GLENDORA (CBS) — A Glendora police officer killed two pit bulls Monday that were mauling a 67-year-old man, shooting one of the dogs and striking the other with his patrol car.

The victim, a retired fire captain, was attacked by the dogs while he was on a morning walk in the 1600 block of South Sunflower Avenue about 4 a.m., according to Glendora police Lt. Tim Staab. He was hospitalized with injuries that included puncture wounds to his face, arms, torso, legs and groin, and a separated or broken shoulder. His name was not released.

The “relentless” attack by the dogs was in progress when Glendora police Officer Matt Fenner drove up to the scene, Staab said.

“Due to the quick actions of Officer Fenner, the man was saved from further serious injury and possibly death,” Staab said.

The victim told police that he had tried to fight off the animals with his wooden walking stick, but the stick broke in half, Staab said.

“The man stated he was `running out of gas’ and his legs began to give out,” Staab said. “He said he wouldn’t have been able to fight off the two dogs much longer. He stated the two dogs were `relentless,’ and he believed the two dogs were going to kill him.”

When Fenner arrived on the scene, he saw the man trying to pull himself up over a wall in an attempt to escape, Staab said.

“But the dogs pulled the man back down off the wall,” Staab said. “As Officer Fenner drove up, one of the dogs circled around out into the street to attack the man again, and Officer Fenner intentionally hit the dog with his police car in an attempt to stop the attack.”

Fenner radioed for help and got out of his car to help the man, who was still being attacked by the first dog, Staab said.

When Fenner got out of his car, the first dog turned and advanced upon him, and he shot the animal, fatally wounding it, Staab said.

The second dog limped away, and an arriving officer followed it onto the grounds of a nearby elementary school, where it was contained until animal control officers arrived and tranquilized it, Staab said. The dog died at a veterinary clinic.

The dogs were not wearing tags, and authorities were looking for their owner.

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Comments (40)
  1. rr says:

    I hate pit bulls. LA County should either ban this breed from county limits or require all owners to register their dogs and show proof that they have insurance to cover dog attacks.

    1. For All The Pit Bull Lovers Out There says:

      First to KCAL 9, let’s do a story on a rescue that I have just done. Please contact me in regards to a success story instead of always being negative.

      I am a pit bull owner who has had pit bulls all my life growing up. I have two currently that I have rescued from shelters. They are wonderful adorable marshmallow loving animals. They just want to be loved just like anyone else.

      I will be commenting on every single comment. How much knowledge do you all really have? Are you just going by what you hear from the media? Have you met a pit bull before?

      John Estrada – What do you mean by your comment?

      Art – Why do you think they shouldn’t be raised as pets? No, they aren’t unpredictable. Wrong – they do not have attack breed in them. Owners train them to attack – remember Michael Vic from the NFL….exactly! Give me a break a pet tiger….LOL

      Tana – You just have no clue!

      Bob – No….I wouldn’t go as far as shooting the owner because these dogs didn’t deserve to die. Where was animal control to sedate them? What does Spanish have to do with anything? NOOOOOOO not good shootin’ Officer Fenner! There are a lot worse things going on in our world!

      Jack – Come on you can do better than that!

      Jack – Again someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about pit bulls. Jack you must be stupid……LOL….because if you knew anything about pit bulls you would know how smart they really are!

      onetwin – Yes, the police were there to help….but very sad for the dogs to have to die. Due to their owners not being responsible! No tags……come on! It’s the owners fault no one else……but you didn’t have to KILL THEM! Again that’s when animal control comes in. I know it was a time sensitive matter but maybe the officers should carry sedation guns. I hope the gentleman is doing well!

      Mike – Wow, it sounds like to me you are the vicious one here. Pipe down!

      krg – Exactly how do we know for sure? Has anyone else identified the dogs except this officer? I agree about the media! Exactly….where is the media in regards to the lab? You are correct… least you get it! They are idiots because they are just jumping on the band wagon with all the other people who have NO CLUE! Stop the people not the breed…..they love to give kisses. But oh the idiots knew that right! Of course their going to protect their owners. If someone is going to hurt me I sure would want them to help me. Hey you idiots do you know what that means…..SAVE MY LIFE!

      comic_guy – They don’t turn against their owners – maybe if they are being abused or used for bait. I would do the same. They are such guardian angels over children they only give lots of kisses. Not wanting to hurt the little ones! Again jumping on the band wagon you need to be educated! Let’s BAN YOU from being allowed to comment!!!!!!!!!! ” )

      dan – that is correct! Anytime you adopt, they do check you out. We have a winner!

