LOS ANGELES (CBS) — These housewives make house calls.

But they don’t have medical degrees. They’re not plumbers. Or chefs.

Is your house haunted? A poltergeist in the pantry? Ghouls in the garage? Who you gonna call?

Stacey Butler, reporting for KCAL9 and CBS2, hung out with a group calling themselves the Paranormal Housewives of Southern California.

And they take their jobs, of busting ghosts, quite seriously.

And they also say business is booming, and not just because it’s Halloween.

Butler tagged along on a very real call, at a local mansion in Downey that is reportedly spooked by the former owner. The current owner says James Reeves, the former superior court judge who built and died in the house, hasn’t exactly moved out.

They’re moms who work full-time jobs but they all have a passion for the paranormal. They started about a year ago, it’s a non-profit group.

Said Kristen Thome, “we’re not here to convince non-believers. We’re here to help the people who need our help. We collect the evidence and you make up your own mind.”

Some of the tricks of their trade: a full-spectrum camera to see in the dark, and EMF detector to pick up electromagnetic fields, and a thermometer — to record sudden temperature drops — they were ready to help the homeowner see if her house needed a good busting.

Was the mansion haunted? They said they picked up definite “activity” in the attic where the judge supposedly did a lot of his work — to the group, an indication something paranormal was going on.

No word on whether Reeves was willing to move on.




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