LOS ANGELES (CBS) — When you think about the horrors of human trafficking or sex slaves, you likely think of it as a problem happening “over there.”

But as Suraya Fadel reported in the KCAL 9 News at 10 p.m. Thursday, “over there” is closer than you think.

A new and powerful documentary called “Flesh: Bought & Sold In The US” looks at the ever-growing problem.

The film debuted tonight at the LAPD headquarters. More showings are scheduled for the general public.

For more information about “Flesh” click here.

Comments (11)
  1. Lawrence Shields says:

    What profession came first sheep hearding or prostitution?

    1. The Big Logic says:

      Why don’t you just google that?

  2. judith says:

    God said “NO” to slaves . His Holy Spirit dwells within the City of Angels…Los Angeles…For Man to sit back and do nothing is NOT of God. Evil is a poison….a cancer that will continue to grow . We can not be blind sighted…Knowledge, Understanding, Fortitude, Wisdom, courage will wipe it out….and Discernment….with an Army of Angels to come in…..; ….The Soldiers Angels to bring these young women home;to a safe haven and refuge of HOPE and PEACE. Free from any harm.. How dare this be happening….Time to Stand Up and Fight for what is right.

    1. John says:

      You do know that the Bible is full of slavery and it was considered completely acceptable from a legal an social standpoint in those days, right? Heck, Abraham’s first son Ishmael was a result of sex with his slave because his wife Sarah was supposed to be too old to bear a child. Now I don’t condone sex slavery, or slavery in general, for that matter. Far from it. But don’t try to say it’s prohibited by Christianity. That just shows a lack of education and a failed understanding of the history of your own faith.

      1. Don't Throw God Under The Bus says:

        The Bible is basically a history book, or a journal if you will. It contains the word of God. But just because the Bible mentions slavery or adultery or murder does not mean that those were the workings of God. On the contrary. A history book in school would contain all the wonderful events of this country and around the globe. It would also contain all the terrible and tragic events of this country and around the globe. They are written to educate us, to teach us to be a better people, better mankind. The Bible’s purpose is the same.

        Now on to the article… I am not in the least bit surprised nor shocked to hear about sex trafficking in LA. When did these geniuses figure that one out? For those that don’t know the difference, being a prostitute by free will and choice and being in it by force are two different things. I wouldn’t call someone who’s in it by force a prostitute. I’d call them a victim.

      2. Elizabeth says:

        FYI That was from the Old Testament. When Jesus came, everything changed. He has and continues to champion the poor and oppressed.

  3. TheWindrunner says:

    LA is a den of iniquity, so nothing would be a surprise about that.


    The Bible is basically a twistory book!!! get it!!! always twisting the fu#k”in truth!!!!

  5. John Ashton says:

    Catholic priests have been trafficking and sex slaving young boys every since i can remember this is old news.

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