LOS ANGELES (AP) — Southern California grocery workers say they’re fed up with inaction in their eight-month contract negotiations and are moving closer to a strike.

Grocery Workers Union Local 770 President Rick Icaza says the union issued a 72-hour notice Thursday to cancel a contract extension and pave the way for a strike.

A strike isn’t guaranteed, but canceling the contract removes the final barrier to a worker walk out.

The union says contract negotiations are stalled because supermarkets are unwilling to compromise on health care contributions for 62,000 grocery workers.

Ralphs Grocery Co. spokeswoman Kendra Doyel has said the grocers’ proposal is affordable and good for employees and their families.

After-hours calls and emails to major grocers Thursday night were not immediately returned.

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Comments (53)
  1. Ron says:

    Bring it on. BUST the UNIONS !!!

  2. James says:

    Now all the criminals, white trash and lazy people couldgo get a temporary job as SCABS!!!

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      Funny as the union grocery workers are by and large uneducated, over weight, and of little ambition.

      1. James says:

        And not-union employees are not?? lol

      2. EverydayGuy says:

        No James, those of us who earned our college degrees do not need unions to get ahead. We work for what we want, we take our lumps when we fail and relish in our victories. Most of all, we don’t whine and live with a sense of entitlement. To be in a union is to lose all individual identity. Group think; sadly with little brain cells.

      3. Ron says:

        Excellent point, EverydayGuy, only LOSERS need the UNIONS..

    2. James es un buey says:

      James suena entusiasmado con conseguir un nuevo empleo por sí mismo.

      1. James says:

        Yo esudie y Tengo Un trabajo y se escrbir ingles y espanol

    3. Rose says:

      The jobs woldnt be there if the employees wouldn’t agree to walk out on them
      I’ll cross the lines. UNIONS are thieves and are not needed in the Strictest State in the country.

  3. Nate says:

    LOl That’s True JAMES!! I would never cross a picked line!!! How come the employers always hire trash to repace UNION workers, that’s pathetic most of the SCABS average 3 TEETH in their mouths I wonder where they all come from they all look like WALMART employees lol

    Companies are STUPID if there is a STRIKE the companies will NEVER RECOVER their PROFITS!! It will force them to CLOSE STORES they are better off granting employees the benefits that they deserve!!!!!

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      I pee on all unions. And they like it.

      1. Big Black Nate says:

        Unions all pee on your mother and your kids and they love it!!

      2. EverydayGuy says:

        nate, go pick your cotton and have your dad finish shining my shoes.

      3. Nate says:

        or Run to be the NEXT PRESIDENT!!!

    2. John says:

      And as those stores close the workers that are striking find themselves without a job to return to. Welcome of a Pyrrhic victory. You hurt yourself just as bad as the company.

  4. ginny says:

    Ift he Unions choose to cancel the contract extension then in my way of thinking that allows the markets to hire non-union workers and move on from there with no further need for union workers from that day on. They’ll just join the growing number of market chains that already have operated without union members. They actually would come out ahead for the first time in a long while. And union members would have no right to complain since their threats brought the results on themselves. The country is deeper and deeper in the hole daily and unions still do not get the whole picture.

  5. d says:

    Why is it so wrong or evil for workers to want a decent living wage? Corporations cry that they are broke but the truth is they are making record profits. I’m curious what the CEO’s of Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons make?

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      d, you are not entitled to demand more just because. I am all for anyone making more money, but you have to earn it.

  6. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Their waiting for their daddy Jessie Jackson, these 3 stores are way overpriced, never shop there.

  7. UHOH says:

    They should fire anybody that goes on strike and hire people that want to work. I will be first the cross the line. I will have my pepper spray with me for any idiots that get in my face. WORKING AT GROCERY STORE WASN’T MEANT TO BE A CAREER.

    1. Keith says:

      YOu must be Broke and desperate for a job. It must suck to starve hope you don’t have kids !!! If you need a job that bad that you will wait for strike to get you a temporary job then you might want to ask yourself when and where in your live did your life make a wrong turn!! Why don’t you try getting an education and get a job or a career going instead of praying on Unions to go on strike. I hope They do go On Strike that way you could have a temporary job and get all your family excited that they will have food for a week, then when the STRIKE end because it will, you could explain to your family that starvation mode is back and you could begin looking for excuses to tell your family what a low life you are!!!

      1. uhoh says:

        LOL..That’s your best come back troll? I didn’t say I was looking for a job. You must be one of those career grocery store workers. Sorry you couldn’t do better. Maybe you could go back to school and learn something. When I was growing up, most of the people that worked in stores were college kids, they used it to get by in school. Have a nice day. I need to go print out some invoices for MY company. m Oron

      2. MR says:

        good one uhoh

    2. Jansue says:

      How many times have you applied for a job in a grocery store under regular conditions (non strike)?. Why wait for a strike. I am sure that grocery stores are
      always hiring. Why try to grab someone else’s job?

