KNX 1070 EXCLUSIVE: Feds Probe Possible Arabic-Type Markings On Southwest Jets

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Federal agencies were working with Southwest Airlines on Thursday to determine who has been vandalizing their aircraft with mysterious markings.

KNX 1070 investigative reporter Charles Feldman has learned that since February, several Southwest jets have been vandalized with mysterious writings that show up on the underbelly of their 737 passenger aircraft.

The writings — which some have interpreted as being either Arabic or Arabic-type symbols — appeared to have been done with a chemical process that reveals the text once an auxiliary power unit is turned on and heats up the outside skin of the aircraft, according to Feldman.

While it remains unclear how many aircraft are involved, the trend has reportedly increased in recent weeks.

Southwest Airlines has ordered its employees not to discuss the matter with the media, Feldman said.

In a statement to KNX 1070, Southwest said it is working with authorities to find those responsible for what the company called “vandalism”, but it’s not clear how many people are involved.

Both the Transportation Security Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigations is working with Southwest, but the airline denied this is a safety issue and would not provide any more details.

  • Astonished

    This could be happening anywhere, including at the factory, or whenever the airplane is put in for service. I doubt that someone is breaking into the airports to do this. This kind of marking takes time.

    • TheGreek

      Yeah, like I doubt the twin towers fell – must be a magic trick…

    • Alex Seredin

      What is a “Muzzy”? Illegal Mexican alien, or a Guatemalan one?

    • Edgar

      The TSA puts on their dog and pony show so that stupid travelers feel safe and continue to travel. TSA looks for things that could be used as weapons when they should be looking for terrorists.

      A terrorist can get anything on any plane, they don‘t need to get it past TSA.

    • Massimo Deportado

      BS meter is pegged!

      Look, they hire Muzzy’s to throw bags onto planes! What did you expect was going to happen?


  • Buck O'Fama

    Janet (two scoops) Neopolitan is on the case so nothing to worry about here. Eric Holder is going to sell some guns to illegals and have them guard the plane.

    • dump-box

      No problem, just tote around a Qur’an and tell 2-scoops that your a Muslim, and then you’ll be free to go, even with your guns. Thats what I do ;) besides, it’s not an entire lie, since the Qur’an is a blatent rip-off of the Bible.

      BTW, Jesus, a Muslim prophet, spoke Arabic straight out of the womb!! betcha didn’t know that!

      • don

        Sounds like more squawking from the American Taliban. Nothing if not predictable…

    • speedle

      Hey Ryan. Your conspiracy mindset is about as sophisticated as your writing ability. Ever heard of periods, complete sentences, etc.?

    • Happy Observer

      Yes Mr. Thumper, I already saw the DHS’s latest commercial. It shows a plane full of non-white males sitting on the tarmac while a white guy in a tropical shirt and shorts walks over to the plane, pulls of his American to Arabic dictionary and starts spraying liquid on the plane using some sort of contraption made with a snow globe and a 5.00 coke bottle. Luckily this all happens before the no electronics can be used announcement has been made because all the people on the plane are American loving people who are just there to help us be a better nation. They all whip out their cellphones and call 911 and moments later, TSA sweeps in and nails that dirty white man who is trying to kill us all. Once again showing us all that the average white male with a family paying his taxes to support all of those people flying to their vacations on his dollar and the TSA and pretty much everything else around him he looks at, is really the bad guy. Thanks for saving America from the white man again people. Go Go TSA.
      At the end of the commercial I was trying to figure out why there was suddenly dust in my eye…

    • jason in houston

      She does have a hatred for this demographic, it’s the one that REJECTS liberal (and in most cases horribly ugly) females.

    • Youngpeter

      Me and the gang at work have decided Janet is actually Hazel from the old TV show. “Good Morning Mr. B”. hahaha

    • Jinx

      She hates this group because no one….NOT ONE of ” these ” people would date her throughout her long long long life

    • Pete

      Typical old white female………

    • heatherfeather

      No, just a self-loathing liberal who reflects her self-loathing onto members of her race. Just wait until one of Colonel Khadaffyduck’s missing SAMs take down a jetliner and the Skunk and her minions will be sniffing in everybody’s underwear drawer.

    • Delane Levy

      you forgot to say…gun toting WHITE male

    • Rachel Wells

      I am sure it will be Bush’s fault.. before the night falls. ugh.

      • ryan

        your not really defending the koch brothers are you???? do some research they are EVIL.

      • Jane Louise Smith

        I could have SWORN that it was Jim DeMint’s fault. Or perhaps it was the tea party’s fault? Or those “evil” Koch Brothers? Or some “right-wing” loose cannon. But NEVER EVER is it the fault of an Islamic radical.

