LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A tentative agreement between grocery store owners and workers was reached Monday, possibly averting a Southland supermarket strike, according to the employees’ union.

Professor Dave Smith, Economics Expert At Pepperdine University, Weighs in on KNX 1070

The agreement with Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons will be presented to 62, 000 United Food and Commercial Workers members for ratification later this week.

Negotiations began in February for a new collective bargaining agreement to replace the workers’ previous contract, which expired in March.

Members voted last month to authorize leaders to call a strike after the two sides failed to reach agreement over payments to the union’s health care trust fund.

The tentative agreement came a day after the passage of a Sunday evening deadline that would have permitted union leaders to begin a strike at any time.

“Thanks to the unity of our members, we were successful in bargaining an agreement that grocery workers can be proud of,” the union negotiators said in a statement.

The new contract includes protections of health care and pension benefits.

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Comments (45)
  1. Ron says:

    The PUBLIC’S ANGER finally forced the UNION to SHUT UP and settle. IT IS about time.

    1. Ron says:

      People, Now we Know why T.C. is SO concerned about the UNIONS. TODD CONGER, same last name as GREG CONGER(Pres. of Local 324), is a spokesman for the same Local 324 of the United Food and Commercial Workers UNION. That’s why when HE SAID, ” If grocery stores DO choose to strike do NOT take jobs at these stores and do NOT cross picket lines. You’ll not only be hurting the employees of those stores; you’ll also be hurting yourselves.” HE was just trying to PROTECT his JOB and CUSHY lifestyle !!!!

      Michelle, which UNION Rep are YOU married to?

      Isn’t it interesting HOW the UNION Reps try to disguise their true IDENTITIES and make comments like they are just another member of the PUBLIC voicing their OPINION.

      The PUBLIC spoke LOUD and CLEAR. Their ANGER STOPPED this STRIKE and NOW we MUST let all UNIONS hear OUR voice. WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW the UNION to DISRUPT our lives and at ELECTION time we will TAKE BACK our COUNTRY by VOTING OUT all DEMOCRATS or any politician that SUPPORTS the UNIONS !!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Why are crying RON ? You must have been a scab that today doesn’t have a job so YOU SHUT UP .ARE you still JELOUS .

    1. c says:

      Hey Ron, listen…beep…beep…beep…beep…that’s the sound of me WORKING, scanning groceries!!! Beep…beep…beeep…beep. What did you PREDICT??? I told you your Psychic Friends Network was in the gutter. Beep…beep…beep…beep. Hey Michelle, guess Ron just saw his chances of getting a job go up in smoke, huh? I’d write more but I GOT TO GO TO WORK!! Beep…beep…beep…beep…

      1. Mehilangelino says:

        Shows the type of people at those grocery stores – beep beep. You think the general public actually LIKES you and cares that you’re complaining about something others don’t have? Health insurance? Oh you can’t give up the cable? Or payments on the big screen?

        How dare you make fun of people out of work? How dare you.

        Beep beep, yeah, what $20+ an hour to scan beep beep and you call that work?

        At least back the day, grocery workers were actually nice people. Now its embittered half english speaking idiots that dont even stop for you to help you in an aisle. Please. Get the effers out of here with your over paid, hoarding beep beep jobs.

        We don’t care about you.

  3. John Ashton says:

    “Thanks to the unity of our members, we were successful in bargaining an agreement that grocery workers can be proud of,” the union negotiators said in a statement.The new contract includes protections of health care and pension benefits.
    Isn’t that great! Truth to Power!, I’m so happy for the workers, and glad that you didn’t listen to the ‘doubting Thomases’ the testicle-less who were willing to take whatever was thrown to them. Wake Up People, we can make a difference and these oligarchs and plutocrats know it; however there are those backward thinking cowards that try to stand in the way of progress with their pessimistic, head in the sand views, get out of the way of people who want progress or we’ll run over you. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

    1. Thomas says:

      John, what did the members receive?

      What does protection of health care mean? To me it means, you are still going to pay more than you were now, but we will put a little more in for you.

      Please just don’t lay out a blanket statement that the workers won when you don’t even know the facts yet.

  4. Suzanne Robertson says:

    Although I am not a member of a union, I support the unions and would not have crossed the picket line if a strike had been called. As I see it, the unions made the middle class in this country strong in the past century, and this country turned into a super-power because of its middle class. At this point in time, the middle class is under attack and is shrinking, and the country needs strong unions now as much as the country needed strong unions a century ago. The unions will, I hope, be a powerful force in making the middle class strong again.

    1. c says:

      Thank You for your support!!! I read alot of negatives here, so its nice to see a strong supporter. You’ll get alot of flack for this, but I know you’re a strong person and you won’t let it get to you!!! Thanks Again!!!