      1. Lee says:

        They must have looked at him and laughed when he applied!! Its sick people, if they are dying to get a job during a strike it just demonstrates how HUNGRY they are. How their kids need new shoes! How uneducated they are not to realize that they are willing to take a job with no benefits and low wages. SCABS got to love them, NO MORALS what so ever!!

      2. Shiggity42 says:

        Are you people some of the workers going on strike? No where in this thread do i see anybody talking about taking a job from these people. I see you have a problem with comprehension, possibly why you made a grocery a career choice like Uhoh was referring to.

  8. luis says:

    Same old story. Cor[porations have always been greedy and the big 3 are no exception. When they were at the top with little competition, they still fought to give as little as possible to the workers. In todays tough economic times, it only gets worse and companies like Ralph will go to extremes to maintain their profit margin( Does everyone remember the hiring of employees under fake ss#, and other ilegal activities that cost them millions in court), which by the way continues to shrink due to poor management . I can add overmanagement at all levels as well.

  9. M.R. says:

    Union workers ar a bunch of fat cats!! your lazy and dont earn what you get paid…you wont get paid what your getting now no where else…morons!

    1. Lee says:

      Yet they know how to spell!!

      1. MR says:

        get the picket sign ready bro…you can probably use the excercise,and you wont be getting paid…lol

  10. teri says:

    what a bunch of u educated grocery scanners! With all the people out of jobs, their unemployment running out and they have to pay $800 a month in Cobra insurance coverage…You will not get the support of the people! What makes you think your not replaceable?

  11. Kimberly says:

    Totally agree with Uhoh. I’ll be shopping during the strike too. The best thing union workers know how to do is WHINE, WHINE, WHINE. The door is always open for all you idiot grocery workers that are not happy. All of you are just mad at the fact that if you leave you are EASILY replaced because any 18 year old can do the same job. Just like Uhoh said “WORKING AT A GROCERY STORE WASN’T MEANT TO BE A CAREER”…LOL…want to go from a blue collar worker to a white collar one? Get a Masters or Doctorate…until then keep doing what you do best…whine, whine whine

  12. luis says:


    Unions were created to fight for thre rights of employees from greedy companies who were and are unwilling to give a decent share to its members. Belonging to a union does not make you complacent, lazy or anything of the sort. Like anything you have bad apples in every jar, but lets not categorize. I worked for one of the Big 3 and some of their management seemed anything but educated. Like anything else, it’s not always what you know, but who you know… and how much tail your willing to kiss.

  13. luis says:

    Lets turn all the grocery chains into WalMarts. Were employees make peanuts,turnover rates of employees is close to 100% and the service and stores reflect it. All the while top level management make the big bucks, They save you a few bucks on items and pass the cost of living of most of their employees to the tax payer !!!!!!!!!! Cross picket lines and don’t support your union workers !!!! That’s true wisdom !!!!

    1. Shiggity42 says:

      It’s an entry level job Luis. Why would I shop at the big 3 and pay more? I personally shop at Costco, Sam’s Club, Stater Bros, Target, and Walmart. I made tacos yesterday for dinner. My wife went to Ralph’s and bought the cheese. She said it was $4.89 for Kraft and $4.49 for Sargento’s. I can goto Target and get Kraft Cheese for around $2.50 to $3.00 depending on a sale. Why would I want to pay more?

      1. Papa Bear says:

        Tacos for dinner. Just like mama made before the family came to America in the middle of the night looking for the welfare office.

  14. Shiggity42 says:

    Oh Papa Bear is another internet tough guy troll. Lacking attention? I’m sorry your life is a total failure. I don’t even know where an welfare office is. Since everyone else is getting a check, maybe i should go look into getting one myself. You need to go back to trolling 101. Have a great night!

  15. Luis says:

    Most of these folks bust their buns working. Some of them end up with problems from repetetive motion and lifting of heavy items. Just because they chose to stay in their positions doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to fair compensation and benefits. The companies get theirs, why cant the people that help make it happen get theirs as well !!! These companies (like most ) have never played fair and they never will.
    Good luck guys…You need it now more than ever !! Unions stand up strong and united or you’ll soon perish. Very, very soon. People, get educated on the subject and support your unions. You’re really helping yourselves as well !! Enough from me, I feel like I’m back at the warehouse all over again..lol.

  16. Brandon says:

    I hope that the 3 big companies would just give WHATEVER THE UNION WANTS…they are not asking for a lot…for the 3big companies and for all those people who are saying bad things to the union let me tell you something “SUCCESS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU HAVE OR ACHIEVED,IT IS WHAT YOU DO FOR OTHERS…THAT MATTERS!!!AT THE END OF LIFE YOU WOULD NOT BE JUDGED BY HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE OR WHAT MASTERS DEGREE YOU FINISHED BUT ON HOW YOU HELPED,CARED&LOVED ONE ANOTHER…For those people who have nothing good to say just don’t say anything…you guys doesn’t have any rights to degrade or judge all these hardworking workers who unselfishly support their families…only GOD has the right to judge us…so stop putting down the union workers…UNION WORKERS I am on your side…Let’s Always Pray and Hope that the 3big companies would open their hearts,realize and appreciate how hardworking workers all of you are and understand that you are not asking for too much and to give you a fair contract for your loving families…God Bless!

