GARDENA (CBS) — A suspect is dead and an innocent bystander injured after a botched armed robbery in Gardena.

Police responded to a report of two shooting victims at Paizano’s Meat Store, 523 W. Rosecrans Avenue around 6:30 a.m. Friday.

Once on scene, police determined that one of the victims was a robbery suspect who was shot by the store’s owner. The suspect died on the scene, according to officials.

Gardena police say the second victim was an innocent bystander, shot in the torso. That person was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive.

As a result of a preliminary investigation, police believe the store owner acted in self-defense.

Comments (6)
  1. RAX1 says:

    You’re both racist idiots.

    Glad the store owner defended himself.

  2. RAX1 says:

    Well the other comments were deleted. So nevermind.. lol

  3. c-man says:

    Awesome…good job store owner. I wish this would happen more often.

  4. Ken Camp says:

    I work around the corner. Good. One less robber.

  5. the real deal says:

    “As a result of a preliminary investigation, police believe the store owner acted in self-defense.” Journalism at it’s best. No f*ckin’ duh he was acting in self-defense…

  6. neighbors says:

    I live a few blocks away & I saw all the police activity this morning on my way 2 work & taking my kids 2 school. I never suspected that it was a burglary/shooting. Although I dont wish death on anyone, I have 1 less person 2 worry about within regards 2 the safety of me & my kids. My prayers go out 2 the victims & their families. hope 4 a speedy recovery.

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