‘Hats Off’ Or Get Out: Valley Stores, LAPD To Ban Headgear In Anti-Crime Effort

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The next time you visit a store in the San Fernando Valley, you may have to check your hat at the door or take your business elsewhere.

KNX 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports it’s part of a new anti-crime effort announced by the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday to deter criminals from targeting businesses in Studio City and North Hollywood.

The “Hats Off!” pilot program will post signs at nearly two dozen local businesses requesting that patrons remove their hats and helmets and pull sweatshirt “hoodies” from their heads before entering.

Under the program, a “warning notice” will be placed in the window of a business that caters to walk-in customers “to allow the customer time to remove their hat, hoodie or helmet” before entering, LAPD officials said.

If they refuse to comply, “they’d be in violation of penal code 602, which is essentially trespassing within that business,” said LAPD Capt. Justin Eisenberg.

The effort is aimed at suspects who hide their faces during crimes, Eisenberg said.

Headgear is often worn by criminals to shield their faces from security cameras during a break-in or robbery.

“If you think about schools where there are dress codes, or nightclubs or many establishments that have restraints as to what people can wear in their establishments, that’s a right that store owners have,” said Eisenberg. “This is just an additional tool that we’re giving store owners.”

Studio City and other neighboring communities have been hit by a string of robberies in recent months, including a $2 million diamond heist in North Hollywood.

If successful, the voluntary “Hats Off!” effort could soon be expanded citywide.

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  • rtt

    I can already hear the complaints from the various religious groups that use head wraps and such.

    • Mike Lee

      first time a gay rights activist goes into a store like that and they tell them to take off their hat, just watch. Or perhaps a muslim wearing not a hat but a burka. How about a union man in his 60s or a cowboy from texas. if the gang banging mayor had control of his hommies or the russian euro-trash were kicked out the the city we would not need laws. with mr. moonbeams new no right to carry law the cops feel a lot safer about harassing every day joes.

      • Villaraigosa is a rat!

        Hat or HELMET?
        What if a Special Needs individual needs to wear their helmet for safety precautions.
        I can see a lawsuit in the making! Person taking off their helmet, faking a seizure, and banging their head on the ground. Way to go fashion police

      • Richard Henkle

        Did I miss something? When did Russia become part of Europe?

      • ComSenseWiz

        Russia is not part of the European Union but any portion of Russia west of the Ural mountains is considered Europe. Obviously, geography is not Henkle’s strong suit.

      • Phil

        LOL I am sorry I just have to reply here to Richard Henkle. Russia is part Europe and part Asia, it spans both continents. Most major cities are on the European side.

      • Edward Boothe

        I have seen the time come when is a good thing to be old. This country is in the process of falling and I have fortunately got to live the majority of my life in what was the greatest democracy in the history of the world. I feel for the young who had no hand in the fall of this country who are going to be stuck with whats left, possibly slavery.

      • T.Wilson

        What if a Special Needs individual needs to wear their helmet for safety precautions, and to protect his head he wears a hoodie under the helmet, and he’s Jewish so under the hoodie he’s wearing a yarmulke?

    • Mike Lee

      End this total nonsense. Vote Ron Paul 2012. Put our nation back on track to freedom and prosperity. Now we have the fashion police? Great land of freedom.
      Ron Paul 2012…

      • jekyllisland

        dholdenbrooks are you a moron or 8 years old?

      • Joe

        If they refuse to comply, “they’d be in violation of penal code 602, which is essentially trespassing within that business,” said LAPD Capt. Justin Eisenberg.

        Doesn’t sound voluntary to me.

      • T

        Im kinda leaning toward Cain – I might have spelled that wrong…Cane???

      • Duh!

        As soon as Down with Authority goes E-viral, I would shop at that store right away knowing that idiots will not be in the store.

        Thanks for the public service announcement Down with Authority.

      • nygrump

        This is really about ensuring that everyone can be id’ed and tracked by the State remotely as they move through their day to day lives. Its a test to see if people complain, then they can roll it out in public areas.

      • Carl Curmudgeon

        ” …then they can roll it out in public areas.”

        Did I read that correctly?

