Source: NBA To Cancel 2 More Weeks

(CBS) — The New York Daily News  is reporting that the NBA will cancel two more weeks of the season on Tuesday.

Citing a source, the paper reports that cancellations will extend through November 28th, eliminating approximately 202 games around the league.

The source also says the league is still confident that a deal will get done and the games on Christmas will be saved.

There are no plans for any new talks, and the owners want the players to accept a 50-50 split on revenue before they will meet for new negotiations.

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    I would like to see a BLACK STEVE JOBS. always basketball/rap/crime. need to learn to do something other than bounce a ball.

  • Fed Up

    Please just cancel the whole season, so tired of listening to theses whiny spoiled millionaires when people are starving, elderly cant but medications, and people living in the streets.

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