      1. Suzanne Robertson says:

        It is astonishing how MEAN and CRUEL people are to each other. I don’t understand how anyone can belittle the hardworking people who stock the grocery stores, run the meat, produce and deli departments, and/or act as cashiers and baggers. All of us need to eat and that means we all buy groceries, and NONE of the store personnel are getting rich. It is a mystery why people make such derogatory comments about the workers – can it be that some people don’t know American history and don’t know that the labor movement (i,e, the unions and its members) helped make this country a powerhouse.

    2. George says:

      You are in the closet. The number of the union membership has been decreasing since 1994. The union has killed our economy and forced all the great Amercian companies moving their operations to China. Wake up all the union members, your union bosses are only interested in their own power. All of you are being used and sacrificed as disposal diapers. Comparing your pay and the union bosses pay, then you will understand. You are feeding those pigs to get fat. Leave the union and be yourself and work for yourself.

  5. Blink! says:

    Looks like the workers blinked!

    Now go back to work you shleps!

    Your lucky you have a job in this economy!

    1. c says:

      Anyone working is lucky to have a job…INCLUDING YOU!!! Welcome to the Shlep Club!!!

      1. Blink! says:

        Two years of unemployment and I have been looking with no luck at all.

        So who is lucky to have a job here?

        The one that has one, dip (the ungratful grocery employees)!

        I would of hply taken a job from a striking grocery store employee. The simple fact that people are out of work in the millions, shows the grocery employees fell entitled to what?

        The y might want to think twice nextime they choose to strike. It will be a long time out of work, union or not!

      2. c says:

        @Blink…My apologies for your long unemployment. I was out of a job many years ago, in a GOOD economy. The company wasn’t very well managed. Since their decisions LOST money, it cost me (and 18,000 others) my job. It was non-union. Honestly, in your shoes, I’d take a striking workers job, too! Its not that we feel ENTITLED, the markets are constantly trying to take away benefits at the same time they are trying to raise the cost of what’s left…paying more for less. Most grocery store workers are PART TIME…like me. The market’s proposal would cost me HALF of my gross salary…HALF!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have not deducted fed tax…state tax…soc security…disability…401k plan…!!!!!! All we wanted was to maintain current levels…no more, no less. I could not survive on the $4.00 NET PAY…nobody could. A $4.00/hour job would be a waste of your time, and could possibly keep you from finding a better paying job. Good luck with your job hunt!

      3. Mehilangelino says:

        Eff you c. I think I know what you are. Typical, one minute they make fun of and step all over the unemployed the next they apologize…and then do it again.

        Are you one of those brutes working the Ralphs on 3rd & Vermont? The only cool employee there is the Pakistani/Indian guy, top notch person. But all others hoarders, not one white or black employee, you tell me whats going on homie.

        And when its stocking time – ayy ahahahh! Not one Asian, not one African American, not one Caucasian Not even one Central AMerican?

        Who am I supporting? Strange stuff going on.

      4. Thomas says:


        What was the market’s proposal? Based on saying after taxes and everything, you were left with $4 an hour. This would lead me to believe you are a courtesy clerk (aka bagger) and not a Gm or food clerk.

    2. MJ says:

      Two years without a job??? I see job offers everyday as I do my errands….oh, not good enough for you? Being a scab is good enough for you? You need to get your priorities in line and maybe your attitude is the reason you don’t have a job! For sure! Look, I have stooped to your level of talk,. Congrats to all that hung in there and got what they wanted. Lets’ all hope that poor out of work blinky shlep does a reality check.

      1. Suzanne Robertson says:

        I see many good, decent hardworking people who cannot get jobs. People over the age of 55 especially have trouble finding jobs. I know of many people who were formerly in construction or real estate related jobs (such as appraisers) who are past the age of 50 but are far from retirement age and can find no one willing to hire them despite their willingness to take any available job. My heart goes out to the people who are 50 years of age or older who have done everything right their entire lives and who – through no fault of their own – are now reduced to counting on foodbanks as their primary source of nutrition.

      2. Mehilangelino says:

        Suzanne you’re speaking to the actual employees of those grocery chains. This is the kind of people they are. HS educated, thats it, worked “hard” and they think they’re above everyone else. You’re trying to talk rationally and sensibly with brutes.

        Most of them, not all but most look down on people who don’t work, because their idiots. I can’t put it any more simpler than that. Thats the one thats irritating to me, how can these people start using those old childish words like “scabs” which are old world ways of intimidating and insulting others that see an opportunity to work…

        I dont like it.

      3. Laughing all the way to the bank. says:

        Oh mj,
        You are going to be one of those who crys in there pillow. Why me!!!! Why me!!!

