Man Injured In Possible Meth Lab Explosion In Torrance

TORRANCE (CBS) — A man was injured Thursday in an explosion at a mobile home park in Torrance that involved a possible methamphetamine lab, police said.

The blast was reported about 7:45 a.m. in the 1900 block of Artesia Boulevard.

Residents of the community said the explosion shook the mobile home park.

Evidence at the site led investigators to believe it was the result of methamphetamine manufacturing, Torrance police Lt. Martin Vukotic said.

A 52-year-old man lived in the mobile home.

“When firefighters did arrive, he was outside the home . . . but he had some serious burn injuries to the upper half of his body . . . potentially life threatening,” said Cpt. Steve Deuel.

He was transported to a hospital for treatment, according to officials.

  • lala63

    Sorry, but that is what the dude gets for having a meth lab in his trailer.

    • henry evans

      u should shut your mouth dude was getting ready 4 work.

    • justin scott

      you really put your foot in your mouth with your opinion nobody asked for lala63. Same goes for the ditsy reporter from ktla5 that chick should really look for a job shes actually good at. my uncle wasnt cooking meth you ignorant prick.

  • Cora Mason Atkinson

    You had me at trailer park



  • The Big Logic

    Easy money has its pitfalls, but this kind of easy money is beyond the scope of comprehension.

    • henry evans

      you as well should get your facts straight

  • Astonished

    Talk about an early wakeup call!! WOW!

  • Big H

    I know the man involved and I can tell you without a doubt that this wasn’t a meth lab. I also know he’s a hard working man who has children and grandchildren who could be reading your rude comments. The the investigators have this one dead wrong on their first instincts.

    • henry evans

      thank you my father is a good hard working man.

    • could have killed many

      i hope karma kicks him in his ass as hard as he deserves … TWEAKER!

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