RIVERSIDE (CBS) —  Dorian Crutcher has a business license and a business plan.

That wouldn’t normally be news. But when the business whiz is only 16, and CEO of his own company…that is news.

Crutcher’s business has 2 full-time employees (one of them, a 60-year-old man who Crutcher has no problem telling jokingly, “Yo, I’m the boss”) and he’s planning on expanding. Together, with his two full-time employees, they break down about a ton of cardboard boxes a day, six days a week.

And Crutcher tells KCAL9 and CBS2’s Greg Mills, that he has big plans including some funding for minority student college scholarships.

No slouch this Crutcher kid. He’s also an honors student as a junior at River Springs Charter School in Riverside.

Next week, he turns all of 17. And, get this, he’s close to getting his pilot’s license.

His mentor, Terry Perkins, is a former vice president for Nabisco.

Crutcher hopes to get an Ivy League education and eventually run a number of companies. And the reason for the pilot’s license is simple. He wants to be able to fly his own plane anywhere he wants to go in the world.

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