      • Craig Brockman

        Ryan – here’s a virtual quarter, use it to call for a virtul clue.

      • George

        Ryan is a complete idiot. Apparently he never heard of George Soros’ escapade in trying to take down the British pound. That sounds a little evil to me. I’m sorry to need to piggy-back on Rachel’s comment, but there is apparently no way to attach directly to Ryan’s.

    • The Clintidote

      Not transgender – there is no such thing; it’s just mutilation.

      However, “she” IS trans-species – still has most of the attributes of a pig in “her” face.

    • anon

      Jesus spoke Aramaic. And you might be interested to know that the word for God in Aramaic is Allaha, so that’s what he would have called him.

    • anon

      And the Bible and Quran have many stories in common because they both (in their orginal forms anyway) are the word of the same God, brought to the same Messengers by the same angel (Gabriel). Why would you expect them to be different?

      • Frederick

        Because the Koran stories only use the same character names and it mixes up up all the biblical people. The Koran stories are like a southern preacher on dope trying to remember his bible. We are talking two entirely different Gods.

      • anon

        Same prophets, same God. (Arabic Christians call Him Allah, and that’s what their Bible calls Him.) But yes, the stories of the prophets are sometimes different; for example, the Quran doesn’t have a Prophet of God getting drunk and sleeping with his daughters.

      • Hannanan

        He wasn’t a prophet.

        But the Quran does have its prophet stealing from caravans, ordering 900 people be beheaded, marries a 6-year old and has sex with her at nine. The guy was a pedophile, thief, pervert.

      • Kevin

        Then, I guess you haven’t read both books. They share the same percentage of simliarity to each other as Norse mytholody shares with Hindi.

        Don’t just swallow what the press feeds you. Check it out for yourself.

    • totin' thumper

      they took out my earlier comment…I guess it was a little too conservative.
      she’ll find a way to blame the veteran, Bible thumping, gun toting, conservative white male between the ages of 18-50. Because you know that we are all terrorists!

  • Ken

    Something does not smell right.

    • The Clintidote

      Smells sort of “moslemy”, doesn’t it?

      • bertman007

        I don’t know, maybe it is. But when the article said it only happens when the APU is turned on to heat the skin of the plane. It got me to thinking that this could be something along the lines of something in the skin of the plane that shows up when heated. A filament for instance , of some sort.

        Sounds like a lot of work and effort all for a little graffiti.

      • steamdwarf

        and is this a demonstration of what COULD be done if something more than invisible ink was sprayed on the underbelly of the plane. how about something corrosive when exposed to the same heat? I guess we need another few thousand TSA agents to grope the underbelly (they excel at such dexterity) with their hot little hands.

    • smelly detector

      I think it may be the workers from the other countries that work on the planes.

      • Jeremy

        I think it could very well be A CIA/black ops false flag op that was in the making. Only it got discovered before they could carry it out.

      • MarkInAtlanta

        @Bill C. Why do you think he is an idiot? It may not be the actual cause but a LOT of aircraft are sent to other countries for maintenance. I am right up there with calling a spade a spade but this is just as probable as any other suggestion. I went to A&P school, if you don’t know what that is, please Google it. I know for a fact that a lot of MAJOR airlines do this to save money, Sri Lanka anyone? Either way, we need to quit the farce that is TSA and actually talk to a country that is the best in aircraft security, Israel.

      • Bill Clinton

        I think you may be an idiot

      • URAN Idiot

        I doubt southwest sends their planes to Sri Lanka when it does not even do international flights

      • Alan Shohat

        I’ve lived in Israel for over 5 years now. (and I still hardly speak any Hebrew)
        Never once have I been pat down or had anyone manually go through my luggage.
        In Israel they are trained to WATCH people, their behavior, their body language, etc. for signs that something isn’t “right”. I’ve noticed security workers observing people before they ever got to check-in.
        I’ve never seen anyone pat down. They know how to do it without making a spectacle of the passenger.
        So you’re right. The TSA could take some serious lessons from Israel in that respect.

      • George N. Weezie

        I’m with Jeremy, This was either a cia/fbi false flag attack that was botched, or even more likely just a scare tactic by dhs to keep the average low IQ American afraid of the boggie man. It;s more of the same post 9/11 lies that H. L. Menchen warned about in the 40’s when he said:
        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

      • Rose

        I agree. This country is being feared into obedience. It’s a farce like everything else!