      cloudnine – Yes, I agree as well. They are being put into the wrong hands! Do a background check. Another winner!

      deen – Let’ get rid of you! Another one who has no clue! DA

      cloudnine – Wow, that’s not cool. Kicking a dog…..really. Let me kick you, like it?

      uhoh – Well this is interesting…..obviously uhoh you watch the program! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so your a Pit Boss fan!!!!!! LOL Otherwise how would you know who Shorty is? Shorty doesn’t make excuses for anything! I see that would be you! He is doing an excellent job on educated people and finding homes for all of the pitties out there. What do you have to say about Ceasar? I’m sure you watch him, as well! Don’t judge when you have no clue either!

      Trish – Thanks Trish for the nice comment about your dog. Their all like that who have normal and responsible owners.

      Igor – Shut the H UP! Your the dumb one…….what a racist! What are you? I’m not one of those and I own two pits. Why are you judging…..loser!
      Obviously your the one who is TRASH!

      The Big Logic – Explain…..

      mike – He is and a loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, if I may say so myself! ” )

      So KCAL 9 look what you have stirred up……..please contact me for a heart warming story. I will be waiting to hear from you.

      By the way I have two children and it is so sad that they have to hear such negativity about the type of dogs they adore and love. I just have to remind them that there are people out there have no clue or education!

      Until the next time we chat…….LOVE MY PITTIES!

      1. Jack Vankoski says:

        I think your the stupid one, you and your stupid

      2. Art says:

        Seems you have a lot of time on your hands. You should look up all the people and Children who have been mauled and or Killed by Pit Bulls in the last Year and tell them how wonderful Pit Bulls are and it was just a freak Accident Cause they had bad Owners.

      3. TiTi says:

        Do you even REALIZE how stupid you sound?

      4. Eileen says:

        U r the dumb ass. I only pray that your “loving pits” turn on your family instead of an innocent person just walking by like this man. U act like Kcal9 attacked this man. I have talked to several people who raised their pits correctly and those pits have all turned. So, when yours start to eat your children, I hope you just stand there and tell them what good and loving dogs they are.

    2. For All The Pit Bull Lovers Out There says:

      rr – I forgot you……don’t hate! All you negative people out there are such BULLIES! Responsible owners do register our dogs and have insurance!

      Ta Ta for now……. ” )

      1. Charlie says:

        They have Mauled Kids to Death.
        Are you really, really that Ignorant???
        I used to live next door to a pup Pit Bull. I am so glad they moved. Eventually I probably would have had to Put it to Sleep

  2. John Estrada says:

    The Mexican argument again?

  3. Art says:

    These Dogs should not be raised as Pets as they are unpredictable. It doesn’t Matter how much love and tenderness you give them, They Have Attack Bred into them. It’s like trying to have a Pet Tiger

    1. Martin says:

      That as ignorant as thinking that all black people are on welfare and all Hispanics cut grass. Its not your fault you have failed yourself and your family by NOT doing proper investigation of the breed. It sounds like you voted for George bush and think that Iraq was behind the WTC bombing too… its ok…. Pit Bulls are a beautiful breed, and only has a bad rep because of the media blow stuff out of proportion. Hell. my Pit had to sleep with a night light on and a stuffed animal because he was afraid of the dark. Yup they’re all vicious animals alright.

  4. Tana says:

    How many people have to get attacked or killed before pit bulls are banned?????

    1. Tammy Shaver says:

      Oh, i don’t know. Probably the same amount of Indians that died at the hands of a mad man that we give credit for discovering America. I do not see him getting banned.

  5. Bob says:

    Now go find the owner and shoot him too! We have to many pit bulls and too many ignorant stupid pit bull owners. I wish I could write this in spanish so half the owners could read it…
    Good shootin’ Officer Fenner….you’re job is not done though

    1. Jack says:

      That is the truth.

  6. Jack says:

    Glad he shot the one, I would do the same. Hate these stupid dogs.

  7. onetwin says:

    SEE! The Police ARE there when you need them! I love dogs, its sad they had to die, but its the OWNERS (ethnicity irrelavent) fault not the firman and not the police man. I hopeful for a speedy recovery. Godspeed.

    1. mike says:

      Hey! onetwin, I’d like to know how you would feel if you had one of these ptibull dogs and they mauled your kid or family member and they died. Stupid dog owners maybe like you would feel more sorry for the dog than your family.