        Do they really intend to roll this out in pubic areas?

      • Down the Drain

        No Noodlehead, its says “If successful, the voluntary “Hats Off!” effort could soon be expanded citywide.” I suggest people start signing into yelp and get an account, I know I am. If any place hits me with a hats off, I am killing there “like score”. You can not be arrested unless you are asked to leave and refuse. That’s the law, not the way these a-holes write it.

      • dholdenbrooks

        Actually this sounds like stores voluntarily deciding who can enter their stores based on their clothing, something Ron Paul would be perfectly fine with. The police are merely encouraging business owners to do it on their own.

      • stopthe

        The stores aren’t forced to do this. Therefore property rights are not weakened or violated. Stores are private property. Therefore, Ron Paul wouldn’t have a problem with it – and neither do I.

      • Kevin

        i agree. participation is voluntary. it’s up to the store owner to weigh the risks to their business by participating. if the store owner said only people wearing red shirts may shop here, they have the right to do that. just don’t expect to stay in business very long.

      • Down with Authority

        Why not have the cops actually do their jobs and stop criminals instead of saying, all non criminals must give up a right to wear a hat wherever you are? This is America GD! I would rather be arrested and sue the city then give up my rights. I walk into your store with a hat on and you don’t say anything, great. If you say take it off, I say no. A store employee actually has to tell you take your hat off or leave before anything starts. You leave and tell them you will never do business with them again and inform them you will go E-Viral in telling them that everyone will know not to shop at this store will put a lot of small and large businesses out of work. I would rip up my Costco card and never go back if that happened there. TEAR IT DOWN!

      • Down the Drain

        I’ll have a sombrero, a cowboy hat, a pill box, a burka, a ball cap both baseball and lame-o trucker hat. Lets see, a yamica, a turban, a beret, a helmet from all the past US wars, bike and motorcycle helmets. What else am I missing. Ah! A funny pope hat. Please send more suggestions. Thanks for playing the name the hat game.

      • Carl Curmudgeon

        Occupy Costco!

        Get a bunch of unemployed losers to go camp inside Costco!

        That’s the ticket!

      • Massimo Deportado

        Idiot. Ru Paul wants you dope your brains out.

    • RufusVonDufus

      They can all suck sour buttermilk if they don’t like it. They can go shop elsewhere. I can tell you what to ban if you want to cut crime by about 95%!

      • Slippery When Wet

        So when are you moving back to VonDufistan!!

    • freecheese

      Yeah, who needs a “Hoodie” in the summer, or a stocking cap ? Usually young losers.

    • Jackie J

      No problem for me I like guys to pay me for a fake pregnancy. Works great – I love San Antonio – call me easy way to make a few $$$. (210) 606-1503 Jackie Jackobo.

    • Jackie J

      I may wear a hat for a protective helmet on my little head – then not remove it. Oh the shame. Little man tate

    • John

      Hoodie use is only intended to hide identification. Then it became a fashion statement to those wanting to be tough. It won’t stop crime but it will also make the storeowner not be so alarmed every time a thug walks in with that type of headgear. Gives him time to get his gun! if you wiped off all the hoodie wearing fools on the planet if would probably free up 10 jobs!

      • Andrew P.

        That’s interesting. I use hoodies to keep my head and neck warm. It’s that, or I wear a beanie and a scarf. But that isn’t my thing, so a hoodie works just as well.

        That said, I would fully comply with this rule. A business has every right to make this demand.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      – Plato —- http://911essentials.com

      • John Horan

        People in more civilized times always removed their headgear when they stepped inside an establishment,bar church,etc! It is proper to identify yourself when you walk into an establishment. We will have a world of ghosts if everybody walked around in Star Wars cloaks with hoods. Sorta like Arab burqas and everyone knows how attractive they are. Al Quada terrorists used to escape from U.S Forces by wearing them to escape. Political correctness had our enemies escape to kill our troops another day by this diversion!

    • Godfrey

      Take off your hat, or you can’t shop here?

      I can’t imagine this is good for business. But it’s not like we’re in a recession or anything.

