RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Animal shelter workers in Western Riverside have been inundated with calls about one of their recent rescues, a white German shepherd who was dragged behind a pickup truck last week.

The 10-month-old dog suffered injuries to her paws after she was pulled behind a truck in the La Sierra area near Claycroft and Peacock lanes. Shelter employees said they expect the pooch to make a full recovery.

Now that she’s on the mend shelter workers are looking to place her in a new, loving home. The dog’s story has received so much interest that shelter workers are holding an essay contest to help place her in the best possible environment.

If you think you could give this dog a loving home the Department of Animal Services encourages you to enter your essay in their contest for this wonderful pup. The essay should describe the reasons you want to adopt the dog and what kind of home you will offer her.

E-mail your entry to shelterinfo@rivcocha.org or fax it to (951) 358-7300 by 6 p.m. on Wednesday. The winner will be selected on Thursday.

Authorities also ask anyone with information about the pickup driver who allegedly injured this dog to call (951) 358-7356.

Comments (10)
  1. deysi says:

    It kills me to hear cruelty against defenseless animals. Those sorry waste of space that unfortunately are still called “humans” should torture their own selves and should start by mutulating their privates. I know life does not forget what one owes, and I feel sorry for those that delight in animal cruelty because thier turn is just around the corner.

    1. sad says:

      dont worry deysi…a crime this cruel…what comes around, goes around and karma will pay this cruel horrible person back. This person will get back what they gave and hopefully worse. Animal cruelty is heartbreaking. Let’s hope for speedy karma.

  2. Kat says:

    I think it’s nice that so many want to give this dog a home. I just hope its for the right reasons. Were they going to get another dog anyways or is it because this dogs story made the news? There are so many animals at the shelter that need a good home. So I hope the people who enter the contest but don’t win will still adopt a dog or cat. I think the woman who called authorities when she saw what was being done to this poor pooch should be hailed a Hero. She is a Hero to me.

  3. John says:

    I like both of your comments; deysi and Kat! When I hear stuff like this it really makes me so angry!

  4. meat is murder says:

    It kills me that millions of beautiful dogs are unwanted and euthanized.
    A friend once asked how I could criticize Korea for eating dogs, while I continue to eat pigs (which are just as intelligent as dogs). It’s bad to eat animals that are “cute & cuddly”? I had no answer and realized I was being a hypocrite. All animals are beautiful and should not be exploited and murdered by the billions.

  5. Al-Qaeda in Iraq says:

    Beautiful dog.

  6. animal lover says:

    hard to believe that someone would spend their day doing such a despicable act to an animal. How do they live with themselves? Thank God the dog will be ok. I hope she gets a great home with people that will love her. If you have ever looked into a dogs eyes, they are so kind, they want to give and receive love, and are so dedicated to those that love them.

  7. TT says:

    The thing that people need to remember when they adopt is that it isnt a sleep over…. you adopted a new member of your family and they should be treated as such and with you until the good Lord takes them home….People adopt – then get sick of their animals and think -well I’ll just take it back where i got it … it doesnt work that way ,,,,you dont get to love something and then send it off like its garbage….can you imagine how that animal feels? Just sad thats all…
    We have 2 dogs – one from a shelter, one from a rescue, the oldest is 12 (got her at 18 mos..) and the baby is just over a year or so….they will be with us forever…. As for the dirt bag that hurt this poor innocent dog – I hope they find that person quickly- before he hurts another animal or worse, either way – as the girls said above “what goes around comes around” …

  8. for the love of animals says:

    there are sick people in this world. i am glad to see the puppy will be ok. please put the puppy in a good home.

  9. suzi paddino says:

    are there ever any reports about those few humans that intentionally harm a dog?seems to me they seem to escape as we all get caught up in the “save the puppy, find it a home”….and the attention is diverted long enough that person skates…they should be hung!!!!

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