President Obama’s Westside Office Vandalized, Window Shot Out

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police are investigating an act of vandalism at the Westside office of President Barack Obama.

Just days before a scheduled visit to the Southland, police say that someone or some group shot BB-gun pellets through a window  Thursday evening. They also said an object was thrown through the broken window.

No staffers were in the office at the time of the shooting, say authorities. The President’s office is located on the 6700 block of South Centinela Avenue.

A person who was in the area of the office reportedly heard the shots and the sounds of glass breaking and called police about 7:30 this evening.

Officials did not announce if they had a description of the suspect or whether the shooting was captured on surveillance video.

Officers arriving at the scene reported seeing numerous BB pellets.

An investigation involving several different law enforcement agencies has been initiated.

  • Katie

    I live a half mile from this office. The area is Obama friendly but we do have gangs on the outskirts. I hope because it was a pellet gun that it was just kids. This country has gone through enough of this type of thing……..and way worse. Pols get the people riled up and some can’t controll themselves.

    • Cottoneyed

      Don’t be surprised if we find that it was leftists who did the deed! They will do anything to stay in power. ANYTHING…….

    • qualsol

      I too live near this office and would not classify this area as Obama friendly. Everywhere I go, all I hear is the disappointment and realization that the US elected a rookie into office….This guy has not run anything, not even a kool-aid stand and we handed him the keys to a $14T economy…hah, shame on us…

      • JOe Dutra

        Shame on you. No shame on me!

      • No BO for me

        NO not shame on “us”. Shame on those who voted for him. Do not include me in that equation.

      • Kevin Pearson

        The mask is coming off, the Administration is unraveling at its seams. and people are finally beginning to see what “Hope and Change” really means. When LA starts to turn its back on Zero, you know his goose is cooked.

        I said before the nomination that this guy is so inexperienced and ignorant and he has NO IDEA what he is getting himself into by running for President and that he would not be able to handle the job and that he would set the historic precedent of being the first President to commit suicide while in office.
        Now you have Gawker saying that he is depressed. The BP oil spill, the loss of NY-9. The disappointment that there are people in this country that still do not pray 5 times a day facing him. It’s all getting to him and pushing him over the edge.

        From the outside, he has no more idea of how to be President than a Liberal knows about running a business. They think that it is run on autopilot by the “underpaid” and “over worked” workers.

      • Shinimegami

        You’re a moron.

      • Another 5 letter word for Fraud...OBAMA

      • karl anglin

        I wish more Americans had looked looked
        into his lack of leadership before Election Day
        of 2008.

      • RufusVonDufus

        I’m with you NoBO!

    • Agent Meatball

      Then maybe the Pols just shouldn’t do anything to get people riled up. It’s that simple.

  • The Big Logic

    About time this 1/2 & 1/2 er starts feeling the heat. Lay it on people, it’s gotta go!

    • DeVille

      Two halfs don’t make a whole American.

      • Guess Who

        You have to subtract one half from the other. Then you get a great big ZERO.

      • RufusVonDufus


    • twinspinevet

      the blacks and whites were just starting to get alone…afraid that will pass.

      • Daryl Kriefall

        i agree with you…it was al going well until the GREAT DIVIDER
        got elected

      • Uncle Reggie

        they were? on what planet?

    • Kevin Pearson

      40 years ago you would have had George Jefferson calling him a “zebra”

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  • Reader1

    If the witness was close enough to hear a BB-gun, he or she should have been able to actually see it. They don’t exactly make much noise.

  • Rodger Barker

    You’ll shoot your eye out kid.

    • FistsforLiberty


  • Renial

    The glass in the door is laying OUTSIDE the building. Possibly whatever was thrown thru the glass was thrown from inside. I think that they are trying to get sympathy for the failed President Obama.

    • JDF

      More than likely Renial. My guess is that it’s just another politically motivated faux hate crime.

      An inside job..

      Another opportunity to play the race caed and who knows?

      Maybe they can succeed in starting some Rodney King like riots?

      • Sup Stew

        Boy, that BB gun must have been on full auto to do that kind of damage in any reasonably short length of time. I want one!

      • Michael Oberndorf, RPA

        Right on the money…

      • 51 Phantom

        Starting the practice runs for a fake insurrection next fall. That way he can declare a state of emergency and halt the elections.

