Conrad Murray Housed In Jail Medical Ward For Protection

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dr. Conrad Murray was being housed Tuesday in a medical section of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, where he was being kept away from the general jail population for his own safety, the Sheriff’s
Department reported.

A jury of seven men and five women deliberated for less than two days before convicting the celebrity doctor in Jackson’s 2009 death.

Jurors had 300 pieces of evidence to consider after listening to 49 witnesses and complex medical testimony during the six-week trial.

131735969 Conrad Murray Housed In Jail Medical Ward For Protection

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Prosecutors argued that Murray acted in a criminally negligent manner after giving Jackson a powerful dose of the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid.

The defense, however, maintained that Jackson took a deadly dose of propofol when Murray left his bedroom hours before the singer’s death.

Murray, faces up to four years in prison when he’s sentenced on Nov. 29, but Judge Michael Pastor ordered him to be remanded immediately.

Pastor, who said Murray “poses a demonstrable risk to the safety of the public,” ordered him to be held at the Los Angeles County Jail without bond.

Murray will also lose his medical license as the result of his conviction.

“Michael’s spirit will be with us in the court room and he will make sure the right verdict is made.” Jackson’s sister La Toya tweeted before the verdict was read. “Michael is watching over us,” Latoya said as she left the courtroom. She later tweeted, “VICTORY!!!!!! Thank you EVERYONE for your love and support! It will ALWAYS be appreciated!”

Inside the courtroom, there was a shriek when the verdict was read, though it wasn’t clear who it was. Murray sat stone-faced and showed little reaction. He appeared calm as officials led him out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

Members of the Jackson family wept quietly after the guilty verdict was read.

Meanwhile, a crowd erupted in cheers outside, and some chanted “guilty” repeatedly. Fans also celebrated by dancing to the late singer’s music.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

Following the verdict, District Attorney Steve Cooley spoke to the media.

“We are gratified the jury saw the overwhelming evidence in this case… that Dr. Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter,” Cooley said.

He later added, “Finally, we want to extend our personal sympathies to the Jackson family, especially to (Jackson’s children) Prince, Paris and Blanket.”

Defense attorneys had no immediate comment after the verdict.

John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of The Estate of Michael Jackson released the following statement after the verdict was read:

“The Estate of Michael Jackson and Michael himself has always believed the jury system works and despite the tragedy that brought about this trial we are in agreement with the jury’s verdict. In this case Justice has been served. Michael is missed on a daily basis but his genius and his music will be with us forever. He is ‘the greatest entertainer that has ever lived.'”

The Associated Press has provided the following information about the 12 jurors on the case:

—Hispanic man, 51, from Whittier. A U.S. Postal Service supervisor who oversees 30 people and has some college education. Believes celebrities bend the rules and feel they can act as they please. Considers himself a fan of Jackson’s music. First-time juror. Has five children, five grandchildren.

—White woman, 57, born in Spain, lives in Alhambra. Account manager who supervises others and has some college. Watches “CSI” and followed the O.J. Simpson case on TV. Has been on five juries and was once a forewoman. All those juries reached verdicts. Believes celebrities feel they can act as they please. Not a fan of Jackson. Divorced, with two children, two grandchildren.

—White man, 45, management consultant from West Los Angeles with an MBA. Was a classical musician. Watches “Law and Order,” follows radio and TV news, visits a few Internet sites and has seen “This Is It” but is not a Jackson fan. Was on two previous juries that reached verdicts. Wife is a pediatric nurse. Two children.

—White man, 32, actor and part-time bookseller from Eagle Rock. Some college. Studied philosophy and theater. Watched the O.J. Simpson trial in school as an educational experience. Believes celebrities get away with crimes because of their status. Was a Jackson fan as a child and owns the “Bad,” ”Thriller” and “Dangerous” albums. Thinks Jackson was probably a good person. Was juror on a civil trial.