      • JEDI

        MarkInAtlanta wrote, “Either way, we need to quit the farce that is TSA and actually talk to a country that is the best in aircraft security, Israel.”
        Hey mark, apparently you didn’t hear about the GRENADE that got by ISRAEL’s airport security experts this summer. So much for the fame ISREAL security force. I guess we are all human after all. Where is Heraldo when we need him?

        It’s obvious that this is an inside job. Only the workers or security personel would have time to access a plane in order to perform this act of vandalism.

    • Jane Louise Smith

      Oh, THAT smell? That’s just the smell of fresh camel dung & the unwashed body odor from the Arabs…

      • Gavin

        You’re a moron making moronic comments. It’s idiots like you that keep fueling hatred. What’s your ethnicity? I’m sure we could find some stereotypical lines for it!

    • Ben Doverhereitcomes

      I saw Big Sis (and I mean BIG) out on the tarmac at OHare airport with a crayon. I thought that she was composing new regulations.

  • Alpaca Lips

    Translated: Baby on board.

    • motherland

      Or: The DHS SUCKS!!!!!!

      • Alex

        Or: Mohammad was here!

  • ny9solyndra

    Must be those Tea Party types. Or Bush. Or Reagan. Or Lincoln!

    • Jane Louise Smith

      Those pesky headwinds did it…

    • Baraksi Obamanov

      Sarah Palin did it :)

      • dump-box

        In collusion with then newest evil….the “rich” ;)

    • Jane Louise Smith

      Or just blame it on the Japanese tsunami…

  • BobStrebs

    How many ways are there to prove the notion that TSA Gropedowns have ZERO to do with security? First airports and now NFL games. Really. And all because of…9-11? I’d return from the grave and haunt the living hell out of every mind-numbed American still tooting that horn. Enough already!

    • TomB

      Bob, haven’t you been listening to any of our elites about just this issue? They have said it many times. They want the traveling public to “feel” safer. It really doesn’t matter to them whether or not we are *actually* safer.

    • feel the love

      I think they just want to show their “love” for us…next thing you know, they’ll have cavity searches for all!

  • cmac

    southwest, along with MOST other major airlines, outsources some maintenance to foreign countries (i think SWA uses a company in el salvador). i wouldn’t be surprised to learn this vandalism happened in central america.

    airplane mechanics are highly skilled, so in this country they’re compensated quite nicely. it’s a good way to save 70-90% on labor costs.

    • bingo

      Quite right cmac, the maintenance IS outsourced and that’s most likely where it was done.

  • zimfam007

    *ponders* Do these symbols show up on IR??? Kinda like sending a radioactive agent into the body to see which cell(s) to target.

  • 0bama's my zero

    “This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.”

  • Roger Sterling

    Who knows what the symbols mean? I hope they weren’t arabic numerals!

    • Jonathan

      Haha.. Good one.

  • Len

    Hmm, a chemical that goes on clear and darkens with heat, like sayyyyy LEMON JUICE????? lol Sounds like baggage carriers got a bit bored.

  • Veritas

    This has been going on since February? And DHS hasn’t busted the culprit yet, because……???? FEBRUARY! THAT’S MONTH 2, THIS IS MONTH 9! 7 MONTHS WHERE THIS “TAGGER” COULD BE SAYING ANYTHING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PLANE, FROM “HI MOM” TO “LAX IS THE BEST TARGET”!
    Meanwhile, TSA feels the need to grope me because I don’t feel like walking through a massive radioactive machine that takes and has the ability to store my naked photo?! DHS and the TSA should be dismantled with Napolitano and Pistol being prosecuted for willful and deliberate violations of the Constitution, and I believe they are guilty of subversion and sedition as well.
    Since they haven’t busted this guy yet, they are also guilty of gross incompetence and stupidity, but there’s no law against those.

    • SheSaidNaked

      I feel sorry for the x-ray machine if it has to store your naked photo.

  • upthecreek


    give the US governmnet more of your rights

  • james

    It’s the grounds and baggage crews dummies

  • stunned

    What’s scary is that anybody could get underneath (or in) that plane and you don’t even have it on tape!?!?

    • frankie lorain

      We do however have cameras on nearly every traffic light in America.

  • jnsesq

    Must be those pesky white Christians up to their usual terrorist mischief, eh, Big Sis?

    • Yup

      I’ll see your double-digit casualty events and raise you a 9/11, Pearl Harbor, D.C. shooter, U.S.S. Cole, Northwest 253 (AKA “underwear bomber”), Richard Reid (AKA “shoe bomber”), “etc etc.” But sure, let’s go with more attacks have been carried out by white Christians .
      Also, it should be noted that if a white man robs a black man’s convenience store it’s a hate crime, but when a black man robs a white man’s convenience store it’s “to be expected.” While we want to treat everyone equally, the left wants to degrade minorities (also a misnomer in many cities/states) by suggesting IN LAW that less should be expected from them. This is the garbage you’re trying to spew, Don, and I don’t appreciate it.