      • John Horan

        It was always good manners to your headgear when you stepped indoors. Remember Ron White the comedian got his butt kicked in a New York bar for putting his cowboy hat back on after he was asked to remove it indoors! Good comedy ,but he tells you he paid the price for non-compliance! He also had to pay for the chair they broke over his back!

    • claire

      if you notice in the write- up – they didn’t mention “head wraps” – they specifically said hats, hoodies or helmut – there was not mention of burkas or head scarfs. So they are more than likely exempt because there would be an outrage.

    • T.Wilson

      I wasn’t aware that the LAPD could write and enact laws. Then it’s “voluntary” or get arrested for trespassing?

    • luvenlust

      this is nonsense california is running away tourist
      if im having a bad hair cause im black and my hair get s a little messy i need to wear a hat
      i dont have the luxury of slicking my hair down or pulling it into a style
      this law is UNAMERICAN

  • Sage Advice

    What about stores that sell hats?

    • kidblast47

      Dumb ass!

    • T

      now thats funny :)

      • Jackie J

        Yo it’s real cool to show all my boxers before you see my knees. My chicken legs. And a nice big hoody for my big head. Leon.

    • The Big Logic

      After they purchase a hat, they will certainly be allowed to walk OUT with it.

    • Louis Swan II

      I like that. : ) It will be posted, so it will pertain to the stores that want you to remove your hat, hoody or helmet gear.

      • Jackie J

        The easiest thing to do is wear disposable paper clothes. And carry a RFID to pay. no pockets no crime. Shop in just speedos works in Europe. Doug.

    • F-Calif

      Too funny!

  • citizen


    • John Pelligrini

      NOT STUPID, you enter my place of business without taken off your hat or hoody, NO SERVICE!

      • John Pastapants

        Then I don’t do business with you , NO MONEY!

      • Paying Customer

        Business must be good for you if you can afford to refuse service. I though times were tough? You’re a JACK A$$.

      • citizen

        what is the name of your store so I won’t come in it?

      • CH

        Please tell us the name of your establishment so that I can make sure not to offend you with my hat or my money!

      • David Knight

        Let’s see how long you have your business. Pretty stupid to have such an arrogant attitude in such a tough economic climate.

      • Paying Customer

        Point proved. You’re a JACK A$$

      • Casey Vitoria

        Hey Genius….without “taking” off your hat.

      • MrBlonde

        Good luck with that business model, until the People’s Republic of CA also forces people to shop at these stores.

      • Mark

        It is stupid. Imagine a guy is running toward the convenient store door with a gun and a mask. Suddenly he sees the sign and he is worried about tacking on a trespassing charge. Crime foiled.

        This is idiotic. It will only prevent honest people from wearing hats in stores, not criminals.

      • nygrump

        Mark makes the great point below, like its going to stop the real criminal. It is about making sure that everyone can be constantly id’ed and tracked throughout their day. Soon they will roll this out into public areas. Everything must be made illegal in apolice state, they just enforce it unequally.

      • Weepy American

        Tell me the name of your store so I don’t go in.

      • Dan

        Great no monet then

      • Yaspar

        Wearing a hat inside a business is bad manners. I hate being in a restaurant and having punks swaager in, wearing their little gang caps on sideways. If it was my restaurant I would ask them to leave, too.
        I’m with you, John.

  • citizen

    what if its rainning?

    • Token

      Pretty sure it wont be raining IN the store…

    • John Pelligrini

      Now you are being stupid, put the silly hat on as you leave.

      • phil

        John you seem to be a big fan boy of this, Why does this need to come from the state? You own a store, you are worried about people robbing you with a hat then put your own sign up. But for every other store leave it up to them. Meddling prick.

  • Regg

    Another rule that will go unenforced..

  • L_T

    Welcome to Governor Moonbeams nanny state.

    • yourbiznes

      While Jerry Brown is not the most popular governor this state has had, you should still read the article before passing judgment. This is an LAPD issue, not a state law. Of course you probably think the LAPD is in cahoots with the governor

      • L_T

        And you must be a “union hack”.

      • ^^^ twit

        You are a freaking moron. You will be charged under penal code. In your world do the police write the laws? Cuz round here legislature does with a signature from Governor dipshet.