—White woman, 48, paralegal from Temple City. High school graduate. Watched the Casey Anthony case occasionally. Feels celebrities get off because the system can’t afford security for them in jail. Not a Jackson fan. First-time juror. Married with two grown children.

—Hispanic male, 39, from Tujunga. Bachelor’s degree in sociology. Works in product management. Listens to Howard Stern. Believes celebrities use status to get what they want. A Jackson fan who saw last few minutes of “This Is It” on TV. Served on one civil jury. Married with two children.

—Hispanic woman, 54, from San Gabriel Valley. High school graduate and office manager at husband’s moving van business. Said the Casey Anthony case showed a jury that saw evidence differently than the public majority. Was juror on two civil cases that ended with verdicts. Watches Fox News, listens to talk radio. Not a Jackson fan but loved his music as a young girl. Has four grown children.

—Hispanic man, 52, from Lynwood. School bus driver with some college. One prior jury experience. Believes celebrities get away with crimes because of their status. Not a Jackson fan but thinks he was a good artist. Spouse is mail carrier. Four children and one stepchild.

—Black man, 54, from North Hollywood. TV technical director with associate’s degree in TV production. Watches “Forensic Files” and “American Justice.” Served on three juries. Was a Jackson Five fan as a kid, now more of a Jay-Z fan. Says celebrities don’t excite him and he’s only interested in justice. Single. No children.

—White woman, 43. Born in England, lives in Monrovia. Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and medical laboratory sciences. Works in international medical marketing. Watches “NCIS.” Served on jury in England. Not a Jackson fan but bought the “Thriller” CD. Thinks celebrities sometimes bend the rules. Married with two young children.

—Hispanic woman, 36, from Whittier. Workers compensation service representative. Some college. Followed the Casey Anthony case because it involved a child. Wounded in a drive-by shooting in 1993. Once served on jury that reached a verdict. Single with two children, lives with boyfriend who has three kids.

—White male, 54, from Altadena. College professor who was a supervising animator creating characters for motion pictures at Disney and elsewhere. Had brief interactions with Jackson at Disney when the star was making “Captain EO” film. Thinks Jackson was gifted performer. No prior jury service. Followed the O.J. Simpson case, asks “Who didn’t?”

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  • Jose

    And what concrete evidence is there that Jackson was a pedophile? NONE, idiot. He was a child. He never had a childhood. He was weird, no doubt. A pedophile? If you don’t have CONCRETE proof, you should shut your mouth. SHAME ON YOU.

    • Sha Sene

      ONly the children he molested that’s the proof

    • TheTRUTH


    • Happydots

      Anyone who has someone else’s SON sleep in HIS bed is a pedophile regardless of whether there was touching or not. That’s just sick.

    • Ben Dover

      OK. So change that to…

      Guilty of killing the grown man who like to lay in bed with very young boys.

    • moreco2

      Are you nuts?

    • John

      He was a nice man and he was very nice to thos little boys.
      (swallow), yes he was.

      • bill.1942

        Form you comment, I suspected that you swallow.

    • Mikey

      Looks like the Jacko fanboy is butthurt. Hahahahahaha

    • Pedi-H8ter

      @Jose – Lay of the Jesus juice, plz

    • Ben

      That’s right, this is America and we do not need proof that Michael Jackson is a pedophile, we do not need proof that Obama was born in the US and we refuse to accept that there is proof that Bill Clinton lied.
      Whether Michael Jackson was a pedophile or not, this story is about the verdict in just another circus trial.
      For the morons, here is a definition of pedophile, “As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). “

  • OldOllie

    “Jury Reaches Verdict In Conrad Murray Trial”

    Yeah? WHAT THE HELL IS IT? This story is nothing but a waste of time and bandwidth.

