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From the crime blotter: (What, exactly, is a blotter? -Ed.)

Richmond (CA):  At City Hall, they have an Office of Neighborhood Safety.  One of its programs is called “Operation Peacemaker, ” a fellowship, for gang members who are trying to turn around their lives. And apparently it’s working: they all got into a fight, and punched each other silly, breaking noses and spewing blood.  How is that considered a success?  Because the program’s director says most of those involved have histories of gun use… and this time they only used their fists. BTW, even though “Operation Peacemaker” staffers appear to know all seven gang members involved,  “police so far have been unable to locate any of the men involved.” Put the director in lockup for an hour or so, and he might remember some addresses.

Philadelphia (PA): Police show up at party, where two people had to be taken to the hospital for stab wounds. Once they got there, they discovered three other people had gone there with stab wounds of their own. All had been wounded at the same party.  It was a welcome home party, for a teenager, who had just been released from juvenile hall.

And of course, you already know about the 21  submachine guns and 12 sidearms that were stolen from the LAPD’s SWAT team locker. The LAPD says the area is considered ‘a secure site.’  Depends who’s holding the guns, I guess. We’re told not to worry, because the weapons were modified to fire only training ammo. I’m sure no one would know how to ‘unmodify’  them. Right? ,…Right??

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  1. Christina39 says:

    You didn’t mention that these thugs are getting a $1,000 a month NOT BE THUGS.. When is this madness really going to stop? When did the United States go crazy! They didn’t have guns or knives because they were searched first. Tell it like it is. How long and how much effort has gone into this thing without good results.

  2. The Big Logic says:

    The violence is pure Nigra activity. The knives are the MO, if guns are not available. This kind of thing has been a trademark of this so called ‘culture’, yet the media keeps putting more, and more of them in commercials portraying them as your next door neighbor. This is dangerous to the naive who might believe that the only difference is skin color. It is NOT, so dont be fooled by what you see on tv. Stay away from these Third World beings, if you value your life, and safety.

    1. Christina39 says:

      You forgot to mention that we are paying for all this too. Look at our economy. The media loves to protray these people especially in movies as the picked on saviors who only want to do good things, but always goes up against the evil white man.

      If you write a book with that theme, I promise the publishers will buy it even if you can’t write. The editors will rewrite it for you.

  3. Dosey says:

    Kent, today during the early AM news, Sabila (sp) reported the “Top Story” of the day….Lindsay Lohan going to court. We are in a sad state if your producer has the top story of the day about this loser. Sad, sad

    1. Christina39 says:

      Look at the sale of magazines in supermarkets and and the pictures of bradagelina (sp) and all the other goofs. That is what people call “story of the day”. They buy these magazine before they buy food. Why they give a damn about celebriies’ lives I will never know and never did. Don’t shoot the messengers.

  4. Garysimo says:

    For years stupid Americans have bent over and spread their cheeks to the insanity of paying to breed their own executioners and now their about to get what they paid for..

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