LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The FBI is looking into beatings at the men’s jail in downtown LA in a case that could have major ramifications for the sheriff and county.

All cellular phones are banned from inmates, but according to law enforcement sources, the FBI smuggled a phone into an inmate who was working as an informant for the FBI.

He used the phone to report back to the FBI about alleged beatings and mistreatments of inmates that he either witnessed or heard about.

Inmates with apparent mental disabilities are more sought after by guards because of their lack of understanding simple commands, the undercover inmate reported.

The investigation has gone on for months and it is unknown as to when it will be completed.

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  1. Tear it down says:

    Good! That whole facility should be torn down. The blind spots are terrible, and the inmates are terrorized.

  2. Moe says:

    great. there goes the undercover investigation. talk about irresponsible reporting. way to go Yahoo.

  3. rich says:

    simple way to keep from getting your self beat? DONT GET ARRESTED lol

    1. stupid not rich says:

      you probably live in a wheelchair or don’t come out of your pad, what if your family member get a false arrest and wind up getting killed or beaten in jail while considered innocent till proven guilty?

      1. rich says:

        some of my family has been arrested NON WERE INNOCENT. and if they got their butts beat then they likely deserved it. i personally will NEVER get arrested because im not stupid enough to do what it takes to get arrested

    2. Chris Blair says:

      So according to you “rich” the simple act of getting arrested is justification for a mindless sadistic beating?

      Wow, just wow!

  4. villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    All this information is coming to the FBI via an informant. I’m sure that individual isn’t the most trustworthy individual if he himself did something to get locked up.

    As for the beatings and inmates, they are what peanut butter is to jelly; they go together.

    1. Chris Blair says:

      “villaraigosa is a rat” said “As for the beatings and inmates, they are what peanut butter is to jelly; they go together”

      I can ONLY hope that someday YOU WILL have to walk a mile in the shoes of YOUR belief system!

      And maybe someday you can get yourself on a waiting list for a heart transplant.

  5. david says:

    Lee Baca’s reign is a reign of terror and his elite storm troopers are from the same school as Fullerton. FBI is merely investigating the results of their own trainees. We in society have a run away law enforcement beating and killing us all under the color of justice for all, except citizens. Do you feel safer now?

    1. Chris Blair says:

      Amen brother.

  6. Max says:

    I’m glad that the prisoners are beaten. They deserve it because they probably hurt someone else. That’s why they’re in jail.

    So F’uc em!

    1. Knock there teeth in! says:

      This is true,
      To bad the rest of people in this country didn’t feel the same way. Our cities are like a runaway train. No stopping it. Stupid is as stupid does!

    2. Chris Blair says:

      That there’s some deep thinkin’ goin’ round yer head there “Max”

      You must be a might dizzy right about now so have a seat and hush.

  7. vee says:

    Though a large number of prisoners have committed crimes, there are also those who are genuinely mentally ill thus making them unable to properly decipher between right and wrong. They need treatment and these guards are not well trained enough to handle these types of people. Take the case of the homeless man in Fullerton who was beaten to death by the people. People need to understand that when a person has mental disability, he/she will not act the same way as a normal being would act. Following instruction inside a prison will become difficult for these people. As a result, the guards would beat them because they are slow in following orders. The true people who has mental illness in jail are those who are normal in thinking but still perform criminal acts. It is easy to condemn criminals until it is your child that is behind bars reaching out to you for help. Jesus did not condemn souls that reach out to him for help and salvation. Don’t be too harsh in judging other people because realize this–you are very capable of committing the acts that you are condemning.

  8. linda says:

    Vee… I have worked in the mental health field for over 10 years and HAVE NEVER seen or heard of a GENUINE mentally limited person being put in jail along side the gen population. I have however seen people that are FAKING it so as to try to build an alibi or in someway lighten their sentance. pure fact is in the general pop of central jail you have lots of low lifes who do not want to do as they are told thus the core reason 99% of them are there in the first place. this SNITCH for lack of a better term is clearly someone who did something to land him self in the can so i really don’t put much stock in anything that person would testify to. if there is really abuse going on in there then they had best put someone with out a criminal record in there under cover because the word of a jail house snitch won’t get them much

    1. vee says:

      Linda, I work for mental health patients too and I have been doing this for many years. Many of them are incarcerated. You have not seen a genuine mentally limited person in jail? How about those with adult ADD & ADHD? There are a number of prisoners who have those. They are slow in following instructions. I work with homeless people too. I have witnessed mental health among homeless people. Some of these homeless people used to be just like you. Something unfortunate incident happened in their lives that devastated their ability to think straight that caused their downfall. It is true that some people fake mental illness to escape the consequence of their unlawful action. But there are those also who are really genuinely ill mentally. Don’t stay inside your clean office. Try working inside the jail or treating the homeless out in the filthy corners. You will really witness how these people are treated by society who are judgmental.

      Linda, people who are in jail are human beings who are accused or have been found guilty of committing a crime. It is true that they made a mistake and they are paying for it. One thing I noticed while working with prisoners is people in the society who has this “self righteous” attitude believe that prisoners ought to be beaten because they “deserve it”. I don’t think this is right. Jesus was put in prison. He was bitten and crucified to death. John the baptist was put in jail. Apostle Paul was imprisoned. Would you condemned them too because they are inside a prison? Did they deserve to be beaten?

    2. Chris Blair says:

      linda, you do know that city and county police departments all over amerika “rely” on snitches all of the time, right? Especially when there itchin’ to conduct swat raids.

      Yet, curiously you doubt the FBI’s use of an informant against the LASD …. ???

  9. Donna M. says:

    I think those criticizing the inmates, saying it’s OK to beat them, be careful. You may be one mistake away from being incarcerated. Look at the Fullerton police officers. They were just “doing their job” right? And now 2 have been arrested and charged w/murder.

    You may find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up in jail. And when you do, I guess it’ll be OK to have corrections officers kick your ass, right?

    Do any of you text while driving? Remember the accident the R&B singer Brandy caused in which a woman died in 2006? Brandy, by God’s grace, was not charged. Anyone think she wasn’t charged because of her celebrity? But, if that had been you, do you think you would have gotten off so easily and not charged? Probably not!

    So, there’s your reason to end up incarcerated when you never thought you would! Be careful what you say about others! You never know!

      1. Chris Blair says:

        U stoopid

  10. wobbles says:

    Yeah, cause I TOTALLY believe the word of an inmate. They’d never lie, right?

    1. Chris Blair says:

      And a cop NEVER has a reason to lie either, right????

  11. Jack Deeson says:

    Wouldnt surprise me at all. I hope all these corrupt guards are fired and dealt with criminally.


    1. Chris Blair says:

      It’s a lovely thought but it will rarely, if never, happen.

  12. "chemtrail monster" says:

    hang the warpigs!!! \m/

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