    • richdont'care

      it is a true story of injustice is what it is. So it’s good that the public sees this, however, as you can see… the public is a zoo… so hold this dr guy responsible for that loser pig faced drug addict child molester. No respect for this clown. He’s a sicko. Give this dr. the nobel peace price for saving kids. no role model here except for the doc. good luck doc you’re another prisoner slave is all that’s goin on here and they’re gonna split your money.

      • Astonished

        Be that as it may. Jackson may have been all those things, and spoiled by his fame to boot, but what does that make a phalandering adulterous, lying, avaristic person like Murray? No one deserves to die in this fashion. As a doctor Murry swore on the Hippacratic Oath to “do no harm” and what mikes this worse is that Jackson put him in a position of trust over his entire family! Murray abused that trust (along with a whole lot of moral issues) in a most careless and cavalier way.

        Nope, I think that justice was done here. Once Murray is released from jail he should NEVER, EVER be allowed to administer care of any kind to anything that has a lifecycle.

    • Sha Sene

      There is no such “race” as hispanic, it only means your ancestors came from somewhere that spoke spanish.

      ALL Spaniards are white, not brown

      • rich

        too bad he’s not obama’s doctor

      • rich

        You are 100% correct Sha Sene. There is no race as Hispanic according to white man eugenicists. All hispanics are Caucasian. They are call white mexicans. Thats why the old cowboys bartered and hung out with them just like clint eastwood in his movies

    • Al Schork

      Made ya look! Nana nana boo-boo!!!

      • Shrikant Gupta

        Yes You are correct …………
        finally God is Grate..

        The Bio History of Michael Joseph Jackson”

        I find on


    • Doug Futch

      Um read the first line of the story.

    • Jeff

      Do you skip over the first sentence of a news article frequently?

      • scg

        The earlier article said they reached a verdict and it would be released at 1:00p.m.PST. Then at 1 they changed the first line of the article.

    • Shrikant Gupta

      Yes You are correct …………
      finally God is Grate..

      The Bio History of Michael Joseph Jackson”

      I find on


      • dan spelled this way..grate is when you grate some cheese

    • Shrikant Gupta

      finally God is Grate..”The Bio History of Michael Joseph Jackson”I find on==


      • dan

        will someone else tell this person how to spell GREAT

    • Shrikant Gupta

      Age Limit >18 year=================

    • Gibbs Bentley

      Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 20%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 3rd year of the depression carries on … we need to hear about Michael ‘still dead’ Jackson.

    • Shrikant Gupta


    • Stryker 21

      Should have gave the good doctor a medal for offing the pedophile drug addict.

  • Eric Sherwood

    HoseB, the argument isn’t whether Jackson molested children. That has no bearing on the case in a court of law. I have no idea if Jackson did that or not. What’s at stake here is whether or not Murray gave Jackson that lethal dose.

    • AnimalFarm

      Jackson is responsible for his own drug addiction and his own death. He was a sick freak. Who in the hell takes anesthetics as sleeping aids? It sure wasn’t forced on him. This doctor was paid by Jackson to be his drug provider, but the real responsibility lies with the freak Michael Jackson

    • HoseA

      He killed a pedophile…street justice sort of…

      • Waste of Time

        where was the OJ jury when we needed them

      • Tim

        Bad joo joo. O.J. didn’t escape it either!

      • Jerry Allen

        thnak you

      • Jerry Allen

        thank you

    • Pat F.

      You really don’t have an idea that he did that? Wow.

  • Dave

    Why didn’t they have pens?

  • Justice

    The Creepo Jacko killed himself because he couldn’t take the pain of detoxing from his opiate addiction?

    • d

      Yes. and he was a grown man! I am so tired of the ” it is your fault because i have had a rough life” BS Michael was talented and compassionate…but he has had a death wish for years. Love how his “family” takes no responsibility for his mental anguish. This Dr. needs probation and MJ’s familiy needs help! sorry… May MJ RIP. and his children thrive.

