

      • Kate

        Thank you for being a hardworking young person. The people in the Occupy groups are of all ages. Some are from my generation, people who should have grown up long ago. These groups are not endearing themselves to most hardworking people and will help get a new president elected in 2012 who will do something about these groups. How many of us could pitch a tent in our city for weeks and get away with it? It is political and I am afraid it is the Democrat, leftist, liberals who are allowing it to happen.

      • Joseph S Haas

        But C.S. you’re “on the take” as in when you get your payroll check you “cash out” in FRNs, right? (;-)

      • Annalee

        But Joseph S Hess, you falsely accusing people of being on the ‘take’ says VOLUMES about YOUR LACK OF CHARACTER!

  • The Voice

    How does this have any barring on there discord for big business and big brother? These knuckleheads need to form an agenda, correctly point there accusations in the right direction, and declare there expectations. Granted, they will probably not match what the actual concern is: Banks benefiting from hard working people by inappropriate charges and theft of bail-out payments, blatant corruption of government and city’s illegal double dip practice, complete distance of police officials from proper public service, and over all disconnect of US government policy’s completely dismantling the Americans civil rights. Get that right, and take it to where is belongs, banks, major corporations like Wal-mart using only foreign products and stealing American jobs, the entertainment industry for over the top budgets and outrageous actors and producer salary’s( pay them based upon total receipts of a film or viewership of a program), sports teams expecting us to pay for a players multi million dollar pay. Also pay them based on how well they do. Teachers, labors, retail people, those who service these chowder heads should really be the ones who make decent wage. Those are the 99%. Not unemployed people who don’t want to look for a job and those who take advantage of the system by falsely getting assistance.

    • jasmine

      So I suppose you advocate that the GOVERNMENT determine how much someone should be paid? Or do you think you should make that decision? I don’t know what you do for a living, but I doubt you would be too happy if some government entity determined that YOU make too much money for the job you do and cut your salary.

      It sounds great when you say something like the rant above, about how “sports teams expect US to pay for a player’s multi million dolllar pay”…. guess what – nobody is making YOU pay them, If you don’t like that actors, actresses, sports figures, etc, are paid millions of dollars, then quit going to see their movies, quit watching their games, stop buying their CDs, DVDs, etc.

      • Shaka-kahn

        What about the taxpayers of the city of indianapolis (and probably more cities throughout the united states) who’s taxes go to pay for these multi billion dollar stadiums? We do pay for that. And the government does determine how much someone makes. By raising your taxes with the more money you make.

    • Astonished

      I has no bearing on it. All this does is cause discord and disruption and ensure that they get a lot of air time for their 15 minutes of fame. All it does is shove their cause into everyones face.

      If they actually try this they may get an unexpected surprise from the crowd, many of whom have their children with them. I know I wouldn’t want someone shoving their political agenda in my face like that.

    • bill

      So now Walmart has to buy and sell what you fools say?
      They are not AMERICAN JOBS the jobs belong to the businesses that create them.
      You leftist keep making it more and more beneficial for businesses to move THEIR jobs overseas.
      If you don’t like it start your own business and drive it straight into the ground.
      If you really want to help outlaw teachers being in a union so we can go back to teaching kids skills businesses want instead of them being force fed anti American hatred the democrats like to spew.

  • bouce

    This clearly shows that they are anarchists more interested in mayhem than social, economic and political change. They’ll just p*ss off everyone and turn them against them…

    • heatherfeather

      The tolerance for these vermin is fast running out. Soon, the vermin will see that their protests are going nowhere, and resort to violence. Then, they will be scrubbed. We need a real war on drugs to eradicate the drug vermin and their morally empty sub-culture.

  • wobbles

    These jerks seem to be working overtime finding reasons for average people to hate them. They’ve actually succeeded in an incredibly short time in making me hate them more than the banks and corporations. And every time they do something to stick it to all us little guys in the name of “raising awareness” for their cause, they lose the support of more and more of us.

  • Mike

    Hey Lisa, what are you talking about “over militarized extravaganza”? It’s a parade of flowers (Parade of Roses!) If you have a problem with it, ignore it. Just goes to show, if the majority do not agree with this minority, no one can enjoy. There is such a thing as pushing your luck. Maybe you can break a few windows while you are at it and tell yourselves you are changing the world.