    • twinspineve

      makes sense to me.

  • Spectra

    There ticked off because Obama didn’t give them a car.

    • rogelio

      Another moron…………it’s their ticked off, damn………….

      • eviltruncheon

        actually, ” rogelio,,, it’s spelled > ” they’re ” ticked off. and,, MORON ?? the shoe fits ya !!

      • Sparksnavy

        To Spectra and rogelio—it is neither “There or Their” ; it is “They’re” a contraction for the words : “They are” ticked off because Obama didn’t give them a car.

        Guess you guys failed English! Now there are two morons–lol!


      • Richard Henkle

        really? ‘their’ is possessive, they don’t own a ticked off, it’s the contraction for ‘they are’ that is supposed to be here.

      • Auggie Boston

        No rogelio, it is… they’re ticked off, dbl damn another product of modern day public ed

      • teaj

        thank god for those public schools, damn……………………………………………………………………………

    • Richard Henkle

      ‘They’re’ – Sorry, but if you’re going to attack a group of people (we all know who you’re referring to) please make sure you don’t end up sounding like an idiot.

    • shawnbo

      Yeah, He Promised!

  • bob

    Don’t worry Obama has this under control because he is a GENIUS I tell you, a GENIUS. Just ask him. Heck he can solve anything with that crazy sharp mind of his. And if he can’t he’ll just steal your money, oh a trillion or so should do it, and fix it wicked fast like. Not to worry…he’s not.

    • ralphinfla

      Obama has the secret to governing. He just gives a rambling speech written for him and set up on the teleprompter with the reverb turned up to sound like a deity in a cathedral, then he goes on vacation and his peons will work out the details and deliver him from evil. Sheesh!

  • I smell liberalism

    Did you happen to notice there is not any damage done to the blinds? Either the blinds were up at the time of the shooting and subsequent throwing of the item through the window or the blinds were released by staff after the incident. Something is fishy here. Sympathy factor?

    • Jim in Houston

      He can find sympathy between sh#t and syphilis in the dictionary.

      • Beth Ross

        Does it use wasserman in a sentence?

  • dave

    Just what exactly is a BB bullet? Darn liberal bimbo!

  • A. Levy

    And just how does a “person in the area” hear shots from a BB gun? And, since the Marxist-in-Chief is now hated by both the Kool-Aid gulpers of the Left, and true Americans on the Right, where do they start looking. My guess? Check one of the hundreds of violent street gangs of illegals that control Mexifornia.

    • JOSE


    • Mabel

      Most likely a leftist hoping the Tea Party or other Republicans get the blame by the lame stream, Obama kool-aid drinkers, media.

    • Scudbuster

      You mean they didn’t yell bang! when the fired the BB gun?
      There ought to be a law requiring to yell bang when firing a BB gun!

    • Tim Crowley

      Really? You live in America and don’t know what Marxism is? Let me guess, you’re opposed to Public Education. hint: you’re ignorance is showing.

    • jj

      Color, age, and size of member.

      What are “three things you can tell about commenters that misuse the word ‘Marxist”?

    • Colour Sgt. Frank Bourne

      Now,now it is always a white guy that does those things. Those poor misguided gang bangers of color would never do such a thing :) .

    • teaj

      If BB gunners shot me this wouldn’t be news. BUT OH NO POOR OBAMA 50th office got a crack int eh winder!!

  • JustAGuy

    In my best Rev Wright impression:


    • twinspineve

      notice when the blacks make their money exploiting fellow blacks they buy a fancy house in a white neighborhood and move there and never mix with blacks again.

      • Regg

        What does that have to do with anything? And you would be wrong for making such an ignorant generalization.

  • uisignorant

    Why are Several agencies investigating?
    This is a local police matter.

    • Rahm E

      I’m sure the SS must get involved to ensure oBozo’s safety.. I wonder if he will plead the Fifth at his Hearing in congress over Solyndra???

  • Honest Kent

    That glass cannot be broken by an air rifle or BB gun. Something smells in the state of Denmark!