        When you are out of work after the unions are busted. I look forward to you responding your hate and anger to my post ars wipe!!!

        The unions are a thing of the past dip wad!!

  6. brandon says:


    1. yourbizness says:

      God had nothing to do with the settlement. He’s to busy causing wars and famine.

    2. Duh! says:

      Peacefully??? They were going to start shooting over this??? That was never reported.

      Brandon, how is it that you know they were going to resort to violence?

  7. shoe says:

    Smart move dipsticks. Now get back to work and stop your snivelling already.

  8. yup says:

    but albertsons still uses their employees and the union doesnt do a damn thing about it

  9. Duh! says:

    I need a job and was going to start working as soon as the people who have a job decided that they no longer wished to work and walked off their job.

  10. Dan says:

    Hurray for the unions!!! Shame on all of the sorryass union bashing idiots!!!

    1. DH says:

      Sorry Dan. After a comment like yours, why would I want to continue to shop at any of these markets?

  11. Yarth says:

    Yeah, the inbred union members would have been in a world of hurt had they not given in. Time for union busters to come in and eliminate all unions and some of the members!

    1. union worker says:

      You are an inbred douchbag. Time for someone to bust you face in. Go back to your comfy corporate office and stay there.

      1. George says:

        You are not too bright, not yet stupid. The union has killed our economy and forced all the great Amercian companies moving their operations to China. Wake up all the union members, your union bosses are only interested in their own power. All of you are being used and sacrificed as disposable diapers. Comparing your pay and the union bosses pay, then you will understand. You are feeding those pigs to get fat. Leave the union and be yourself and work for yourself.

    2. Suzanne Robertson says:

      Why would you make such a comment? Are you not aware that the unions helped make this country the strongest nation on earth? Are you not aware that from history’s point of view it was the unions who allowed the American middle class to grow? How does this country benefit by utilizing union busters to help the rich get richer by squashing labor movements?

      1. George says:

        Suzanne, I hope you have studied history. In the early 20th century, our union organizers went to Soviet Union to learn how to organize our workers. Union like the one you belong to is actually a step child from its Russian communist workers union daddy. Our country was built on individual’s idea and innovation. Your union supresses your individual rights to achieve. I think you are completely brain washed by your union bosses who have learnt the brain wasing technique from their Russia (Soviet Union) boss. You are just a walking dead. I was once brain washed by them too but I woke up and got out of it.

  12. duh says:

    There are too many choices to be having such a heated debate. If you think unions are harmful, DO NOT PATRONIZE these stores, period (of course I’m not talking to those of you that already have taken your business elsewhere). It really doesn’t matter how the ‘system’ works, it only matters what the consumer supports; they vote with their wallets. Since these stores are still valid and profitable, the current vote is in support of unions (and the supposed slightly higher prices you pay).

    That’s all.

    When the wallet votes move elsewhere, then the CA grocers union will fold like a cheap tent in a cat 5 hurricane. Enough verbal fighting, get out and vote.

  13. Dan says:

    George you are obviously the one that has been brainwashed by the greedy corporate empire. Why dont you go work for Walmart if you think that unions are so bad. Walmart hates unions.

    1. George says:

      I work for myself. I am sure that I have brain washed by myslf because I can think. I use my brain to better my life. Apparently you do not. It is good for you to work for Walmart and to learn how to succeed like Walmart has done. They may not want you. I am sure you are qualified to be union member like a walking dead and be used as a disposable diaper by the union boss.

      1. Dan says:

        You dont seem to have much of a brain, what little you have you use to bash the people that have to struggle to survive. I am a union electrician and I work hard for my money not like pricks like you that extort and cheat anybody you can. Why dont you crawl back into your highrise corner office and shut up and leave us honest workers alone.

      2. wgaf says:

        Right,the construction industry, full of dumbaS$ union rules and members. Here’s one: drywallers belong to the carpenter’s union, tapers to the painter’s. Tapers can’t carry a hammer so if there is just one nail that wasn’t driven all the way down or popped everything stops until a drywaller can be found to hammer it down. I’m so sure that you or your union brothers never ratted anyone out.

  14. wgaf says:

    Since the union workers think the corporate white shirts make too much could they tell me where they shop.

  15. A Union Worker says:

    We corporate white shirts shop only at Walmart where prices are the lowest for food and clothing. I just love the greeters at the door with their warming smiles and lack of teeth.

    1. wgaf says:

      Your reply makes no sense, dipsh!t.

  16. ? Authority says:

    I heard that this was about $23. The unionized employees did not want to pay $23 extra a month for their medical insurance and some pretty good insurance it is.
    I don’t know, that seems…
    to be a little amount of money for striking in this economy.

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