LOS ANGELES (CBS) — What happens when you’re renting a house and the owner goes into foreclosure?

That’s the question more tenants face as landlords are struggling to pay their mortgage — and some even deciding to ditch their payments altogether.

With an estimated 28 percent of U.S. homes now underwater in their mortgages, owners have opted for a “strategic default” when the property becomes worth less than their mortgage balance.

Researchers at MoneyTalksNews.com advise renters in such situations to continue paying rent until told otherwise by the owner.

Any failure to pay rent could be considered grounds for eviction.

Also, speak to a lawyer before making any decision on how to proceed with your landlord. Renters’ rights and foreclosure issues are often highly complicated and could leave you vulnerable to legal action.

And above all, don’t panic:  the lender cannot legally force you out of the property until the foreclosure process is complete.

In fact, some banks may even consider renting the property directly to you instead of putting it up for sale in a increasingly gloomy housing market.

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  1. Tyler says:

    Sad situation for us homeowners. I had to short sell my home 5 months ago and got help from a great website http://EzForeclosureHelp.com Its a great website that discuss your options and talked to the agents and listed/sold my home with them. Great team!

  2. Kristina Woods says:

    Bad situation to be in and it can be hard to get out of it. Renters should be cautions with renting. Research how the landlord is doing and get a credit report. Might cost you a bit of money but better then finding yourself homeless in a couple of months. Private landlords are a bit more difficult but with a commercial landlord you can get a commercial credit report. The site I use is http://www.tenantverification.com/. The only take a few minutes and the price isn’t bad. There are others out there however.

  3. Tabari Sultan says:

    House supervisors manage all of the tasks of being a property manager for your benefit for the part of rent,… How to do your current landlords regular monthly home supervision stories ; Reporting Bad Landlords

  4. Ba le Nguyen says:

    … Of us want to be friends with our own friends, neighbours, property owners as well as property owners when one thing bad … Crime prevention and activities using offences in the united kingdom. Becoming a member of your …Bad Landlord List

  5. This is so bad situation for renters but don’t get panic and face the situation bravely. If you need to go for a lawyer then don’t hesitate. He will guide you about the bank policies and surely help you out of the situation. These landlords when offer their homes on rent take the service of tenant check from various background verification companies.

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