    • Astonished

      Why not. Last night when they were protesting at Bank of America in downtown, they started throwing things at passing cars. Wan anyone explain to me how that helps their cause??

      Peaceful demonstration my eye — Not hardly.

    • jnsesq

      “if the majority do not agree with this minority, no one can enjoy.”

      That’s been the mantra of Democrats and their trial lawyer facilitators for forty years. Meanwhile, get that Christmas tree — er, Holiday tree off that parkground.

      • Big Bear

        We need a military coup. Strip the lawyers of their paper power, round up the druggies.

  • John Freiheit

    The Constitution Of The United States Of America protects your right to LAWFULLY ASSEMBLE. It does NOT protect your right to OCCUPY. You have perverted the right to LAWFULLY ASSEMBLE into a socialist / anarchist revolution. You are the lowest 1% of society run by the top 1% of society and you don’t even know it. We the remaining 98% are SICK OF YOU. YOU ARE NOT PROTESTING, THAT TAKES A DAY OR TWO AT MOST…. YOU ARE OCCUPYING!!! END THE OCCUPATION NOW, ARREST THE OCCUPIERS AND GIVE THE LAND BACK TO THE 98% !

    • debrarae

      That’s what they ‘should’ have done when the #OWS crowd stormed a Reagan Tribute dinner and assaulted a elderly disabled woman. Instead 911 hung up on them, TWICE!

      Then the miscreants had the gall to say that ‘she’ threw herself off of the stairs in spite of video evidence to the contrary.

      • Alice Ramirez

        The criminals should have been arrested. Instead, they seem to be getting away with it. Eric Holder’s selective enforcement of laws is reflected in the selective law enforcement in this instance. And the 911 operators who hung up on them need to be fired.

    • hiway280z

      The right to protest does not give them the right to set up camp and live in their filth It does not give them the right to stop business from operating and itsure does not give you the right to destroy property. One man to protect himself and business went out with a shot gun or some other type and the crowd ran like hell, so they can be stopped.

    • Alice Ramirez


    • Get out of my streets

      Can’t no longer enjoy our parks or land marks with this people who need to go get a job and are costing me money preventing law enforcement from patrolling the city and keeping it safe. Police should enforce a court few if by a given time of day they are still there they should get arrested don’t allow tents or camping at anytime

  • Sal

    Occupy movement shoud march on the White House. The source of the trouble they complain about is in the Oval Office. Their refusal to do such is
    testimony to the fact that they are a socialist movement that expects to survive off the labor of others

    • russ in nc

      Obama is one of them. Occupy White House indeed.

  • debrarae

    Oh so you approve of the #OWS crowd crashing a private event and throwing a elderly/disabled woman down the stairs because it will ‘spice’ things ‘up’?

    Hateful much?

  • OccupyThis

    Well Said, John.

  • Bill O

    John, good news. Your caps lock seems to be working now.

  • Susan Reed

    Have your own parade if you don’t like this event. Plenty of families and people like it, It doesn’t need your immature, disruptive “spice.” Sign up to march in the parade if you want to “outnumber” marching bands or military participation. Do something constructive, not destrructive, and maybe people will listen.

  • BigBoa

    “End the occupation now”….


    The mighty Boa has told you why O’Bozo needs to be removed. The mighty Boa also told you why these thug bums need to be removed and why the PEOPLE should go ahead and do it.

    In response, the mighty Boa received numerous replies, most of which were critical and from many claiming to also be “conservative” and calling the mighty Boa’s call “shameful”.

    Well, now it is time to say “Told ya so”…. And also, with the new outbreaks of disease, the mighty Boa hopes it will be the relatives of these same morons who wind up contracting these diseases. See if they think THAT is “shameful”……

    Also, enjoy the dictatorship.

    The mighty Boa warned that he would not endlessly share his wisdom and insight and the time to remove it has arrived.

  • Granpa

    John, that would actually be 99+%.
    Anybody else bored with all this?

    • debrarae

      Are you going to the parade? Are your grand kids? IF your grand kids are ASSAULTED by #OWS people, are you still going to be ‘bored’?

