SAN DIEGO (AP) — Officially, the San Diego Chargers are not in one of their patented slow starts under coach Norv Turner.


Still, at 2-1, the Chargers know they have a lot of work to do, especially after letting the winless Kansas City Chiefs hang around into the 60th minute on Sunday.

The Chargers, who were 15-point favorites, held on to win 20-17 after Eric Weddle intercepted Matt Cassel at midfield with 55 seconds left.


Philip Rivers had two more interceptions, giving him six in three games. The Chargers seemed lethargic trying to hold off a Chiefs team that had been routed by a combined 89-10 in its first two games.


Rivers tried to put it in perspective by saying that even if the Chargers had played their best game, they’d still be 2-1.


Up next is a home game against another winless team, the Miami Dolphins (0-3).




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  1. PatricParamedic says:

    I am always a little perturbed by supposedly knowledgeable observers, who pounce on scores and “shoulda’coulda” and previous game point totals as something that matters.. It means nothing, and by now they ought to know that.

    Those who have actually played sports competitively already know the key to the whole enchilada is “matchups.”

    In the years when the Chargers were beating the Raiders like clock-work, the winning locker room often resembled an ER afterwards. Excellent players were hurt – some for the entire year. The same can be said for games against K.C.

    Only those of small mind think the opposing team’s big-time loses mean a damn thing on another field on another Sunday..

    Or you could just ask the Seahawks how easy the found the Steelers in week 2..

    Then try to grow a body part that thinks.

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