      • yourbiznes

        The state legislature does not write local penal codes with the governor signing them. Please read this quote from the article.

        “KNX 1070′s Vytas Safronikas reports it’s part of a new anti-crime effort announced by the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday to deter criminals from targeting businesses in Studio City and North Hollywood.”

    • Sparrow

      AHAHAHA. So when somebody points out how mistake you are, your answer is to insult them? Yeah, that’s logic.

      What are you, twelve?

      • L_T

        “What a Maroon”

      • karl

        you, sir, are mistake!

    • Ray

      If they would just start deporting the illegals that have been arrested for robberies instead of letting them out on the streets to do it again and again then we would not have to have these stupid rules i don’t wear hats too often but I’ll shop less is this area. Maybe this is what should protested against a nanny state where illegals have more RIGHTS than CITIZENS do keep electing these liberal democrats until we have no RIGHTS at all.

      • MIKE


      • Paying Customer

        Illegals are the only people who have been arrested for robberies? Idiot.

      • Newton Fig

        Yes, deport all the white people who hire illegals!
        Wait. . .what. . Well said, Mike. Where to? Back to North Dakota?

    • yourbiznes


      I’m not a union hack. Just someone that reads the articles before making any comments.

      • ^^^^ doofus

        “I’m not a union hack. Just someone that reads the articles and glances over important distinctions before making any comments.” is what you should have said

      • Jackie J

        Yo – don’t be profilin’ jus coz I got a brim don’t be hatin. Laquinta.

  • roger waters

    Watch your business hurt more than it already is. GOD THIS NATION IS SO DUMB.

    • RJ OGuillory

      If I were a business owner I’d laugh the LAPD out of my shop. What a joke. You can almost see the country slip into this fascist mindset,…as though the police can tell you what to do as a business owner, and then conspire with the submissive business owners who will perjure themselves by claiming that you are “trespassing”, because you will not follow an unlawful command from an illegal government entity overstepping their legal bounds,….

      …much like the idiot cops opening the unlocked doors of neighborhood cars and leaving “notices” reminding them to lock their cars,…

      …pretty soon I’m going to need my Jackboots,…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    • Old and In the Way

      Well, if I walk into a bank with a hoody or helmet, an armed guard will stop me. Nobody complains about that. So, we have a local siutation where the populace feels entitled to walk off with other people’s stuff … a lot like the bank situation … so the local police want you to show your face. I’m not against that at all. I do feel the ball cap or yamaka restriction goes too far. Hoodies and helmets? take ’em off or get out.

      • Jackie J

        Go burka – all of Ramadan wear burkas. Just blend in – works in Beruit. Al-ali

  • The Voice of Reason

    Why don’t stores just keep it simple and have a sign that says, “NO MEXICANS”.

    • The Voice of Reason

      I meant that to be funny, but there is still some truth to it.

    • TheWindrunner

      That’s BS! The sign should read ‘No Nigra’.

      • The Voice of Reason

        lol That too!

    • Ben IncaHutz

      You’re an idiot. Go back to watching Fox News and then try to explain why mass murders(such as the guy in Seal Beach) are almost always white. Same goes for child molesters.

      Take your time loser.

      • Whattaload

        Really? So all those mass murders going on by the cartels in messicko are committed by whites? Or, more likely, is that based on race that is the majority in any given country. Good try though.

      • Christina39

        You are correct. Even I was amazed at how prevalent whites are in commiting scams and orchestrating thefts in Vegas. (Yes I know we are not talking about Vegas). We have illegals here who do not commit the amount of white crime I see. Maybe they commit street crimes, but in businesses, whites rule when it comes to stealing.

      • John Pelligrini

        You may gain some intelligence if you watched FOX News, rather than the Hate channel MSNBC?

      • rjm2238

        To Ben IncaHutz;
        Maybe the white shooters are just practicing, and maybe you better learn how to duck.
        As far as child molesters I think you have them confused with illegals from Central America. Look up the numbers and take your time with that.
        Don’t take too long on practicing how to duck though, that is a skill you may need sooner than you think if you are as full of hate as your words make you appear.
        I have an idea, why don’t you practice while on the flight back to your native country, wherever that may be.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      • Joseph Biden

        So what do YOU watch, mental giant?

