Grocery Stores Remain Open, But Strike Threat Looms

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Grocery stores will remain open Monday, but a strike threat still looms as stores and workers negotiate a contract.

Union and company representatives will return to the bargaining table Monday after making progress over the weekend on wage rates for the next three years.

However, no agreement has been reached on health care coverage and a contract deadline has passed.

Workers rallied late into the evening Sunday, trying to get customers on their side.

In the event of a strike, Vons will remain open and hire temporary employees. Albertsons would close some of its stores, and Ralphs stores will close, at least temporarily.

“I usually shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and they’re not unionized, so I’ll be unaffected,” an unconcerned shopper told CBS2.

Officials say there won’t be a strike as long as negotiations are ongoing.

  • Brandon Makoroff

    As far as I am concened the supermarket workers should be happy to have jobs. When I was working I had to pay more for my Medical then they would be paying.

    • They Say

      Wow Brandon, so your saying “when I was working”, so you’re not working anymore??? So you’re living off the government and the living off the system and encouraging others to pay into the system. So you’re saying to just accept what life gives you-low standards? Ouch.

      • Duh!

        Actually he is saying that if you don’t like working in your job that requires no education and no specialized skills, then go get yourself a college degree and a better paying job. You don’t have to accept what you have if you don’t like it. Get off your lazy rear end and do something about it.

    • Ron

      The Grocery Union finally got enough pressure from the PUBLIC’s ANGER and decided to SHUT UP and settle. IT IS about time.

      • Ron

        People, Now we Know why T.C. is SO concerned about the UNIONS. TODD CONGER, same last name as GREG CONGER(Pres. of Local 324), is a spokesman for the same Local 324 of the United Food and Commercial Workers UNION. That’s why when HE SAID, ” If grocery stores DO choose to strike do NOT take jobs at these stores and do NOT cross picket lines. You’ll not only be hurting the employees of those stores; you’ll also be hurting yourselves.” HE was just trying to PROTECT his JOB and CUSHY lifestyle !!!!

        Isn’t it interesting HOW the UNION Reps try to disguise their true IDENTITIES and make comments like they are just another member of the PUBLIC voicing their OPINION.

        The PUBLIC spoke LOUD and CLEAR. Their ANGER STOPPED this STRIKE and NOW we MUST let all UNIONS hear OUR voice. WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW the UNION to DISRUPT our lives and at ELECTION time we will TAKE BACK our COUNTRY by VOTING OUT all DEMOCRATS or any politician that SUPPORTS the UNIONS !!!!

  • Nathan S

    If these ungrateful people go on strike, I’ll buy a farm, raise my own cattle and chickens, grow vegetables and give the finger to the union bosses.

    • Betty

      We don’t care what you do to farm animals, what you do on your personal time is again- is personal time. Leave workers alone.

  • steveO

    The grocery workers don’t seem to realize how good they have it. Their health insurance is very inexpensive. Just try applying for health care as an individual and be prepared to have a heart attack when you see how much it costs.

    • Focus Factor

      Steve, please don’t encourage lowering standards at the work place. Can give explain you want people to have a heart attack? Please focus on the issue at hand.

  • Stu

    What these people don’t realize is that the cost of healthcare all around is on the rise. They need to shut up and just pay the extra $7 dollars. I pay over $300 a month for insurance with my employer. $24 dollars is beer money. If they want lower insurance rates they will get what they are paying for, high deductibles and low coverage limits.

    • AJ Morgan

      Spot on Stu! I pay $368.00 / month for my wife and I. Get over it grocery people, we all have to pay for health care, why should you be exempt ? If you don’t pay, the store will have to raise their prices to cover the costs of YOUR HEALTH. Don’t like the job, find a new one. I have no problem crossing a picket line, did it last time, will do it this time.

      • tara


      • garry

        Funny you say if they don’t like their job find a new one. Same could be said for you, you don’t like paying $368 for healthcare find a new job. Don’t hate on the workers for wanting cheap health care when the stores can afford to pay it.

      • AJ Morgan

        I wasn’t complaining Garry, just pointing out that I pay far more than the pennies they’re being asked to contribute and I don’t snive about it.

      • Ringo

        AJ there are “grocery people”? You must be a corporate boss, sigh, probably on the 13th floor of that downtown building looking at all the peasants and future slaves. Yes, you would be a great master on the farm, please sir do not whip me. Why do you want harm to workers? Do you want workers sick? Why do you hate people and especially “grocery people”?

      • Ron

        “…Yes, you would be a great master on the farm, please sir do not whip me…”

        Ringo, EVIDENTLY you are either TOO IGNORANT or SIMPLE minded to realize that YOU are the SLAVE of the UNION PLANTATION owners and they are WHIPPING YOU !!!

  • Duh!

    Come on, walk off your jobs already. I need to go to work. I can’t start until you leave. So get out now.

    • Back to the future

      “I need to go to work”, Duh, you must be living off the government and the system. Please stop living off the system, I’m no longer willing to support you, I can only afford so much since “I need to go to work”. Why don’t you test some products? Legos???


