4 Teens Killed In Fontana Car Crash

FONTANA (CBS) — Four teens have been killed in a solo vehicle crash in Fontana, according to authorities.

The crash occurred early Sunday morning at the historic train trestle crossing at Foothill Boulevard and Lime Avenue.

An investigation showed the driver, going eastbound on Foothill, lost control of his vehicle while speeding. The crash was reported at 1:08 Sunday morning.

The car, a Chrysler Sebring, crashed into a train trestle and burst into flames.

The male driver and a female passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two passengers, one male and one female, were transported to area hospitals. The male died at Kaiser about an hour after the crash. The female was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center where she died at approximately 5:45 a.m.

They were identified late Sunday after all their families were notified. The driver was Javier T. Contreras, 18. The female passenger who died at the scene was 16-year-old Rebeca Garcia.

The male passenger who died at the hospital was identified as Pedro Rivera, 18. The female who died at Arrowhead Regional was identified as 18-year-old Raquel Garcia.

All of the deceased were from Fontana.

It is unclear if the two Garcia women were related.

Raquel Garcia, Rivera and Contreras were all graduates of A.B. Miller High School class of 2011, according to their facebook profiles. Rebeca Garcia still attended the high school.

Raquel Garcia’s profile also says she was a student at CSU San Bernardino, class of 2015.

  • FN Cee

    Damn, Damn, Damn … awful double-date … wrong kids, wrong time, wrong place … hope this example somehow gets across to all the communities throughout the Inland Empire … C’mon kids and young people … C’mon parents … this is just tragic for everyone … think, just a little bit, think … it would be nice if you and your friends managed to wake up tomorrow and see your kids and their kids … Now, time has ended and stands still for these four … and they and all of us are robbed of the good they may have done … isn’t about time to say, “NO MORE” … You can bet it isn’t fun being dead … what a waste.

    • cloudnine

      Wow!! So right!!!

  • mehilangelino

    I think its starting to get to the point where the driving age should be set higher, to about 21.

    Reckless, irresponsible driving at those speeds, in that quality car with little to no real driving experience or skill and placing those other passengers lives at risk. Even other drivers.

    What did he think he was, tough guy super-driver?

    That culture… I tell ya.

    • Kimberly Ramirez

      i wouldnt be talking if i were u that driver was my sister boyfriend show some sypathy for all four of them not all three all four. Just cause they said he was speeding doesnt mean its true, everyone of you guys all have sypathy for the passenger and never the drivers you guys al ways asome they were the reasons for the car accident, cause u may never know if spmthiing went wrong with the car and not the driver

    • Craig Love

      3 more years won’t change the irresponsiblity of botht he parents & their kids.

      They’ll just have more time to bottle up their wrecklessness, till it explodes when they do drive.

      Plus, it’s NOT a big deal for them to drive without a license.

      Both parents & kids are blameable, SEROUSLY!

    • DeeDee

      And which culture do you happen to be referring to “mehilangelino”? Ignorant people…I tell ya.

    • Gloria C.

      WOW! What you consider yourself a PERFECT driver? He happened to be a responsible driverrr for your information! “That Culture”? ha what culture do you happened to be from? Do you even know his culture to be throwing that up there???? Have some fukin respect!!! Once again what you read in these articles are ALL assumptions to what happened the day of the accident. The ACTUAL report with the ACTUAL causes havnt been released yet! So do us (the family of the driver) a favor nd keep your heartless, rude comments to yourself! THANK YOU!

  • warrk21

    Please go to departedngone and Let The World Know that we have lost a Good Life.
    Departed N Gone

  • Nandi M.

    You may think this is an act of immaturity but take one second to consider these kidds FAMILIES!! show some respect because the same thing can be said about you Mr. Tough guy with the rude words sitting behind the protection of a screen name and a computer.

  • Roxane Rodriguez

    the Garcias were sisters. big lost to the family. we’ll be travelling out to los angeles this weeken comming up to show our support to the fam bam. RIP Rebeca & Raquel and to the young mans to..

  • Brandon Lee

    As a car lover, I hate to hear this kind of news. Most teens are going to do something reckless and don’t die learning their lesson. Such a sad story. At the very least no one outside of this vehicle was hurt.

