FONTANA (AP) — Four people have been arrested in Fontana after allegedly running a panhandling scam that asked for funeral donations for a baby that netted up to $1,400 a day.

The Press-Enterprise reports that passers-by grew suspicious after repeatedly seeing a destitute mother holding a sign that read “funeral donations” with a picture of a baby on it.

Sgt. Billy Green says officers investigated on Monday and found 21-year-old Heather Nichols on the corner.

Green says Nichols admitted that the whole thing was a scam that she and three others had worked on corners in Southern California and Arizona.

Nichols said she didn’t know the identity of the baby in the picture.

The others arrested in the alleged scam were 23-year-old Catherine Mendez, 20-year-old Chastity Doll and 26-year-old Jamari Carter.

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Comments (8)
  1. letuan says:

    check on the corner of crenshaw and 135th street / there is a black woman with this same scam.

    1. Hector says:

      you are a dumb ass man, you are not American either then Mr. Dela Cruz, investigate and inform yourself before you open your mouth

  2. Christina39 says:

    I feel like an idiot. A lady in front of my pharmacy stopped me and told me she couldn’t afford her medication for cancer and I gave her $10.00. It is getting so bad with people begging on the street. You want to help but they probably have more money than I do. Yeh, my bad!

    1. Christina39 says:

      The lady I gave the money to was an hispanic lady, she barely spoike English. But she was very old.

  3. Timothy McGarry says:

    Does anyone remember the ‘Barney Miller’ where the guy brings home like 200K a year panhandling on Wall Street?

  4. George says:

    Give them fake money and let them try to spend it.

  5. Xen says:

    They did this because there are too many idiots out there who would fall for such a scam

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