        “The View”?

        The only loser in this whole blog today is you – and your mama still dunno who dat babee’s dattee be!

    • Christina39

      You might think it is funny, but where I work in Vegas there is a lot of theft and you would be surprised that the majority are white where I work at least. Either outright stealing or some kind of scam. We had two gun related incidents and both involved whites. I walk around and alert security if I see something amiss and very often it is a white person.

      • John

        Maybe you should look at the national stats on crime. Pretty much guarantee you that minorities commit more crimes. Not whites. Where do you work in Vegas? At J Crew? Sure there are places where one demographic commits more crime than another, but on the whole minorities commit more crimes.

        According to a 2009 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, in 2007 Latinos “accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders-more than triple their share (13%) of the total U.S. adult population”.

        For men in their early thirties, African-Americans are about 7 times more likely to have a prison record than whites. They are more likely to have been in prison (22.4 percent) than in the military (17.4 percent)

      • David Huffman

        You must be Mexican.Now that i’ve said that ,let’s go ahead and pull the race card which Mexicans are so fond of doing when someone tells the truth and pulls their covers.Maybe they’re all white perps because you’re being biased and not paying much attention to your homies or the blacks.I lived and worked in Vegas on and off the strip and know for a fact you’re full of shizznit !!! Most crimes in Vegas are committed by blacks and Mexicans,and most of those Mexicans are illegals going from shelter to shelter out there.Fact!!!! Those who don’t believe can go to the website for Vegas most wanted and you will see the number of Blacks and Mexicans wanted for crimes out there far outwiegh those of whites.!! How you like me now Chica ???!!!!

      • sabb

        Yeah she’s right, lot’s of White’s are turning to gun crimes cause they can afford the guns, where Black’s and Mexican’s have to get those in black market area’s.
        White’s I think are becoming tired of being pushed down.

      • Jackie J

        Liberia – did not work out too well for the freed slaves. Round 2. Leroy

      • Christina39

        TO DAVID HUFFMAN I am white and work at the Fashion Show and there are a lot of white shoplifters. I have no reason at all, believe me, to be biased. I was very surprised at first when I noticed the trend.

      • Christina39

        To: David Huffman: I am white with a Mexican boyfriend. While I am very much against what has happened to California, my boyfriend also feels the same way I do and agrees the problem is not entirely Mexican’s fault. I totally agree. He is legal and never got anything for free and he is anything but liberal. We left California because of some of its distructive liberal people Also where I work, the majority of shoplifters are white. I should know, I see them all. I am well aware of Mexican gangs, I was raised in Los Angeles

        Signed: Chica

      • TypicalWhiteWoman

        Clue to Christina: Mexican is still white. Unless of course you’re claiming ancestry to native peoples that the Spanish slaughtered.

  • Shaun

    They won’t be getting my business. I am not discarding my hat just to go into a store. Why not tell people the only way they can shop is nude as a way to target shoplifters… Give me a f*@#ing break.

  • lala63

    Violent gang members don’t kill people … hats kill people. This will really help lol – The rival gang members will never be able to tell each other apart if they are not wearing their hats. Good thinking. GAWD!!!

    • TheWindrunner

      That’s why I don’t wear hats, I don’t want to commit suicide.

      • Christina39


      • Phil

        HAHAHAHA best comment I have read all day. Thank you I am gonna go to lunch now after that one.

  • Blake

    Welcome to the glorius Peoples Socialist Republic of California. All hail the Glorius leader Jerry Brown!

    • noneoff

      While Jerry Brown is not the most popular governor this state has had, you should still read the article before passing judgment. This is an LAPD issue, not a state law. Of course you probably think the LAPD is in cahoots with the governor.

      • Scott

        The implcation is that Gov. Moonbeam won’t complain.

  • Christina39

    We were recently robbed where I work by a man wearing a stocking over his head and a hat. He ran into the business and then went to the cash room and took out a gun. He took about $10,000 and is still at large. Who is going to be the one to tell a man wearing a stocking over his head to remove it? You already knew you were in trouble. What do you say, “Our policy is no stockings on your head?”

