BURBANK (CBS) — The world’s biggest retailer wants to move into the Empire Center — but residents in Burbank may not be so eager to welcome their new neighbor.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the City Council will hear a long list of grievances against the proposed Wal-Mart store at tonight’s meeting.

Store officials have yet to release details about whether the 120,000-square-foot will offer a broader range of items such as home improvement and grocery products or whether the store will remain open 24 hours a day.

While some opponents are worried that the mega-store could bring traffic congestion to the popular shopping center, others simply don’t approve of the corporation — which only employs non-union workers — or the type of clientele it attracts.

“It’s like our society is moving away from trying to be the best we can and just trying to make do with as little as we can,” said Burbank resident Jim Johnson.

But one employee of a nearby fast food store wasn’t nearly so downbeat.

“It’s about jobs, it’s about money,” he said. “They’re the number one retailer in the world for a reason, right?

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  1. nomechifles says:

    Probably yhe ones who oppose are the ones with a job, lots of money, and no need. That will create some jobs for the so many unemployed. Don’t just think of yourself.

    1. Dingus McGee says:

      What a scholar you are.

  2. Erik the Viking says:

    Wal-Mart is an evil corporation that uses cheap labor bought products from overseas, thus denying US job opportunities, and then pours dozens upon dozens of cheap, low paid and low educated people to staff their stores. They buy in massive bulk to keep the cost low as well. If this will be in the Empire center, I’m sure Costco and Target both are planning a protest. Why not put your low end sleaze in areas that are more depressed, states that need these types of stores and need jobs for people who can survive on minimum wage.

  3. T says:

    Welcome Walmart 🙂 I have family that work in those non union positions in other cities with really good HMO health care (which is used often) -that doesnt take half their paycheck, 401k, stock ,fair about time off,not careless – but fair…. And they bring home a paycheck 🙂 and can pay their rent with 1 job….AND they do carry products from everywhere, but they also carry “Made in the USA” And the prices are affordable – in this economy, every little bit helps…. And people need jobs right now – gotta have a job to spend money…

    1. T says:

      @Erik – as for having underqualified poeple staffing their stores – not just anybody can work there – their rules are strict, but again – fair

      1. Erik the Viking says:

        Thank you Wal-Mart management (T) for setting this simpleton straight. I am obviously not as wise and intelligent as you. Having never worked retail =), I believe everything you say. So, since you missed out on Hale-Bop, Jones Town, and aren’t interested in having your brain fried by scientology, please enjoy your “family” at Wal-Mart. Remember, the welcome is “Welcome to Wal-Mart, I love you.”

  4. T says:

    FYI i dont work their – You might be better than the rest of the middle class stiffs around you – but it certainly doesnt make you a well informed individual – at least understand the whole picture – before you make accusations…Or if you dont care about the little people and your neighbors that really need work -why did you comment?

    1. Erik the Viking says:

      No but your relatives do. I care more about the little people then you could ever understand. I was there myself and worked hard to get to where I am today. Managing a small dept with my company, I make sure their rights our taken care of. Its priority one. And they make more then twice as much as a Wal-Mart employee. And having full understanding of retail business structure as well as the environmental and geographical impact this project would bring, its best they find somewhere else to put that store.

      1. T says:

        Thats good – then you do understand, especially with the young people in that town that are just starting out and arent fortunate enough to go to a good college- they need to start somewhere, and when they have to go to the grocery store -they might have 50.00 left to get thru the week to buy gas and groceries,gotta decide whether to eat or buy gas – and there arent that many jobs out there left for the ones in that position – because the people over 30 are taking them because there isnt anything else for them either… And Im glad you take care of your employees – thats awsome, and to be commended, but lets face it – people need work,everybody needs to start somewhere and Walmart, even if you dont stay with the company forever is a good beginning….With things the way they are -a good descent paying job is just that, low prices are low prices, and good insurance is good insurance, you dont just make “due” with what you have – its always good to move forward… but we only have so many stepping stones left for them to build on. And Walmart isnt a bad way to go….

  5. Karen says:

    I love shopping at Walmart but I have only shopped at them in the surburbs. We need Walmarts that serve more than minorities in California. Burbank is the perfect spot. I vote yes!

    1. Karen= TPT says:

      well hot dang girl, I bet you loves you some NASCAR too, dontcha sugar?

  6. WM not good says:

    I live in Burbank and regularly shop at the Empire Center- apart from the congestion of traffic, I’m more concerned about the low-life trailer park trash that shops at Wal-Mart. That’s all we need are these red-neck uneducated yahoos getting in our way. I would never step foot in a Wal-Mart, sorry.

    GO AWAY!

  7. T says:

    Its sad you feel that way – in general, i dont know how much you know about retail n wholesale – but alot of the vendors for these stores compete in the same markets, which means at least some of their suppliers are are the same, which means the same people buying the same products wouldnt be any different…..

    1. WM not good says:

      I know a great deal more than you realize. do not confuse suppliers with customers> You are one of the many misguided who believe WM actually does some good. They do not. I have first hand experience working with them (with 3 different companies), and have years in retail and wholesale, so yeah, I know how it works, kid.

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