    • Lisa

      as far as OK City, you don’t know what you are talking about! It was a fasle flag carried out by a patsie. Isn’t it strange that ALL security cameras went conveniently blank at a very important point in the lead up to it?

    • Juan Tomatoe

      Timothy McVeigh (OKC bomber) was NOT a Christian. He said “my religion is science.” That makes him have more in common with athiest Richard Dawkins than Billy Graham. The Tucson shooter whas also NOT a Christian nor was he a Tea Party type despite what the media would have you believe. White Male does not automatically mean Christain you doofus.

  • thejackal

    Meet our new crack GE CF6 Turbofan mechanics, they are here to start thier 3 year rebuild contract this is Abdul, Muhamahd, Mohammad, Sharia and thier supervisor Muhammad. They can’t wait to get started.

    • don

      Yup. Anything to outsource US jobs in the name of the ‘bottom line’, up to and including compromising our security. Lenin was right when he basically said a capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with.

      • JR

        was that before or after he had all the “White” Russians murdered?

    • Mike in Indy

      Jackal…FYI, it’s a CFM-56 on the Boeing 737. The CF-6 is mounted on the DC-10, and a few Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft that don’t (but most DO) incorporate the Rolls Royce 525 and RB-211 engines…

  • jrl

    Holgreen pull your head out of that dark stinking hole…………

  • nevertired22

    Ms. Janet is only thinking about her next “tuna sandwhich,” not our safety.

  • Banderman

    How do they expect to catch terrorists if they cannot keep cell phones out of the prison system or keep workers from painting the underside of passenger jets without getting busted? This has got to be an inside job; one cannot pass gas in an airport these days without Big Sis patting you down and demanding an explanation.

    • lisa

      Of course it is! They don’t WANT TO catch any “terrorists”! People need to realize that the underwear bomber was allowed onto the flight w/o a passport, and was put on by an intelligence operative. Do some research on this. I know it sounds incredible, but it is true! You can find good articles on this at

  • Lefty

    Wow, really? I think you should wake up Klaes..or lay off the crack pipe. Why are conspiracy theoroists never considered “sheeple” for following the thoughts of other conspiracists? It’s so tired. 10 years later….and people still claim it was an inside job. By whom? Why? Facts? Oh yeah…NONE.

  • Ron

    After early retirement from a major carrier, I was employed for a short time by Southwest Airlines. On the night -shift I could hear some odd noises coming from an obscure room in the hangar. After some investigation was told It was a room Southwest allowed their Muslim employees to pray while at work.

    I have no doubt Southwest employees that is the source of the symbols.

    • Jane Louise Smith

      Interesting — Muslims working for Southwest having to face East to pray…

    • Paul griffin

      This is the proverbial tip of the alleged iceberg, my simple friends. The Trojan Horse is in the gates, and the occupants have left and are busy at their assorted tasks. Good night, dear heart.

    • Gavin

      This country needs more brains like you, Muslim airline employees doing every dirty deed. Just out of curiosity, if noises were heard coming form the room of Mormons, Jews, or Catholics, what would the crime be then???

  • David from San Diego

    (a) It’s probably gang-bangers who work at LAX;
    (b) @Veritas: I will not submit to the body scanners until I have seen Janet Napolitano naked!


      That’s a scary thought….nappy naked?!

      • Jane Louise Smith

        I find this comment to be a little difficult to masturbate to.

  • Buddha Leesee

    Mr. Holgreen – your prescription is ready.

  • sleeperhasawaken

    Stop falling for all of this “Terror” hype! If this isnvolves actual terrorism, it would make more sense to not blast it all over the media, but rather deeply investigate it and foil/stop any potential plot.

    However, we have “Terror” threat level warnings, endless media stories on potential “Terror” plots, and constant hype of “Terror” activities by the media and govt!

    Actual Terror does exist…..however the biggest Terrorist right now is the United States govt. They should keep their mouths shut and investigate real terror and stop Terrorizing the American People!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Jonathan

      What makes you think anyone other than a news agency decided to “blast it all over the media”. Since when has the media been able to keep a secret?

      “KNX 1070 investigative reporter Charles Feldman has learned that since February”

      What month is it now? That’s right, it was kept secret for HALF A YEAR, until an “investigative reporter” decided to further his career. Whether you agree with his actions or not, your entire argument is a fail in light of the information given.

    • Alex

      Right on, brother!

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