    • Danny Ross

      Depends on the air rifle. And the glass. Some .177 air rifles can put out a projectile at well over 1,000 fps More interesting is the police finding several bb’s

  • JoeKidd

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Maxine Waters organized this…

  • Jackson

    I can’t believe that happened in CA especially in la la land where they just LOVE THIS FRAUD.

  • Mike Williams

    lLimbaugh, Hannity, and Fox News trying to influence their audience to hate the President of the United States on a daily basis leads to stuff like this and it will probably get much worse.

    • JustAGuy


      This didn’t start happening until members of Obama’s base have realized he’s a big Zero! This sort of behavior is only carried out by leftists.

    • grits dummy

      I sure hope it gets worse…………………….lolololololol

    • Ben

      That worthless POS is no more the ‘president’ than I am……….hes a glaring example of the EXTREMELY high costs associated with affirmative action, which is defined by giving a person a position/job/degree/etc based on some physical characteristic, NOT MERIT…. the dirtbag POS has never accomplished anything on his own, period.He couldn’t run a successful business with a mere ten employees without whitey………

      • Massimo Deportado

        HERE HERE!

        Affirmitive Action not only costs this country BILLIONS annually, it destroys any credibility a minority MAY chose to have.

        In other words, kill whitey and eat him is not “sustainable”.

      • beedogs

        He was the winner of a fair election. And you’re just a sad racist who’s angry your old white guy didn’t win.

        Sour grapes.

      • Caligula

        b-dog, yo…because of overuse, your race card is hereby revoked. please turn it in at the closest participating outlet.

    • B. Roth

      Not hate but Information and analysis(and unfortunately fact-checked-challenged Beckel) is what you get from Limbaugh, Hannity, and Fox. If you want hate talk, look to the Left who progressively ramp up shameful, personal attack/hateful speech toward any who differ.

    • HaHaHa

      I sure hope so………………..lolololololol

  • Joe Doakes

    At some point Obama is just going to surrender. The same way LBJ did. You can’t do this to a free country.

    • karl anglin

      Obama has no sense of what shame is.

  • Jewfromhell

    Where was Nancy Pukelosy when this happened? Blame Mike Savage ..

    • twinspineve

      getting some botox…where do you think she is.

    • Massimo Deportado

      Pelosi Galore was double checking her gas cannisters at the time…..

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  • lukuj

    It doesn’t matter who really did it, Tea Parties or conservatives will be blamed unless the culprits are caught and it is obvious that they don’t fit the desired template.

    • JustAGuy

      Remember when the Democrats were CERTAIN that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party were responsible for the shooting of Gabriel Gifford.

      Now, we know the shooter was a deranged nutcase.

      • becca

        or the day and a half that the “angry white man, probably a tea party member” tried to blow up Times Square.

      • beedogs

        Ooh ooh let me try this! What about the day an angry white man blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City? Or that time the angry white man detonated a bomb at the Olympics in Atlanta? This game is fun to play!

      • Cowboy

        beedogs just confirms that assumptions can be quite wrong.

      • JustAGuy

        That was our point all along. Democrats are quick to blame Conservatives when there is no evidense. bringing up Timothy McVeigh does NOT support the suggestion that Consservatives are responsible for crimes. McVeigh was NOT a Conservative. McVeigh was a white supremisist.

        …but the guy who shot Rep Giffords was a leftist.

      • Caligula

        oh gawd…beedogs wants to play the race game. ok, let’s do this. compare a few bombs planted by white dudes that barely killed anyone to the blacks that kill 25 people PER DAY in the ghetto. i win. sorry.

  • bama lover

    Come on…I heard that the police are isssusing an APM for Bush and Cheney…You know they did it…….It is always their faulf

  • Steve Ressel

    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear this administration has kickbacks from a glassier.

  • Dean Smith

    If they bring a knife we bring a gun, get in their faces, the tea party can go straight to hell, the republicans are a bunch of racist terrorist, punish your enemies.
    Now who do you really want to blame for this? Get your head out of your crack before you post stupidity.

    • gritsdummy

      How can you bring a gun when lefties don’t believe in guns? Oh,I forgot,you can borrow one from a criminal ni66er……………..lololololol

  • freecheese

    Ho, ho -ho, ho ! I can already hear Alan Colmbs shouting down Bill O’riley saying that this was done by brain-washed children ot Tea Party members :)

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