This Bear Likes Roaming In Monrovia Neighborhood

MONROVIA (CBS) — Earlier this week, some mountain lions decided to camp out in a Sierra Madre neighborhood.

Now, just a little east…a big brown bear has decided to drop in on occasion on a Monrovia neighborhood, particularly  Street Team member Bobby Cuento’s front yard.

The bear likes to sit in the front yard (a little sun, perhaps?) or perhaps the Cuentos eat a lot of honey, or porridge and he’s hoping they’ll invite him in.

For whatever the reason, bear sightings are not rare here. This is the fifth (count ’em, fifth) time the Cuentos have seen a bear on their property this year alone.

Cuento called 911 during this latest sighting…and the bear stayed long enough and seemed content enough that he was able to snap off half a dozen pictures of the bear just…hanging out.

By the time police came, the bear had dashed off for parts unknown.


  • Javier

    Where are the pictures?
    Keep up the great work CBS Local News!

  • Mike_88

    The bear in the photos on the video is huge! I’m glad I don’t have to fight that thing tonight!

  • derek

    Again this is a black bear not a brown bear… do some research there are no brown bears in southern california no matter the color.

  • lonnie f

    bears and lions very very very rare attack ,, heres the problem to worry about alot more ,

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