  • showmerancher

    Now that the Fulton Co. Health Dept has identified cases of drug-resistant TB in the Atlanta OWS crowd, good luck with having the OWS folks there mingling among the Rose Parade folks. (Organizers have moved between/visited numerous cities and can have brought the disease with them.) This is a drug-resistant strain of a serious airborne disease… you can get it from the person standing next to you. Enjoy the parade.

  • George

    And these clowns want normal people to take them seriously?

    • ladydi

      These clowns are Anarchists..supported quite obviously by the unions….they are only interested in rioting and disrupting..they have no purpose and no agenda. They are merely thugs.

  • George

    “militarized” flowers? Are you really this moronic or are you paid to look as stupid as possible?

    • Sally Burke

      I think a lot of them are paid (rent-a-mobs). Looking stupid comes naturally.

      • jasmine

        They are – just look for the pre-printed, mass produced signs that they hold up. It may have started with average people who were genuinely upset, but the “movement” has been co-opted by Unions, The Communist Party (or “Worker’s Party”), etc., and other radical groups who want to overthrow the government.

    • ditchdigger2

      You give up your freedoms, your children will be slaves.

  • Shannon

    Hey, as a proud band member myself, this parade is the ultimate destinaiton for any school marching band. I’d hate to see such a special day be ruined for any of them. I will say that if any of these people do get in the way of a marching band they will be run over.

  • James

    When can we treat them as enemies of the Constitution, and take appropriate action? They ONLY want to divide, get Obama re-elected, destroy our economic system, and shred the Constitution. They are disgusting, spoiled, socialists that want handouts!

  • Rome Is Burning

    OWS is the beginning of Obama’s “Civilian Defense Force”… his brown shirts. Why do you think he is cutting the defense budget, cutting military benefits, and demoralizing the military? So there wont be a force to stand up to his personal military.

    • Chris

      If that’s the case, then Obama has a long way to go. Two privates and an MP dog could take out these losers.

    • Youngkwang

      agrdediey on November 7, 2011 my favorite food is strawberry milkshake poptarts (: ! they are SOOO good ! your sooo pretty :0

    • Muhammad

      “Beware the bneitalg sheep, for they may be wolves in disguise.”–MEI can’t find the article, but they surveyed about 600 of those nutjobs in NYC. 32% called for, “a violent upheaval of our current system”. 98% supported “changing the current system of Capitalism for ‘something else’ “. I blew the local Occupy movement out of the water one day. Me and my cousin had just taken another evil black rifle off the streets, and decided to hear them out. With one question, I shut them up, and then was heckled.“Did you include Hollywood, musicians, sports stars, and DC in the 1%? They are also the evil rich.”

  • cinderella

    these people have no ability to create anything but chaos…

    their only goal is to destroy anything that is of value… monatary or otherwise… to anyone else…

    how dare they disrupt a trsafdition other have worked so hard to build that has done nothing but promote goodwill for the city and the state…

    OWS is nothing more than but a bunch of selfish spoiled rotten little entitlement snot nosed cry babies

  • Robert Slaughter

    This occupy crowd is only proving to the world why they are not wealthy. In addition to be NOT wealthy, they will have the added benefit of being very unpopular.

  • agatematt

    Having covered the Tournament of Roses for nearly two decades while a reporter and editor in Southern California, I can not think of a less “militarized” event around than the Rose Parade. In fact, the only real “military” units that march in the parade on a yearly bases is the West Coast Composite Marine Corps Band and the band of the Salvation Army — whose members, in both aces, are hardly part of the so-called “1 Percent.” Of course, badly injured Iraq war veteran and actor J.R. Martinez (All My Children & Dancing With the Stars) will be the grand marshal. Well, may be the big brave OWS protesters can surround his vehicle and spit into his burnt face while chanting “baby killer” over and over again.

    • Sally Burke

      Don’t give the little shyttes any ideas.

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    The Tournament of Roses Committee requires all float entries to be covered entirely with plant materials.

    You can’t miss ’em.

    Look for the 40,000 walking cannabis weeds…

    • jasmine

      OH, that’s good.

      If they get lost on the parade route, we will know why.

    • Pooja

      Why still need to pop up to reply? Can't the botutn return the code to the comment form and scroll to it? Thanks for this, but hope sb can improve.

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