Botched Surgery Leaves Los Angeles Mom With ‘Uniboob’

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Los Angeles woman is speaking out about a botched plastic surgery that left her with symmastia, or a “uniboob.”

Dinora Rodriguez, a 40-year-old stay-at-home mom, woke up in horror after undergoing a routine surgery to swap out her old breast implants.

“My breasts looked really bad,” she told MSNBC. “It looked like I had one big breast instead of two. And the pain was terrible.”

Rodriguez says her surgeon, who was recommended by a friend, also operated on her eyes without her permission. She says they no longer close properly.

Her breasts have since been fixed by a board-certified surgeon, and a lawsuit has been resolved in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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    […] A Los Angeles woman is speaking out about a botched plastic surgery that left her with symmastia, or a ?uniboob.? More from:… […]

  • CB


    • freecheese

      Two fake reports. MSNBC and fake boobies.
      As a man, I would like to tell women that I detest those fake things. They feel like footballs, and look VERY abnormanl . Like making love to a department store maniquin.
      I read a article from a head shrink who surveyed women who had fake boobs. He discoverd that most women who do this are divorced, drinkers of different degrees, and almost always, heavy smokers. Just the kind of woman I wouldn’t take home to meet mother

      • whodidit21

        sorry cheese, iam not a smoker, a drinker, or any of those negative comments you said. some woman do it for their men. Now some i do agree are extreme and outrageous. a more natural look is how i see them especially for someone who may not have any or for a mother of a few children that just wants to look like she once did. so look at it from that angle. that woman wasnt large just wanted to keep looking good for her man. come on you know if you had the right one you might think different, and there are some.

      • John

        But as the attention seeking wh**res they are, they do make excellent one-night-stands.

    • AJ


      • Patty C.

        Dinora, how happy i am for you. if i can be help on this matter please contact me. i have been mentially, emotionally and physically scared for life, from A “Surgeon” who i come to find out was in the process of LEARNING when he did some work on me. i couldnt find an attornery back then and one i spoke to most recent said “he’s a Lisenced surgeon, but did not say board certified. he messed up my body and put my breast ontop of the muscle so now i look like i have fat growing out from my armpits. i’am not a large person. i have hit dead ends everytime ive tried to seek help. i dont know who or where you went to, but i wouldnt mind speaking to him as iam scared of anyone to correct it. i spent money i had saved for this and told him just what i wanted, he did what he wanted. i had a beautiful hourglass figure, just wanted alittle removed from my thighs, but now i’m disfigured and he has taken my money. i was so uneven i had to go back to try and fix it this was all before i didnt know it would not settle well, he charged me again “for the waste” he said. try to email me back from this please.

    • terry

      Very good!

  • Dad

    How can they post such a story without photographic evidence to support it?

    • ed

      You just want to se a great big boob. admit it!

  • jeffdg


  • canisunfamiliaris

    Slow news day, eh? If the problems were fixed, and her lawsuit settled, this probably happened years ago.

    • Ewe Jankass

      So what else did the slimeball do while she was out? Hmm….lucky she didn’t wake up as a man.

  • Jake

    where is the photo? Come on!

    • moa_21

      maybe she was too horrified to show it

  • lala63

    Wait … let me get this straight a doctor worked on her eyes without her permission? How does THAT happen? Oh, unless maybe when he was creating her boob, he decided to do her eyes also? Sounds like she has money to take care of all of this though since she is able to be a stay at home mom who had money for a boob job. Must be nice. But of course, she will also be suing all of the people remotely involved in this fiasco – so her husband will be able to now stay at home too! America is great isn’t it! Yay! Good times!

    • Joe

      He was trying to fix it so she wouldn’t notice.

    • Squadron911

      I guess this is better than going in for an eye job and getting a little “EXTRA”!!!

      K/H D

    • ed

      You really have to watch these body shops today for unauthorized work.

  • Chris

    “Her breasts have since been fixed by a board-certified surgeon…”

    At what time did it seem like a good idea to her to go to a NON certified surgeon??

    • Nick

      After she wound up with two great knockers and a ton of money.

    • Kely

      HA HA HA!
      I thought the same thing!

    • Fubar

      You’d have to be one big boob to get surgery from a NON certified surgeon…

  • DAX

    Stupid for getting implants in the first place.

    • Jay

      Here here! FInally a comment that speaks the truth. Her money would have been better spent seeing a shrink to figure out why she has such self-image and self-esteem issues that she thought it was best fixed with plastic surgery (as is the case with SO many people!)

      • udo


  • denise

    At least the truth in advertising announce they’re FAKE PLASTIC ARTIFICAL now.
    And that she has zero self esteem.

  • minfbg

    Her first boob-job must have replaced her brain with silicon.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” – Josef Mengele —–

  • charlie

    wonder if she’s single ? i only have 1 hand, we’ll fit perfectly.

    • Craigster

      Spot on … or should I say hand on! For those of us with two hands I guess we can handle a whopper!

  • andy

    Find a cyclops and you have a match-made-in-heaven.

  • 45ACP

    A lesson for every woman that has ever uttered the words “hey, my eyes are up here”. A 40y.o. stay-at-home-mom “needs” implants…really? AND is looking to cheap-out to boot!

  • Ed Cole

    Jim, did YOU read the article? It is in California, and she has a Hispanic surname. Not only will the kids go to college, but mom or the kids won’t pay a dime. The five or six people still employed in CA, and too stupid to have not moved out of the state yet are going to pay every cent for those kids to attend college, and for them to graduate with a degree while not learning a single thing, because the universities only care about keeping their enrollment and graduation stats looking good, and will pass the kids no matter how poorly they perform.

    • Boetica

      Got that right, Ed. It’s the way it works in California.

  • richie kotzen

    A sad fate of a wanna be ho…

  • Jace

    Is this woman married?

    • bai pon kee

      well they SAID that she has just one big boob!!

      • Jeanie Ader


  • dragnet

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Rob H.

    Then don’t get breast implants, DITZ.

  • Booby Squeezer

    Maybe the doctor wanted to make her cross eyed so her one boob would LOOK like two!

  • Isaac Arron Malone

    Patriotic boobies.United they stand, divided they fall.

    • not sure

      good one

    • ed

      OH OH OH that is soooo wrong yet sooooo funny!

  • Kristen Lumbato

    And one more thing.

    She claims the doctor did her eyes without permission? So this doctor just decided to use his costly medical equipment and time “out of charity”? He didn’t think she would be upset by that? LOL

    This is so laughable. She makes me sick.

  • GozieBoy

    This doc is like that kindly old garage mechanic who happened to see a problem with the headlights while working on the grill, and thought he would just fix it while he was at it for free. Problem is that she needed a dome light.

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