    • Jboy


      Or what criminal is going to be pouting over this law. “Darn! There goes my plan!”

      Glad you’re ok.

    • David Huffman

      How much you want to bet that guy was Black or Mexican ???!!!! Show me the surveilence disc.!!!

      • Christina39

        OK They caught the guy trying to pull off the same thing at another store. If it makes you happy, he was a young black man.

    • Jackie J

      Please sign up for our discount tasers and shot guns. Use at will – better yet at a distance. The Taser Store.

      • Clearhead

        Sorry, Jackie J. I can’t read your comment — it’s not in Spanish.

    • karl

      how did he know the gun was in the cash room? sounds like an inside job.

  • doc

    another silly law if you ask me.

    • T. Jefferson

      Yes, silly, but more, the ban on what a person can wear inside a private business sets the precedent that a law-enforcement entity can become law-maker without using any democratic process. I understand that it is supposedly “voluntary”, but my guess is that much pressure will be applied to business owners who would prefer not to participate.

      Such a ban also forces a person who’s simply trying to do commerce, not always a purely chosen activity, to subject himself to the government surveillance grid. In addition to all the cameras going up around town, the government uses private, in-store survellience to gather information and expand its facial recognition databases. As the economic situation further deteriorates, the government will be using these systems to track down petty criminals who have unpaid parking tickets or owe back taxes or child support. We might be a few years away from this, but the LAPD hat-ban is a step in the process. How else a person be forced to expose his face to their surveillance systems?

  • Death to America


    • Sparrow

      You can wear whatever you like. You just can’t wear it IN THEIR STORE. Grow up, child.

      • Weepy American

        O Yea moron, well that’s stupid. You can be our customer but only if you wear what we approve. Not in my store you don’t? Well not in your store will I go.

      • ^^^ unintelligent(that means stupid to you)

        I do believe he is referring to the police making policy decisions FOR these stores and he probably has no problem wearing a shirt and shoes in most stores. I know it is hard to grasp something like this when you love the nanny state. Maybe you would be better off arguing with children, you’ve failed here.

      • TypicalWhiteWoman

        Really? So we have to bring a change of clothes for every potential store we walk into?

    • Trevor

      Just leave the country than you moron.

      • Whattaload

        Trevor, he won’t leave the country. He’s too f*cking ignorant to realize that only because he is in America is he allowed to mouth off like that. If he tried that in most countries, they wouldn’t even take into account his stupid remark might be just all talk. Typical p*ssy.

      • T. Jefferson

        Why does he have to leave the country? We enjoy freedom in the land of the free. It’s you who obviously enjoys North Korean-style hat policies. You need to leave

  • Reason

    this is one of the stupidest things Ive heard in a while. nice one LAPD. So no coats in the winter time either? Im not checking my hat at the door – if I have one on – i will not shop there. They wont get anything stolen, but they wont sell anything either.

    Nanny state indeed. This kind of S%$^ has to stop.

  • mitzi

    i think there should be a rule that says NO PANTIES!!!

    • Louis Swan II

      : )

    • Christina39

      I think there is in Las Vegas but only when wearing very short skirts.

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    T his policy should not apply to WHITE people, wedon’t rob jewelry stores .

    • Chester

      Lindsay just walks out wearing the jewelry.
      She is so hot by the way.

  • Brian W.

    This is one of the stupidest restrictions I’ve ever seen. I am an avid hat-wearer and I’ve never burglarized any businesses, why should I be penalized for this. We’re not in middle school, why should we abide by middle school dress code restrictions? I personally plan to boycott any store that enforces this forthright.

    • Richard Henkle

      Absolutely, this is just one more personal freedom that is being taken away. Something that you were allowed to do yesterday is a crime today. As other posters have said, someone with malicious intent is not going to abide by the law so this only affects those of us that do.

  • m

    This law isn’t any different than the municipal or penal code (or whatever it is) that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. why don’t these businesses have the right to know whose coming into their establishment? Anyone not intending to do wrong shouldn’t have a problem with compliance. It’s a temporary removal while visiting, and it’s a common courtesy to remove head coverings while indoors.

    • Courtesy?

