CALABASAS (CBS) — A 9-year-old girl was killed and a 27-year-old woman suffered severe burns in a crash on the Ventura (101) Freeway in Calabasas.

Officials say the vehicle caught fire after the woman rear-ended a tanker trailer on the southbound freeway and overturned at the Malibu Canyon/Las Virgenes Road overpass. The California Highway Patrol received a report of the crash about 8:32 a.m. Saturday.

A Los Angeles County Fire dispatcher said paramedics rushed a woman — with burns to 80 percent of her body — to an area hospital.

The relationship between the victims was not immediately known.

Officers closed all lanes of the eastbound freeway about 8:47 a.m. under Las Virgenes Road and a SigAlert was issued.

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Comments (23)
  1. fox mulder says:

    Good luck to the woman that was burned. The 101 doesn’t run through Malibu….not even close. Where do reporters come from these days ?

    1. CarmaDogma says:

      Calabasas. This is sad, a terrible way to go.

    2. Get off your high-horse says:

      It’s really too bad they can’t all be as brilliant as you are, Mulder. Do you feel better for pointing this out? It’s absolutely more important than the death and tragic injury.

    3. Keen Observer says:


      Try reading the article again (slowly and carefully) … maybe you’ll figure it out.

      I don’t understand why people are so quick to post replies that only reveal their lack of comprehension skills.

      Where do idiots come from these days ?

      1. reader says:

        Earlier version of the story said Malibu. I thought it was strange too. The crack reporters must have fixed it.

  2. christine says:

    we were stuck in this on our way to soccer this am. got to lost hills and exited right after it happened. you could see the smoke for a mile. sounds so terrible….praying for all of those involved…

  3. John Holmes says:

    Probably texting or talking on her cell phone not paying attention. When will people learn.

  4. Kisha Balderamos says:

    This was my cousin and her daughter. We are praying for her recovery and grieving the loss of someone so young. Unfortunately, the only person who fully knows what happens is incapacitated right now. WE CAN NOT AND DO NOT SPECULATE AS TO WHAT HAPPENED as that would be premature and presumptious. It is probably best for those NOT INVOLVED to keep their opinions to themselves as this is difficult enough.

    1. John Holmes says:

      Well let us know what really happened when you talk to her. It is pretty hard not to see a tanker truck in front of you if you are driving the speed limit unless she was texting or talking on her cell phone. One more statistic for banning cell phones when driving. Her daughter should have been in the back seat and not in the front until she is 13 years old. Wake up parents.

      1. B says:

        John, how do you have any idea she was on a cell phone or texting. Also how do you have ANY clue what so ever to where the child was located in the car?

        Such a tragic event, and so sad. You sir, are a disgrace to humanity. Do everyone a favor and shut the f**k up.

      2. John Holmes says:

        People that drive like idiots and talk or text on their cell phones and kill their child is a disgrace to humanity. The truth hurts sometimes.

      3. Alpha Kenny Juan (but not John Holmes) says:

        John Holmes, you’re hardly the person who should be giving advice and lecturing people on responsible behavior; after all, you died of AIDS in 1988.

      4. Karen says:

        That is a little harsh John. A 9 year old child died. The brakes could have failed.

        It had to have been a terrible, terrible accident. I left my house around 9:15am this morning for an appointment and heard that 3 lanes of the 101 were closed.

        When I was finished around noon, the police still had 3 lanes of the 101 closed.

      5. poppins says:

        wow John holmes how do you feel now that a witsness has come out and let it be known that a white car hit her…YOU SHOULDN’T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE…usually people who judge quickly have a guilty consious themselves or lack confidence,,whichever it is with you I will pray for you to become a better person!!!

    2. Murray S. says:

      That’s odd because she was MY cousin and I have never heard of you.
      Who do you think you are.

      By the way, there was little doubt she was distracted due to talking or texting on a phone so ya’ll don’t be so ignorant.

  5. Harrier says:

    B – I think you are a disgrace to humanity for using the language you did in a response to a story about a little girl who lost her life. Shame on you! If you actually read the post you would know John H. did not say that he believed the woman was texting or talking on a cell phone – he specifically said at the beginning “let us know what happened when you talk to her.” All John did was speculate on what might have happened – what is YOUR bias – are you already condemning the tanker truck driver? Stattistics show that when a car is involved in a crash with a large truck – it is usually the car drivers fault. Maybe the tanker was to blame – let’s be patient and await the results of the investigation instead of being so hasty to judge something we have not seen. And PLEASE – do not use filthy language especially when a child is involved – who are YOU to talk negatively about John H. when you can’t even control your own filthy mouth? Totally disgraceful (to paraphrase you).

    1. Karen says:

      John H’s speculation was uncalled for. No one knows what happened yet.

      The person who can help is probably sedated because she suffered burns over 80% of her body.

      John H’s post rubbed salt into a wound and it was not necessary.

      I send prayers and condolences to the family. I pray for the woman’s recovery. She is badly burned. Some people do not survive. She needs all of our prayers.

  6. Aaron Michael says:

    I watched this accident live on the news, being that I live in Calabasas, and ever since I have being praying for the best outcome. Kisha, I hope your cousin and family are doing well, my thoughts, hopes and prayers are with them, I only wish I could offer more then that.

    Do not listen to immature people online who lack the compassion to lead their normal lives blissfully, let a lot comment on events online.

  7. Veronique Saltos says:

    Melvin Blake go back to school and study English you moron, your post makes no sense. Better yet shut up and have some respect for the dead.

    p.s. what hole did your ancestors come from? unless you’re native american you shouldn’t be talking.

  8. Meg says:

    Her last name is Taylor. Since when is that a name of Mexican origin? And how could you be so disgustingly insensitive??? You make me want to barf.

  9. ARS says:

    I know this family and I am disgusted with the postings. As human beings we should only be concerned with this mother who has 90% burns on her body and the fact that she lost her 9 year old daughter. Nothing else matters at this time. This is a beautiful young lady who had a bright future ahead of her.

  10. Nic B says:

    She was side swiped by an suv which caused her to lose control of her vehicle, not a text or a phone call – but another careless coward driver who committed a hit and run. A witness, driving directly behind her, viewed the whole thing.

    I hope those who bad mouthed her have some remorse for the disrespect they displayed in their posts.

    God Bless her and her family. Such a sad story.

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