  • Luka

    I pay more than they pay for health insurance and unfortunately I’m glad to do it. They should really think long and hard about striking. The grocery store landscape is a lot different than the last strike – we have Sprouts, Fresh & Easy and of course the old standbys Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (as well as Walmart and Target’s in-store grocery sections). I just don’t think anyone will care if Vons and Ralphs aren’t open.

    • Cora Mason Atkinson

      You got that right Luka they better think long and hard. Those stores are to high anyway let them close who cares

    • Management Team

      Luka, you got some low standards in life? “Unfortunately, I’m glad to do it” Wow, so………sad :(

  • MJ

    RIGHT ON GARRY!!!!!!

  • Kevin S

    I think the problem is that the unions believe working in a grocery store is a career. It’s not. Its a job you do while paying your way through college, or a 2nd job to earn extra money, or even a non-breadwinner spouse’s job. When compared to other semi-skilled jobs out there, working in a grocery store seems pretty coushy.

    And Duh! – I completely agree with you. My son is in college and hasn’t been able to find a job – he has applications in to the Vons and Albertsons right by his school. So I’m hoping they strike too!

    • Bobby My Boy

      Wow Kevin, who made you “KING” of classifying what is a career and what is a job. You seem to have all the answers, please tell us more!!!

      LOL! :)

      • Teresa

        I agree Bobby, many people do make it their careers, I can tell you I’ve been happier while working in customer service vs working in a nice office. I’ve known plenty of people that have worked in a grocery store most of their lives and they are not doing it for extra money, they are doing it to support themselves.

        BTW I do think they should eat the costs of the health care, there are a lot of people that don’t have any at all. Believe me, I’ve gone without insurance and I can tell you, it’s not cheap for those of us with a medical condition. I’d rather pay more out of my paycheck for coverage than spend $90 for a doctor visit, $600/month for meds, and every hospital visit pay upwards of $2000 for an ER visit and far more to stay overnight

    • Cora Mason Atkinson

      Kevin S you can make a career out of working in a grocery store. I know a lot of retired grocery store workers doing just fine in this economy.

  • Cora Mason Atkinson

    yeah go head and complain yourselves out of a job……..were waiting and lurking because i want to work. All there doing is going to put it on the public with even higher prices at the grocery store. All you can go to HELL

    • Manson

      You need help.

    • Jackson

      Health care is extremely expensive – I was with Kaiser and had to pay nearly $200 a month out of pocket – These grocery stores make BILLIONS a year – Surely they can provide workers with health benefits

      • Ron

        THEY ARE JACKSON. Try reading.

  • Adams

    I totally agree with the workers. Right now at the rate of pay they receive, they can not afford to pay more on healthcare. Fight on workers!!

    • George

      Then go find another job that pays your healthcare. Cry Babies !!!!!

    • UCLA #1

      I “HEART” MY GROCERY WORKERS, THOUGH I LIKE UCLA, I’LL USE USC’S WORDS—–FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Ting

    To all the unionized supermarket workers:
    If you do not want to share the cost of your health care insurance with your employer, please shut up and just find another job that pays 100% of your health care. No body has forced to work for a supermarket. I am sick of your attitude.

    • Mr. Washington

      To all George’s:

      Stop posting your comments! Clean up on aisle 5.


  • Readytocross

    Hurry up and strike already. I need to get a job and will have no problem crossing the picket lines of these brainwashed people who are only making the union rich!

    • Sonny

      You must be living off the system and the government to have time to post comments.

      We working people can’t be supporting you.

  • mrbored

    Unions suck!

  • John Ashton

    Best of luck grocery workers, don’t let these plutocrats and oligarchs off the hook. They made over 2 billions in profit last year and did not pay taxes now they are refusing to pay fair wages and benefits. Stick to your guns, fight on; we the public support you not the tax dodging plutocrats. And don’t listen to these backward thinking cowards who are willing to work for sweatshop wages or whatever the oligarchs offer them. Slavery is over, fight on, you deserve fair wages and benefits, you work hard and pay your fair share of taxes unlike some other hustlers we know like ‘Ralphs, ‘Vons’ Albertsons’, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

    • Ron

      John ASHTON, spoken like a PLANTATION owner trying to fire up HIS SLAVES. YOUR UNION FAMILY must be proud of you.
      How much does the VICE PRESIDENT of the UNION that negotiated the G.M. vs. UAW contract get paid? Do you consider HIM to BE a tax dodging plutocrat? I think many NON-UNION people WOULD.
      Go ahead and speak out of BOTH sides of your MOUTH.

    • Ron

      …”Stick to your guns, fight on; we the public support you not the tax dodging plutocrats”….Oh bye the way JOHN, YOU are NOT part of the PUBLIC, YOU are part of the PROBLEM. ASHTON is a prominent UNION name.

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    WOW! just got back from food for less and wal mart, everything went up dramatically, ex. 6 pak hersheys $2,48 now $3.98, recycled toilet paper 9 cent a roll now 23 cents a roll.

  • katong regency

    I used to be recommended this web site by way of my cousin. I’m not certain whether this publish is written by way of him as nobody else realize such distinctive approximately my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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