    • IronHead

      Moron “Justice” Jackson was addicted to benzodiazepines (Valium)

    • Shrikant Gupta

      finally God is Grate..”The Bio History of Michael Joseph Jackson”I find on==


  • karl anglin

    Dr. Murray is not the only one to be blamed.
    There are others who wanted Jackson dead
    to obtain his lucrative songwriting catalog
    and profit from it. Joeseph Jackson said of
    his son, “He’s worth more dead than alive.”

  • Uh oh

    I see the tr0lls are out in full force this fine Monday.

  • Vina Sestonari

    Talking like a simpleton on newspaper forums should be a crime, though, in which case, you’d get life.

    • moreco2

      Too bad. The verdict is in, you are out-voted.

  • Mike_88

    If he died getting a rhinoplasty would they sue that doctor for not saying “No!”?

  • Pepe Crow


    • Lo

      Honestly…. Who DOESN’T want to kill his boss? And why would the Jacksons–who are multimillionaires, especially now that Michael is dead–care about some trifling doctor’s income? This case has more to do with finding justice and whether or not that doctor overprescribed and accidentally killed Jackson.

      • BARRY'S CT. SSN 042-68-4425

    • noneoff

      Regardless of whether Michael Jackson might have injected himself with Propofol or not, I feel the Conrad Murray is still responsible for his death. Both defense and prosecution witnesses have stated that they would absolutely not have given Michael Jackson Propofol in a bedroom environment. They agree that Dr. Murray should not have left Jackson alone. They also agree that Dr. Murray did not have the proper medical equipment and backup personal to help in an emergency.

      • j gead huh a ie pill writer only gets 4 years , get out in 2 years , a average home buglary 4 instance is 4 year sentance . neglect and someone dies , out in less than 2 years . huh

      • Cliff Claven

        I believe Jackson’s FATHER is responsible for Michael Jackson’s Death…

    • Missy

      “Involuntary Manslaughter” is not the same as “killing” even though the results are still the same: someone is dead through the fault of someone else. Legally, the difference between 4 years in jail or the death penalty all boils down to motive. Yes. Do I believe he was deliberatly trying to end MJ’s life? Do I think Dr. Murray was responsible for MJ’s death due to gross negligence and incompetence ON THE DAY he died? Yes, definitely because Murray was a licensened physician.

      I hope Murray’s found guilty because I believe “involuntary manslaughter” is exactly what he did. Whether MJ was a pedophile or not should have legally been decided in trials a few years ago, but each time they failed to do so. He probably was, but one thing we should NOT forget is that on that day, MJ was still a father to 3 children who loved him dearly, and two of them had to witness his death first-hand.

      Question: how does someone become a cardiologist and not know how to properly perform CPR (which should be done on a hard surface like a floor, not a bed that puts up no resistance to chest pressure)? I believe Murray’s own words were that he had “never” done CPR before. Possible? I guess so. Probable? Hard to imagine.

      • Missy

        Correction to my comment: “Do I believe he was deliberatly trying to end MJ’s life?” sould have said, “Do I believe he was deliberatly trying to end MJ’s life? No.”.

    • In the O.C.

      Doesn’t anyone on this thread understand the difference between INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER and MANSLAUGHTER? The Prosecution never based their case on Murray INTENTIONALLY having given too much Propofal, only that he DID through GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Additionally, there is no evidence of someone trying to “murder” Jackson for his music, catalogues, etc. Michael Jackson hired an INCOMPETENT, NEGLIGENT live-in physician, who DIDN’T DO HIS JOB, and when the chips were down, FAILED MISERABLY. That’s what this is all about.

      • Ralph

        I think Jackson hired the exact kind of doctor he wanted–one that would feed his habits.

    • Jeff

      It appears you know nothing about the crime he was convicted of a mens rea isn’t necessary for negligent homicide…educate yourself.

      • d

        Ralph- My point exactly! Thank you

    • DAN


  • CJay

    Is it just me or has everyone else noticed how media reporting is so sloppy and incomplete that the reader is left with so many critical details left out that it only answers who, when, where not why and what. It is like telling someone how to bake a pie, roll out the dough and place it in the oven. What is the verdict and why was it reached would be nice to know!

