Submachine Guns, Pistols Stolen From LAPD SWAT Training Site

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two separate investigations are underway Monday after multiple submachine guns and pistols used for SWAT training by the LAPD were found missing.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the weapons were stolen from a building owned and used specifically for training by the LAPD.

The 21 MP-5 submachine guns and a dozen Colt 45 automatic pistols were taken from a locked container inside the Kennedy Building on San Pedro Street, police officials said.

The location — which formerly housed clothing firms before it was donated to the LAPD several years ago — is considered a secure site, Deputy Chief Michael Downing told the Associated Press.

While the weapons had been modified to fire training ammunition, the concern is that they could easily be converted back to fire live rounds.

“These guns can’t be used with regular ammunition unless they’re significantly modified back,” said LAPD Commander Andy Smith.

With the proper fittings, the MP-5  can fire live ammo at 600 rounds minute — potentially putting heavy firepower into criminal hands.

A second administrative investigation is also underway as to why the weapons were stored in a location with no alarms or security cameras.

“We always do an internal investigation whenever anything like this occurs, and we’ll have our investigators look at it from top to bottom,” said Smith.

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  • Herbert

    Looking for current market value of MP5 Submachine guns, I found a 2004 listing that shows about $15.000 each, so quadrupled to current value, each at approximaely $40,000 makes a sizeable haul for Mexican drug runners.
    “Here is a random sample of prices for various MP5 submachine gun configurations as of May 21, 2004.•H & K MP5K PDW – $12,450

    •HK MP5K-PDW Fleming sear gun – $12,900

    •HK MP5K PDW Flemming sear – $13,950

    •HK-MP5K, fleming sear conversion done by S&H Arms – $13,000

    •H&K MP5A3 with Flemming Firearms Sear – $13,900

    •H&K SEAR – $9,300

    •HK Auto sear by S&H Arms, never installed – $9,995

    •H&K MP5A3 (HK 94) Reg Receiver – $13,900

    •H&K MP5 Qualified Sear RR – $12,500

    •H&K MP-5 A2 – $13,999

    •H&K MP5A3 RR by Phoenix Arms -$12,500

    •H & K SP-89 (re-stamped: MP5K) Fleming Sear – $15,50”

    • Ed Miller

      Did these prices come from a video game or are they “black market” retail?

      (Because since 1986, no NEW full-autos could be made for or transferred to the civilian market).

    • S Von Smith

      those prices are off buy a lot.

    • Duh!

      Not sure where you got your price list, but here is a current used MP5 on sale for $1495.00

      Guess in this economy you should not have multiplied by 4, but instead should have divided by 8.

      • Sage Advice

        Sorry “Duh!” – shows how much you know.

        The MP5 you cited is for semi-auto – and used. A true semi-auto Heckler & Koch MP5 typically runs around $3,500. A legit Full Auto as likely SWAT would have could go for $10K to $15K – for a civilian cost with approved NFA tax-stamp.

        Black-market? Anyone’s guess, and likely within a $5K to $8K range.


      • Joe

        I am a federally licensed machinegun dealer. The MP5 machineguns that the LAPD use are manufactured after May of 1986 and are restricted to law enforcement and military only. In the business these are referred to as ‘post sample’ guns and are significantly less expensive than guns available for purchase by civilians. Current price to police department on post sample MP5 depending on accessories or condition will run $900 – $1500 each from a number of sources. Interestingly, depending on the level of customization and accessories, the 1911 pistols could easily cost the same each.

      • Stephen Small

        Actually Sage, the weapon in question is full auto but not available for transfer to “Civilians”. The same MP5, fully transferable, is out of sight pricewise.

      • Sanjaya

        I guess that makes it less of a problem, huh?

      • Sanjaya

        Where was Eric Holder during the theft?

      • hawk73

        thats a non nfa item, i love experts who know nothing.

      • Ranger01

        This compares to the $15,000 toilet seat.

    • Terminator 2012

      Sounds like you should be the one first investigated Herbie!

    • Don

      As a gun enthusiast I can tell you that a full auto pre 1986 MP5 still goes for about $13,000 to $15,000 to citizens. Military and Law enforcement do not pay that much for the MP5 because they get ones built post 1986.

    • Manny

      According to Diane Sawyer, of the Disney Corporation, any middle school kid can buy an UZI in the schoolyard for one hundred dollars.

      • MAGNUM

        Sometimes I think any kid could buy Diane Sawyer for a hundred dollars…referring to her integrity and intellect, of course!

      • franki

        yea but they need a not from Eric Holder.

  • icecream

    I want to know why weapons of that type were stored in that gang-infested, crime-inundated area with out any alarm devices and video monitoring equipment in place. Who was in charge of this. Who set this burglary up ? It reeks of possibly an inside job !

    • Ron

      “In Fast and Furious, ATF agents allegedly allowed thousands of weapons to cross the border and fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels…. It’s called letting guns “walk,” and it remained secret to the public until Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered last December. Two guns from Fast and Furious were found at the scene, and ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle on the operation.”