    • Kids Don't Use Their Brains When Showing Off

      That’s true, Brandon Lee. At least no one else had to learn the driver’s lesson of driving carelessly, other than the passengers in the vehicle. (Yes, speeding is driving carelessly.) And what a complete and total pointless way to learn a lesson. KIDS NEED TO USE THEIR BRAINS! Plan for the future; don’t live in the now. I wonder if their families were enjoying their joy ride?

      • NeeNee

        I’m pretty dam sure none of you were born out of the dirt, therefore I’d bet money that if it were one of your family members (mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, or son) in this position neither of you ignorant ass people would be saying dumb ass comments like those. Have a little respect!

        & As for the family of these four teenagers, i didn’t know any of them but my prayers go out to you. They’re in a better place now watching over you guys. Stay strong! God is with you<3

      • LM

        oh yea im sure everyone follows the speed limit going 35mph…do you? i doubt it. next time check the speed limit and see how fast your going..if its even 5 mph over then your also considered a careless driver.

      • jose

        u need to use your brain dont u care about their families now their suffering and u here talking smack he was my friend have little respect >:(

    • Infocars365.com

      I come From http://infocars365.com, as a car lover, I hate car crash

  • Kids Don't Use Their Brains When Showing Off

    What did FN Cee say that was so offensive to you? It seems to me that you are over-reacting just a tad. He/She was admonishing our young adults and teenagers to be careful, to reconsider the tragic result of carelessly driving, to think of their families and future, and that no amount of so-called fun is worth the lives of four young people with promising futures. What’s so bad about that? Nothing. I think you need to pipe down, Desean Snow.

    • Desean Snow

      Why was my comment removed?

  • olivo bueno

    que dios les de consuelo a esas familias que perdieron sus hijos en esta trajedia que ayen ppaz en sus almas y que lo superen por que perder un hijo es debastador que dios les de pas a sus vidas y estamos unidos en el dolor con esas familias que pasan por el dolor mas grande de perder un hijo dios este con ustedes y q sus hijos esten en manos de dios ..solo de pensar en su dolor se me ase un nudo en la garganta quisiera desirles algunna palbra de consuelo pero se que no existe solo les digo fuerza y mucha fe para poder sobre yebar ese dolor tan grande dios bendiga estas familias

  • Mel Gibson

    I drive a lot and I see young people speeding all the time. The odds are against them. Sooner or later they will crash unless they get too many tickets, but that’s probably not going to happen. I just hope that innocent passengers live to tell about it. I used to do it. I guess i’m lucky or a skilled driver, cause I did crash a few times, but never hurt anyone else, Thank God.
    The cars we have today camouflage the dangers of hi-Speed.

  • mikeD

    There you go SPEEDING, a car is not a toy its a machine and like most machines it can kill you maybe if they would have respected for what it was they would have not met there fates so early.

  • Not a Moron

    Gilani Taylor and her daughter Jayla were just killed in a Chrysler sedan that burst into flames, and now this. So sad! And I’ll bet that those Chryslers have a problem with fires. Remember the Pinto and how it would burst into flames on impact? Just sayin’… My thoughts are with the victims’ families.

  • Melvin Blake

    I am reading the last names.

    Millions more to go.

    Oh, poor train trestle. Please hurry up to fix it.

    • Desean Snow

      The train tressel? What? So since they are of Hispanic descent because of their last names their loss of life means nothing? You care more about a train tressel than showing respect for the dead?

  • Yuridia Nava

    THis is horrible. and to top it off, FUSD got rid of ALL its COUNSELORS!!! Who is going to do the crisis counseling!!!

  • Jennifer

    Some of these comments are soooo uncalled for! Do any of you know how to respect the families of they young kids that have just lost their lives?? It all goes back to…IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY THING NICE TO SAY, THEN DON’T SAY IT AT ALL!! We all know how things like this happen, but it’s too late. I feel for these parents of these kids. It’s so incredibly sad!

    • Craig Love


      If these parents had been better parents,..these kids might stll be alive!

      Too many just say :go out & play”,..& think “God will protect my kid”.

      If you keep saying ‘sweep it under the rug, cause it’s too late’, then it makes it seem that nothing anyone EVER does will stop it from happening again & again (meaning parents can say they’re NEVER to blame for any of it!

      1 of the kids looked ‘arrogant, & defiant’,…& his father, friends, etc. were probably the same way.