  • jim

    Try reading the second paragraph again !

  • Bob the Baker

    Look at meeeee, I’m Peter Pan! Tshmonaaaa! I’m a little boy forever!
    Chop wood? No, that’s ignorant. That’s poopie work. Blanket and me wanna play.

    • Dave

      Yeah…South Park is a great show. They really know how to bring it.

  • Ralph Gizzip

    Michael Jackson was the epitome of the American Dream.

    Where else but in America could a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman?

    • Animalfarm

      That thing was neither man nor woman, just a freak.

  • wrickard

    A human being that gave so much to the world through His music died at a young age of 50, wish people actually remember that human life is the only thing we have that matters and should be respected. I do not believe he ever hurt a child. I think the doctor was just making money and that led Him to help Mr. Jackson end His life tragically.

    • Ray

      He was a Creep.

  • Joe

    Great comment!

  • xdiesp

    It is astounding how much the US public opinion can be manipulated, it almost looks as they have no mind by themselves. Just the day before his death, Jackson was considered the lowest of pedophiles, and each and every comedian around made jokes about it. Then he died and the gried industry lift off.

  • C Hogan

    Was there anything in the Verdict that mentioned how many CHILDREN this FREAK molested before he OD on a surgery drug.

    • noneoff

      IF Michael Jackson was a pedophile, none of the kids that you allege that he touched died as a result of that touch. Michael Jackson died as a result of the way Conrad Murray touched Michael

    • Astonished

      No. His prediliction towards underaged boys wasn’t part of this trial. However, even if it had been, it would have been considered irrelevant because the trial was held to determine if his doctor, Conrad Murray, acted with Gross Negligence; thereby causing the death of his patient by: 1) giving Jackson a drug that was designed to only be used in hospital settings, under strict; competent, and constant supervision and with the appropriate mechanical back up equipment immediately at hand, 2) Abandoning a sedated patient. 3) Leaving medications readily available to a sedated patient, and 4) lying to the EMT’s, doctors and the police in order to cover up his gross negligence.

  • Nunya Business

    I love these comments. You can tell the closet pedophiles. All they see in MJ is their own demon. Same with those who have addiction problems, seeing MJ as just an addict. This story is like a Rorschach test. What you see says far more about you than the actual story.
    Funny how so few comments are discussing the physician administering Propofol in an unsafe and reckless manner. That is what this story is actually about in case you didn’t know…

    • Ray

      The story is all about what is is.. The Judge mad an error when he instructed the Jury this was all about a judge wanting his 15 minutes.

  • ZOO

    It could just be that since Jackson was in fact robbed of his childhood for a life in show business, it fueled his desire for the company and play activities of young children. Lots of inuendo, but abuse of these children has never been proven and that really frustrates those dying for it to be true. He will not be the last entertainment icon to lose his life trying to control things with drugs. I don’t think Murry killed him, I think Jackson’s lifestyle killed him – just like hundreds of other famous entertainers.

    • d

      I agree- Can you say, “Elvis Presley?” I had a sh@#$ childhood too- Have done my own renedition of Self Destruction (only not famous for it). We just cannot keep blaming others for our choices and expect it to change- May MJ RIP- Let the Dr. get on w/ it and maybe have probation. We really will never know what happened. Where the heck is his family- really…no reflection due to Joe J and his less than right parenting skills…nevermind. ..we do not know if that is true either- I do know, however, MJ was 50…time to decide or call it a day-

  • steve mcfadden

    Media you are disgusting for not letting this non story die. Let Michael die and let his family have some peace.

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  • hosea

    verdict: Jacko was a pedophile…

  • kevin

    I guess the my post made sense verdict in OK where! you should not be so sneaky about your reporting, you already look bad has a so called news source.

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