ARCADIA (CBS) — Arcadia High School was locked down Tuesday afternoon after the school received unspecified threats.

The school was locked down before noon. The order was lifted at 2:30 p.m., Arcadia Unified School District officials said.

A parent told CBS2 that he was told a student on campus threatened “suicide by bomb.” Police did not confirm that threat, but rather said it was “unspecified.”

Arcadia police searched the campus with assault rifles drawn. Students were told to stand against the walls while police searched for nearly 3 hours.

Some students were prepared for the lengthy search. “I got a water bottle from our teacher, and a Balance bar because we were hungry,” said Sophomore Kiana Wells. “It was lunch time.”

Patsy Cross, parent of an Arcadia High School student, received a text message from her daughter during the lockdown stating that she was “a little bit scared.”

Once police completed their search of the campus, students were moved to the football field and then released. Parents were asked to gather at nearby Arcadia Park, and students walked there from the campus.

“The school has definitely changed a lot since I went here thirty years ago,” said parent Tom Demars. “But I never expected anything like this in Arcadia.”

Students were dismissed at 2:50 p.m. School is expected to resume at the normal time Wednesday, officials said.

  1. David Monroe says:

    Wow, Arcadia? Didn’t expect this in our usually quiet community. Glad we decided to have the girls stay home today. Yet another reason the day after Halloween should be an automatic school holiday.

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