Palmdale Psychic Accused Of ‘Theft By Hex’

PALMDALE (CBS) — A Palmdale psychic is accused of forcing a 12-year-old to become a jewel thief.

jackeline lopez Palmdale Psychic Accused Of Theft By Hex

(credit: LASD)

The case dates back to August when the victim became friends with Jackeline Lopez’s child. Authorities allege the 12-year-old victim would sneak out of her home to visit Lopez and her friend.

Police say Lopez, 42, told the young girl she could predict her future and that she, along with her family, was cursed.

“Lopez allegedly conducted these psychic readings in her home’s garage which she had decorated with numerous candles, chalk outlines, black caldrons, replicated human skulls, beads, dolls, and other similar items consistent with psychic readings,” the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Officials say Lopez told the girl the only way to remove the curse was to steal more than $10,000 worth of jewelry from her parents.

caldron Palmdale Psychic Accused Of Theft By Hex

(credit: LASD)

“Lopez would orchestrate a ritual in which the victim would place the stolen jewelry in the caldron and attempt to remove the curse. Each time however Lopez would tell the victim that what they had brought was not enough to remove the horrible curse and she needed more,” deputies said.

Lopez was arrested last month. The stolen jewelry was pawned, according to police.

hex pawn suspect1 Palmdale Psychic Accused Of Theft By Hex

(credit: LASD)

Authorities are also looking for a male suspect seen aiding Lopez in pawning the stolen jewelry.

Authorities believe there could be more victims.

Lopez is free on $35,000 bail and appear in court on Oct. 18.

Anyone with information should call the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department at (661) 272-2477.

  • Phoebe

    Ahh, yes. The old Antelope Valley…never any good news generated from there.
    Isn’t Palmdale’s city slogan “Palmdale A Place To Call Home”? Home to criminal & nuts? No thanks.

    • Iamthewalrus

      Support the Youth for Western Civilization, and let’s stop college campuses from indoctrinating kids with Marxist ideologies!

      Do it today!


    Palmdale.. Home of the Ruffies..

  • Jose

    Deport her and the entire family.

  • The Cryptojournalist

    This is why there’s no Gypsy State. Consensus on how to grift is so tough to reach

  • Montford John Greenwood

    Jesus! What’s next? I know. Let’s go looking for witches.

  • Sammie Jo

    she had decorated with numerous candles, chalk outlines, black caldrons, replicated human skulls, beads, dolls, and other similar items consistent with psychic readings,”

    Really? I’ve had many psychic readings and never once were any of the above mentioned items there except for the candles.

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  • Bob L.

    Not one comment about how a poor12 year old girl was conned into stealing from her folks to take off a cursed. This shows to me the the girl loved her parents enough to steal from them to save them.

    Why are we assuming that Lopez is an alien? Regardless, she should be locked up for 25 years. Not deported if she was illegal.

  • Madame Emadam

    I gazed in my tea leaves and could tell she was a fraud. Besides, the average curse can be removed in two 15 minute sessions for $100 each in sequential unmarked bills. Even the toughest curses require only an iPod (NIB) in addition to the cash.

    Don’t be ripped off. Call 555-7734 for an appointment. Be sure to tell me which ‘hat’ to wear. Member Professional Psychics and Phone Sex Association since 1604.

  • Hoax 'n Change

    Psychic hoaxer? Obama?

  • Lazybum

    Wow…I did not see that coming…

  • Maud St James

    So you’re saying the child loved her parents enough to steal for them, but not talk to them? Why didn’t she go to her parents and tell them about this? There’s more to this than is being told. Who knows? 12 year olds aren’t automatically innocent darlings. Maybe she just wanted her cut? The big question is, why didn’t she go to her parents?

    • Oscar M

      i agree with Maud St James, for one theres always two sides to a story, and secondly all those things they brought up is a form of santeria people do yuor research before assuming and listeing to all the false and extra rumors and stories the news puts out there. we will see the truth when its all said and done only the lord almighty will be the true judge and knows what to do.

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  • Bruce

    Maybe she should have used her psychic powers to predict her arrest …

  • Paul in FL

    Best bet for getting this Madam to do some real time is to try to uncover some inappropriate touching. Stealing $10K in jewelry just doesn’t carry much weight any more, but one overly cuddly hug could be worth 25 years.

  • TRE

    Darwinism in action.

    Let it be; the world will be better off without people who can’t think for themselves and take upon themselves personal responsibility. Even a sheltered twelve year old should know how to make the right decision here.

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