      Often times, at all hours, kids driving these cars will INTENTIONALLY harass innocent drivers (& i mean INTENTIONALLY!!), by cutting them off at high speeds, going out into the streets with cars coming close, etc.,..just to show their friends that they’re ‘cool’, & have ‘ a big one’, so to speak.

      I have NO sympathy, & if you don’t blame now,..then WHEN????

      I’m sure that the parents of the kids that were killed are NOT going to be too happy with the parents of the kid that was driving (i wouldn’t be)!

      • Barbara

        WOW ! ! ! You seem to be making alot of assumptions, unless you have facts to back up your statements. Perhaps, you know the families involved and heard them say go out & play”,..& think “God will protect my kid”.???

        You sound like a very bitter person who has NO sympathy at all. I hope YOUR perfect family never brings you any heartache

      • Gloria C.

        You have noooooo Respect what so ever. If you dont know the story right dont open your mouth to say your stupid assumptions. My cousin happens to be the one that was driving….and he was NOT drunk because they didnt find alcohol in their system…and they were also NOT speeding. So you need to stop making stupid assumptions. Luckily we have ALOT of family and friends that support us. So your SYMPATHY is not needed anyways!

  • Jennifer

    By the way the last person that commented right before mine about loving young mexican girls…YOUR AN IDIOT!! Have some RESPECT!!!

  • Michael

    When people watch movies like Fast and The Furious and The Transporter, driving fast looks like a rush and your peers might think you’re a bad ass if you drive fast and pull off a crazy move that has everybody going, “Whoa!”

    Some people can watch the movie and drive right, some people want to emulate the action. Too many times I’ve had speeding cars whiz by me on the 101 or the 5 Freeway going close to a hundred in fairly crowded traffic. One accidental clip of another car or swerve that throws the car out of control could cause harm or death to themselves or another innocent motorist or passenger. Totally reckless.

  • maria

    The story is not right raquel died at the scene and rebecca was taken to the hospital both sisters all friends my daughters best friend.

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  • Jessica D

    FIrst of all i live by where the accident happened..whether the young man was speeding or not a lot of people have died at this bridge and not all the causes were speeding so before all the disrespectful people start talking take into consideration that accidents do happen and this bridge is not safe at all especially at night!! have respect for the families put yourself in there shoes if it was your son or daughter you would not like those comments

  • Desean Snow

    At the bridge it’s not like a dip. It is a sharp descent and if you are going just a little over the speed limit you can get airborne. I have seen it happen. It’s a bad design but nobody has bothered to fix it because Fontana is in debt.

  • Almprin06

    How sad. In the video, what is a McDonald’s Racing Team? Does it promote fast driving? Hmmm.

    • LUISA 46


  • la-tina

    My respect go out to all the family & friends of the lost 4 teen kids….I have 2 teenagers myself & I could not imagine a moment w/out them….Every1 likes to go out and have fun especially as teens.. it doesn’t matter if it was a car accident or any other accident..the point here is that their no longer here on earth breathing..now that is super sad…May all 4 teens RIP…blessings…

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    Every corner in Fontana has a car wash daily or Illegals holding jumper cables to start their unlicensed junk.

  • bg24

    my cousin was killed in a car accident just 3 weeks ago. he was on his way to work around 10:40pm on a monday and was hit head on by a speeding driver who lost control of his ml50 and ate my cousins lane killing him instantly. the other guy had minor injuries and admitted to the cops the he was sleepy and didnt know he was speeding. it is still being investigated if its all a lulaby. we all are equal in this world and no life is more important than others. we have to be all responsible when we get behind the wheel. it hurts to think that my cousin is gone and these 4 ppl in fontana are gone too soon. these experiences should really open our eyes

  • Mari

    My respect for there families & friends. I am sorry for your lost. I cant imagine what would i feel if this would happen to me & my husband . They are in a better place now. But god knows this was not your time. Bot now you guys are little angles. Giving everyone a example that driving a car dangerous. Driving is not a game & most teens take it like a game. Instead of blaming the driver who knows what happen that day. Have respect. Everyone makes mistakes & now we know what can happen went we are not pay attention to the road.
    As Jessica D was talking about there has been so many accidents by that bridge. No one will know what happen that day.
    RIP 4 TEENS ! SISTERS Garcia

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