LOS ANGELES (AP) — An illicit drug trade is thriving at Los Angeles County jails, helped in part by crooked guards who deliver contraband to inmates.

A Los Angeles Times investigation published Sunday  finds three sheriff’s guards were convicted and a fourth was fired in recent years for smuggling or attempting to smuggle narcotics past tight security in the nation’s largest jail system. Investigators are looking into allegations that at least three more deputies brought drugs behind bars.

Documents show guards are often corrupted by the prospect of quick cash. Keon Khatibi, a 19-year-old sheriff’s custody assistant, was sentenced to 180 days in jail after trying to smuggle heroin and two syringes into jail in exchange for about $1,000.

The newspaper finds the problem is not confined to guards. Two nursing assistants were caught smuggling food and clothes to an inmate.

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  1. Corruption says:

    I don’t think it took an investigation for the public to know that the prison guards are corrupt. It is the union that is corrupt and they allow the corruption of guards because the union is corrupt. Nothing will change. California is corrupt from top to bottom. That is why the state is in such turmoil. nine out of every ten people are corrupt. The unions are nothing more then organized crime. There is nothing people can do. Unless we have an uprising. Like Egypt.

  2. swhitS says:

    Such a coincidence this is being reported when druggies are being released.

  3. nek says:

    Unfortunately I spent a week locked up in the L A jail last year on some drug charges and after only being there a couple hours I was contacted by another inmate that already had found out from the guards that I was in there on some drug charges and was offered the opportunity to purchase anything I wanted in the way of drugs. It’s brought in by the Guards and passed to the female prisones for sexual favors for the guards. Then the drugs are transported via the toilet plumbing system. It’s called fishing. The women tie the drugs in plastic bags to a line made from the bed sheet strips and flushed down the toilet drain. The Guys on the floor below make hooks out of the metal bars in the batterys they buy for their radios and are tied to strips of bed sheets and flushed down the toilet pipe then they pull up and down on the home made fishing line till they hook the bag flushed down by the women on the floor above. Once the two lines are connected the transfer of money and drugs, cigarettes etc takes place by pulling the line up to the cell above and flushing the product purchased down to the floor below tied to the line.

    1. Guillermo Cruz says:

      Women were in the same jail the guys were a year ago, huh, Yeah right. You must be trying to get a writing position for Hollywood with the story you posted.

  4. Did 1 Year In L.A County Jail says:

    Nek – total lie – and what a boring story. Yes, drugs and cell phones are being brought in by the guards – it is a huge business for them; however, the fish line story is bogus.

  5. T says:

    ask any criminal that served time – and you’ll find out what goes on – especially if the yhave no plans to return

  6. TheWindrunner says:

    All the individuals involved in this activity are american kneegrows. Book it!

  7. David Huffman says:

    The only fishin i ever saw going on did’nt involve a toilet,i’ve even seen convict made bows that are powerful enough to send a fishin line all the way over the next cell block,made from the elastic of the prison boxer underwear.Don’t believe about the hand made bows and slingshots?? Ask any convict that’s done time in Tracy,Chino,Avenal,The Hotel@ CRC,Corcoran etc.. but never have i seen the toilet fishin that you described,i think you mihgt have fallen for the rumors that the lifers like to start about doin time back in the day.!!! LMFAO !!!

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