  8. krg says:

    First of all we don’t even know these were actually pit bulls. Everytime a dog attacks the media screams out pitbull. I notice they posted nothing about the lab that killed a baby a couple weeks ago though.

    Secondly the problem is NOT the dogs, the problem is the owners. Until we hold the humans responsbile for their ignorance in raising them (and that includes you idiots claiming they should be banned). You know what will happen when you get all pits banned? These jerks will move right on to another breed. Years ago it was German shepards, then dobies, then rottweilers and then pits. It won’t stop until you stop the people.

    And you people are idiots, these dogs do NOT have attack bred into them..what they have is a strong desire to please their owners and if the owner is demanding they attack (in other words, taking advantage of their inate loyalty) that’s what they will do.

    1. comic_guy says:

      Yet, we still hear about pitbulls turning against their owners and toddlers that live in with them. BAN THEM!!!!

  9. dan says:

    You need a background check to buy one.

    1. cloudnine says:

      Agreee with you 100%. !!!

  10. mike says:

    I bet ten thousand dollars your a racial bigot, just sayin

  11. deen says:

    Nice…get rid of all pit bulls once and for all…

  12. cloudnine says:

    I know any dog can turn on anyone but hey let’s be realistic. If a toy poodle turned on anyone you can just kick it across the room. A pitbull turns on you…RUNNNNNNN!!!!!! & PRAY!!!!

  13. uhoh says:

    Call Shorty Rossi, i’m sure he will have an excuse for this…

  14. Trish says:

    I own a pit and she is the nicest dog I have ever owned. She even licked a cops hand the other day. My mailman will even come in my yard when she is out. It’s the owners that make pits, not the dog.

  15. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Dumb dog for dumb people, Mexicans/blacks/trailer park white trash

  16. The Big Logic says:

    Igor once again scores a dead on Bullseye. But, the first time you ARE wrong, I’m going to call you on it.

  17. Big Bob says:

    I own a pit mix and she requires some careful handling. When she was younger she resented when we would give too much attention to our older Bearded Collie to the point that she attacked her on three occasions while in the house. The third was the worst and I was injured pulling them apart. We seriously considered having her put down or taking her to a pit rescue center. That was three years ago. With some training and TLC she is much better.

    Those dogs were attempting to kill an elderly man and were looking at the cop as dessert. The officer did the right thing in a very difficult position. His job is to protect human life first. A dog’s life takes a distant second in this situation. The fact that they were Pits is noteworthy in that the breed is reported to be involved in serious incidents more than other breeds.

    1. Mel says:

      An Owner with some common Sense

      Thank You

  18. juan says:

    hey i got bit by a pitbull in my leg and i still like da breed it was da owner who let it go on me

  19. What Happened to Grammar? says:

    I’m just curious to know why so many of you posting here don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. I mean, obviously you read because YOU’RE always posting YOUR thoughts on these internet stories…

  20. Robear in Ojai says:

    to: “For All The Pit Bull Lovers Out There ”

    My friend was sleeping in her bed, with her “loving” pet pitbull of many years sleeping at her feet. She would have said that the dog was the sweetest thing that had ever walked the planet, dog kisses & all. That night something startled her from her sleep (and apparently the dog too), and her ever-so-sweet pitbull attacked her and literally bit off half of her face before her screams awoke other occupants of the house. Maybe it just started with the dog having a vivid dream and, upon waking up, not differentiating between dream and reality? Who knows? My friend now lives in hiding, disfigured beyond repair in spite of all the surgeries. That’s what pit bulls do. They are animals. They’re not humans. As much as dog lovers want to think otherwise, they are not “part of the family”. They’re the most dangerous breed of dogs. Have you ever heard of a pair of St. Bernards attacking a jogger in a neighborhood? Me neither.

    1. Eileen says:

      you r so right. I knew a lady, thought her 2 year old pit was just the best dog ever. She believed that it was bad owners, not bad dogs. Her pit slept in bed with her also. She went to store one day, came home to find that her sweet and loving pit had her stallion down on the ground by it’s throat. Damn dog was raised with horses. She used a board, then a chain, Nothing would make that dog release the horse. She called animal control and had them come out and kill the damn dog.

  21. Garcia says:

    I bet you the owners are Mexicans. If I am wrong I will never post on here again.

    1. For All The Pit Bull Lovers Out There says:

      Garcia – You are wrong. Italian….
      Isn’t Garcia Mexican? Your slamming your own, how sad is that?

  22. pit bull pups says:

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  23. pit bull pups says:

    I truly love your website.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own site and would like to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Appreciate it!

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