      It isn’t about courtesy. It’s about surveillance. LAPD is soft selling this IMHO. Oh it’s optional… they will wait a while then make it mandatory. It’s all about getting your face into a database then tracking your movements. This is a final step toward 1984’s telescreens. Guilty untl proven innocent has never been so obvious as this is.

    • JBoy

      And next comes a pat-down at the door…Then a DNA swab.

      You are starting down a very slippery slope…

      If the store wants to enact the policy, then that’s fine, they can suffer the consequences…When Big Brother gets involved? Then that’s being unreasonable and an infringement on my privacy AND the stores privacy.

      How many struggling stores do you think are going to kick people out? Aside from a jewelry store or gun store (which already have secured entry gates)…The number will be zero. Remember, they already have a right to refuse service to anyone.

      I can see this opening a major lawsuit from Jews and Muslims…That YOUR tax dollars will pay for when the case is settled.

      A better question is, are these stores required by law to have video cameras? If not, then what’s the point?

      Do you think criminals are going to say “Oh golly, gee wilikers, I can’t wear a hood so now I can’t rob any stores, darn!” Seriously?

      Its the law-abiding that are being targeted which is wrong…You did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong. If I want to wear a hat for what ever reason, I should be allowed to with out fear of criminal penalty. That’s what it boils down to. Think about that…If you heard this coming from Saudi Arabia or Iran, you would be glad to be an American. But when it happens here, you support it?

      Think my friend, THINK!

    • davec

      Thats a stupid statement, it has NOTHING to do with “shoes and shirt” – that comes from HEALTH CODE

      Youre too stupid to be posting here

  • The 1st

    I’m sure all the criminals are very upset that they will no longer be able to hide their faces…Just as I’m sure they are upset that they can’t carry guns either…Just as I’m sure they are upset that stealing in illegal.

    This is nothing more than a violation of our 1st amendmant rights to freedom of expression.

    Another day, another liberty erroded. Sad really.

  • Chameleon

    Can I wear an LAPD hat? Im embarrassed of my gang tattoos I got on my head when I was 10 and Im bald!!

  • Roger Wallace

    More laws — just what we need. And this time, it’s an even stupider one. If I was a robber or some type of other thief and wanted to get around this idiotic regulation, an excellent alternative would be to wear a wig or color my hair when entering one of these establishments. Or are they going to ban that, too? Either way, I ain’t takin’ off this cool sombrero — oh hell no!

  • geeM

    REALLY !! ??

  • Fred

    At least the signs will also clearly indicate that I need to take my business elsewhere to a hat friendly store regardless of my wearing one or not at the time.

  • David

    How does the LAPD ban hats inside a business? Do they have legislative authority now? Or is California now a police state?

    • Mike Lee

      You havent noticed all of California is a police state. They can beat homeless people to death and get out on bail. they can tell you what to wear and how to speak. How to raise you children and how to forget your Constitutional rights.
      Make some rule you cannot be gay and enter a building and watch the riots. Tell someone they cannot speak spanish and watch the public outcry. The cops cannot do their job so they make no hat rules? remember the 40’s to 60’s where all men wore hats? how about the mid west were almost all men wear ball caps or cowboy hats? This is $rap. Vote Ron Paul 2012 and bring back some sanity.

      • Whattaload

        No, I don’t remember the 40’s, but, since you brought that up… Didn’t those same gentlemen remove their hats indoors? When I see some nincompoop wearing a hoody inside a store or while driving a car, I feel like smacking it off of their heads to try to teach them how effing stupid they look. But then, many of these are the same ones who wear their pants around their thighs. Not sure they’d get the point.

      • Phil

        What about cancer patients alot of them are embarrassed to not wear a hat especially women. This is unreal if it were anywhere but the socialist state of California. Is a wig a hat? That’s what this is gonna lead to criminals will exchange their hats for wigs and beards.

    • davec

      Thats the game, slowly chip away at Constitution and law and impose a Police State based on the Inquisitional reasoning of “the end justifies the means”

      Just like I cited with Hitler below, the Church followed this slippery slope into murdering dissenters in the Dark Ages.

      It all starts and ends up in the same place.

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