      Does this sound familiar? Eric Holder being investigated. Maybe the Mexican Mafia or drug cartels have INFECTED the LAPD. If this is true, then HEADS SHOULD ROLL !!! And I am NOT talking about in MEXICO.

      • Klaus

        Which cop stole the guns? Or maybe it was a federal agent.

        The CIA and other federal agencies run the drugs into America. U.S. troops are used to protect the opium poppy production in Afghanistan which generates $500 billion in annual sales for the globalist banking cartel.

        Why aren’t the bankers who launder every penny of drug money ever arrested?

      • Rob Frey

        I think the family of Brian terry should file a wrongful death lawsuit against Obama, Holder and the entire government. These buffoons have put all of us at risk and should be made to pay for there actions with jail time and every red penny they have.
        Along with that the American people file against the congress to act and demanding impeachment.

    • bumpkin

      Fast and Furious, continued!

    • aubreyfarmer

      The cops were in the best position to steal the firearms. They would have known there was little or no security and they would also know the criminals the weapons could be fenced to. 10 to 1 says the cops were instrumental in the heist.

  • Sage Advice

    Check out my auctions on – and hey, I’ve added a “Buy It Now” feature as I would really like to sell these rather fast and furious – before I go on my trip to Switzerland.

    By the way, the silencers and Drop-in Auto sears are not included: link to my homepage for those! But I’ll give a 10% discount on those parts to whomever purchases the guns!

    Your friend, Kenneth Melson.


  • Muck Fu

    Either an inside job or a test to see how secure these weapons are..

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    This happened before with xcop women chaser RAPHAEL PEREZ from Rampart,

  • villaragossa, the mayor

    LA’S FINEST ??? no camera, no alarms. i can tell you this much… the mexicans cop in l.a.p.d. knows where these guns went. to their homies on the streets. or the swat cop’s simple drove up to the building in uniform at daylight and unloaded them while a crew of gang member was nearby watching.them.

    • Ron

      And Mayor V. probably got his usual KICKBACK for it !!!!

  • james

    inside job or set-up who cares.

  • Robert Thomas

    The .45 Government Model pistols wouldn’t be too difficult to convert back to operational use. The MP-5’s would be more difficult unless you had a supplier of the parts that make it full-auto, and legally that wouldn’t work. It would have to be black market since no legitimate dealer could sell just anyone the parts, especially in CA where it’s hard enoughto own normal guns.

    • S Von Smith

      Not sure where you live in Ca that makes it so hard to own a gun. all I have ever had to do was just pay for them.

  • Joe Doakes

    Was Eric Holder in the vicinity. I hear he is low on inventory.

  • Jaded-1

    Obviously another ATF operation gone wrong. But then, don’t they all. The question is: Will they send enough ammo to the cartels to make these guns useful. Full auto burns it up at a Fast and Furious pace.

  • The A.T.F.

    It’s Ok, on there way to Mexico. You can have them back after they have been used to kill some border agents…… LOVE THE A.T.F.

  • Ben Dover

    It is becoming a fact that cops need to be disarmed…They clearly are no better than the crooks…that is if you can tell them apart….Arm the citizens and let the cops ask for help when they need it…

    • bumpkin

      Ben, I am liking that idea! There would be a lot less criminal activity if we all carried.

    • wallyintouch

      I love that idea. There’s not too many things worse than an ego-maniacal cop except for maybe a child molesting TSA agent.

  • moron

    Eric Holder?

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    Mystery solved: Eric Holder and Barack Obama sent them to Mexico.

  • dwstick

    Relax, they’ll ‘mysteriously’ turn up in Mexico soon.

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  • JustEd

    Inside job without a doubt…and given that cops aren’t the smartest tool in the toolbox, they will be caught soon.

  • EODdevon

    The prices listed are for “Transferable” weapons, the police use “non-transferable” what that means is a transferable weapon being the same in function, parts, etc will cost a citizen $12,000 usd and the non-transferable will cost $800 usd. Remember the only difference is that one was made before 1968 and was registered and since 1968 non have been allowed to be registered and since 1983 they can only be sold to cops unless they were registered before 1968.

    • mhs2xs

      That’s 1986

  • Kinnison

    “L.A.’s Finest”… What a hoot.

  • suibne

    THE entire state of california should fall into the sea Morons


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  • fanden

    The cops , ATF, and FEDs lose these things all the time, including computers with YOUR 411 on them. NObody cares, nobody is held accountable. “The feds are alllowed to make mistakes.”

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    And no one will be fired, have a pay cut or disciplined in any manner. Because government is men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun, paid with your wealth, extracted through taxation with the threat of deadly force if you don’t pay their tax collector. If they were really there to protect you and your property, they wouldn’t be the first to use deadly force or confiscation.

  • Brad

    Investigators may want to start by asking Eric Holder. He’s well versed in smuggling guns.

  • Gunny G

    This is Obama and Holder’s Operation Help the Crips and Bloods.

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