UC Regents To Consider Proposal For Massive Tuition Hike

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The University of California regents Thursday will discuss plans to impose a multi-year tuition increase.

Students have already protested back-to-back increases, including this year’s 9.6 percent hike that was approved in the wake of state budget cuts.

Regents now want 16 percent more in tuition from each student for the next four years.

If the proposal is approved, they will ask the state to fund 50 percent of the increase and students to cover the other eight percent.

If the state won’t foot the bill, students will be forced to pay up, almost doubling their tuition. By the fall of 2015, tuition would cost $22,000 a year.

Financial analysts say this is just the beginning and that children born this year will likely owe $250,000 for a four-year degree.

“One of the first places they’re looking at is increasing tuition at very substantial rates,” adviser Jim King tells CBS2.

If the proposal is approved, it could go into effect as early as November.

  • Rick

    Many that get to go for free will also thank the Tax Payers by setting up their
    Reconquista Brainwash Tables on Campus.

  • wobbles

    Did you think all that free education for illegals was really going to be “free”? Now citizens will eb punished to pay for illegal aliens.

    We might as well just strike the stars and stripes and run up the mexican vulture with a worm in it’s mouth flag, because we’ve surrended our state to them without firing a shot.

    • RN

      Well said!

  • Gettinf the facts straight

    You are greatly misled. Financial aid at the UC’s is INCOME specific, not race specific. If you qualify, based on your or your parent’s tax returns, then you are offered work study (you have to work), loans (sunsidized and unsubsidized), and a very small amount of grant. But, believe me, you WILL graduate with substanntial debt in your name and will be paying off Sallie Mae or direct loans for at least a decade, if not 30 years.

    • Что происходит на самом деле?

      Как нелегальных иммигрантов быть отслежены для оплаты своих счетов, когда они не имеют номера социального страхования? Они могут использовать ложные обнаружения и просто украсть из системы.

      Ինչպես կարելի է լինել անօրինական արտագաղթի, առ վճարել իրենց հաշիվները, երբ նրանք չունեն սոցիալական ապահովության համարների. Նրանք կարող էին լինել, օգտագործելով կեղծ identifications եւ ուղղակի գողանալ – ից գտնվում համակարգում:

      • spongebob

        loser, you dont have the balls to write in english to give your rant, you have to write in Russian and Armenian in order for you to rant. i am pretty sure you steal from the system as well.

      • Respone to my boy Spongebob

        كنت مخطئا جدا. UC المساعدات المالية المحددة للدخل، وليس العرق محددة. إذا كنت مؤهلا، وفقا لأقوالهم أو ضرائب والديهم، ثم يتم عرض عليك العمل والدراسة (لديك للعمل)، والقروض (سواء المدعومة وغير المدعومة) ، وكمية صغيرة جدا من المنحة. ولكن صدقوني، سوف تخرج مع الشركات الكبيرة في الدين باسمهم، وسيتم دفع سالي ماي أو القروض المباشرة لعقد من الزمان على الأقل، إن لم يكن 30 عاما.
        معرفة الحقائق قبل نشر الافتراءات العنصري ، والناس!

      • Spongebob in the House

        Nice one on two fight you got into earlier in Hollywood Spongebob. Spongebob, putting the smackdown.

    • Obtener la información correcta

      Usted está muy equivocado. Ayuda financiera de la UC es específico de ingresos, no de raza específica. Si usted califica, según sus declaraciones o de sus padres de impuestos, entonces se le ofrecen trabajo y estudio (que tiene que trabajar), préstamos (con y sin subsidio), y una cantidad muy pequeña de la concesión. Pero, créame, usted se graduará con la deuda substanntial en su nombre y será el pago de Sallie Mae o préstamos directos por lo menos durante una década, si no de 30 años.
      Conozca los hechos antes de publicar insultos racistas, gente!

  • Human as you

    When those here speak of illegals it is only because sadly they have been brainnwashed by FOX and the politicians. While the government (govern-mind) begins the squeeze that will surely hit YOU soon… The politicians can rest easy that a good portion of Americans have been convinced that the “Devil” are the illegals and others. Such ignorance… just know that the Chinese will want their money back some day soon and YOU will be targeted for tax increases, just read cnn world today on Greece to get a glimpse of what is coming here. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL

  • UC Students

    I love how us UC students are constantly working hard to get an education while supporting ourselves only to keep getting stabbed in the back by these tuition hikes. It’s like the regents are not satisfied with us paying 10-30 years worth of student debt. Where is this money going anyway?

    • Get the Fact Straight

      I know. It is really expensive, already . . . . the problem is economic, but sociological, as well. Because of the California budget issue, there is less money to be sent to all education . . . K-12, state schools, and UC. But, also, we are showing that we do not value education enough to priorotize education spending over other such matters that many of us deem unimportant.
      There is a good segment of the population that does not “believe” in college, because they “made” it without education. They fight hard to keep tax dollars from the schools. There is another segment of very priveledged who believes that it is 100 percent up to the family to pay for education. They can afford Stanford and Pepperdine, and believe that you should not be able to attend unless your parents can pay.
      It is a big problem, and it is very unfortunate to those of us who DO care about our education.

  • ex-UC

    Might as well make the UC system a private system since they are increasing the tuition. There goes the overload of CCs

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