Protesters Arrested After Sit-In Shuts Down Westwood Intersection

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A group of protesters shut down one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles on Wednesday in a demonstration against what it called economic injustice.

Police said an estimated 200 people — mostly UCLA students and teachers — showed up for the rally at the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood boulevards.

Activist groups “Make The Banks Pay” and “ReFund California” called for a two-day national protest over the high cost of student loans and higher education in general.

One group of protesters chained themselves together to block traffic, forcing police to reroute cars away from the area.

A number of supporters cheered on the group from sidewalks lining Wilshire Boulevard.

Police began removing protesters after they had sat in the intersection approximately an hour and a half.

  • 99%inWestwood

    I support the movement, but I don’t think this is the way to do it. This wreaks havoc for all-even the 99% they represent! Not to mention the proximity to one of the areas few medical/trauma centers-this puts lives at risk!

  • Greg

    Good, arrest them. If they want to protest greed, they should be protesting in Washington DC or Sacramento.

  • Malcolm Rawlinson

    Fire the teachers!!!

  • indynSC

    Obviously, these professors and students are completely ignorant of the facts. The teachers are probably union members, spreading union propaganda. The students don’t know how to think independently because they’ve been brain-washed by union teachers.

    • John McMahan

      I think independently, but I do understand that some students do go to college to be programmed, but not all of them.

    • Karen

      Even out of state tuition is cheaper than in other states. It’s a good thing I was not down there. I would not be happy sitting in traffic because of these idiots.

      • renhu2

        Karen, which states are you referring to? At UCLA, out of state tuition is around $35,000. At the University of Michigan, it’s roughly between $18,000-20,000. The University of Florida’s out of state tuition is about $28,000. For the University of Washington, tuition is roughly $25,300. Note that these are all cheaper than UCLA.

    • John

      You, sir, ARE the ignorant moron, moron!

      • randy

        John, how’s he wrong? Or can you not rebut the statement? It takes some effort, more than name-calling.

  • Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot

    And we wonder why large companies and small businesses are leaving the state in droves.

  • Protesters Arrested After Sit-In Shuts Down Westwood Intersection « CBS Los Angeles | Revival Economics

    […] Protesters Arrested After Sit-In Shuts Down Westwood Intersection « CBS Los Angeles. […]


    If A 4 year education is too expensive for ’em, they can get a job, goto a 2 year college & then transfer to a 4 year college..

    Like a Driver’s License, it’s a privilege & not a right..

    UCLA, USC, Stanford, Berkeley, etc.. isn’t for everyone..

    • renhu2

      I get that transferring from a community college to a 4 year college seems like a good way to cut costs. However, most students who enroll in community colleges either do not finish at community college or transfer to a 4 year college, as reported by the LA Times:

      Further, you’re conflating California’s public schools with private universities. As articulated by the California Master Plan, the state is supposed to be committed to affordable, accessible, high-quality education.


    KCAL 9 did a story on Homeless UCLA students coz of rising tuitions 2 weeks ago & now they’re making their voices heard.

    Don’t be surprise if there are more protests leading to a Civil War!

    That is why the Government’s willing to cut everything & anything NOT dealing with Welfare & Foodstamps coz the poor will revolt.

    • John McMahan

      We are having a Civil War now; it has not gone to the point that it is organized very well, but if it does, the USA government had better get out of the way.

    • randy


  • L. Bell

    This was such an inconvenience, I’d vote against their cause no matter how worthy. I don’t know why the cops didn’t arrest them w/in 20 minutes of blocking traffic. The police were there when I got trapped, and I was only a few cars back. I’m all for demonstrating, but not when someone stands in front of my car and prevents me from going about my life.

    • Karen

      I hear you. I hope I never get out of my car. It wouldn’t be pretty. I’ll show them my protest against them.

  • L. Bell

    I would love to know what the law is regarding when the police can begin arresting people who create a nuisance. Because I sat there, watching the light turn green again and again as a stringy-haired young guy stood in front of my lane of cars and prevented us from using a road our tax dollars pay for. I saw two fire trucks and an ambulance pass through the intersection beyond the protest…and wondered why the cops just stood around in riot gear, observing. Would it be fair to say that those same cops might’ve gotten more aggressive if the demonstration had been about something less sympathetic than banks getting fatter? Regardless, I think it is SCARY when John Q. Public gets to hold people against their will like that.

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