  17. FLF says:

    Go on strike -shoot yourself in the foot with a .357 magnum! It is not like there are no other places to shop for food! I hope they do go on strike- this union along with the ALWAYS corrupt and anti American SEIU needs to go belly up, the sooner the better. I hope they get EXACTLY what they deserve and NOT what they want! Sure is funny how Wal-Mart continues to do WELL, in spite of no union. They gotta be onto something good..

    1. Ron says:

      FLF, you are correct about Walmart.
      Check out what the UNION is doing to BOEING in S. Carolina. They are trying to PREVENT them from moving to a “Right to Work” state, where there is NO UNIONS and the UNION is doing EVERYTHING in their power to PREVENT it. Talk about CORRUPTION. There is NO FREEDOM for businesses, UNIONS feel they are GODLIKE !!! They want to make ALL the DECISIONS.

  18. Just the way it is says:

    The big3 although as corrupt as any other Corp in the world has its fair share of ongoing problems. Ever increasing health care costs,increased competition from non union stores, workers comp cost and a slew of other problems not worth mentioning. For profit organizations are just that… FOR PROFIT !! Unfortunately we live in a society where we are mostly concerned with ourselves and not the plight of others. If we could help ourselves, we do. Who cares at what expense, even if in the long run it ends up costing us more.

  19. Wain says:

    I decided to strike against grocery stores who allow unions to bully them. During the 2003 grocery stores strike, my son then a teenager decided to go to a bank located inside the super market, where the hoodlums were striking. One of the hoodlums holding signs attacked my son and also damaged his car. So for my family no shopping in a unionized super market.

    1. Ron says:

      Wain, unfortunately that is a typical UNION tactic. Check some of the VERY FEW comments, supporting the UNION and you will see their NAPOLEON comments, about what they will do about scabs.

      It is typical of UNEDUCATED people, fight when you have such LOW SELF ESTEEM and can’t think of a reasonable solution.

  20. Luis says:

    Wain, as stated before… ” there are bad apples in every jar”. I hope you pressed charges. Not all union workers are willing to break the law to get their point across. I think it actually hurts their cause. lets keep in mind the majority of these folks don’t behave like that. Ron, you keep saying how union workers are UNEDUCATED. When people generalize as you do, and put people down.. It reflects greatly on their own self steem and lets not forget, level of EDUCATION.

    1. Ron says:

      Luis, there is NOTHING wrong with my SELF- ESTEEM and I have my college degree. I do not ONLY put people down, I compliment people for jobs well done, too.
      My CRITICISM is with those employees that quickly believe EVERYTHING their union BOSSES say, instead of researching the facts. Granted it is difficult, for them because the union will not disclose the real facts(voter outcome, grocery company offers, downside of striking, etc.). BUT to believe that in our DEPRESSED economy, that they can get the health coverage for such a LOW premium, while most every other employ PAYS considerably MORE for health coverage. And that if they DO lose their jobs, they WILL join the VERY, VERY LONG line of long-term UNEMPLOYED. THAT IS AN UNEDUCATED, HIGH RISK DECISION !!!!

  21. Listen says:

    Nobody wins in a strike, but if the big3 wanst one. Bring it !! They’re going to loose millions once again, and will probably loose the small customer base they have left. People are fed up with the bull. You’re the ones who are going to go belly up !!

  22. Gene says:

    Union people are lazy and stupid wanting a free ride, they also have short memories, remember last time they were on strike, when the srike ended, all of the new hire received less in benefits, they will always receive a lower wage, the union office employees are the only people who make out, they get extra pay while the workers get next to nothing, oh, the attorneys make a fortune too

  23. Kimberly Tenuta says:

    Wow so many people on here willing to put others down, then you all must be rich and able to look down your noses at those who are not, I to have a college education and can not find work right now, and although I think that the workers have good reason I also think they just need to be glad they have a job, and if they are hiring scabs I am all for temp work to put food on the table. I am not a toothless white trash or any other names you called unemployed people on here, I am just a perso hit with the recession. Maybe if everyone just calmded down and looked at the situation from a differnt point you would not be so willing to name call and you just might grow up a little

  24. Luis says:

    Ron, glad to hear it, Your last post is more on point and without bashing. This is good since it allows people to concentrate on the issues at hand. I think that unfortunately the union workers feel that they have been given very little over the many years they have worked. Some of these guys put in 30 or more yrs on the job.As i remember yearly raises where to the tune of 40 cents per yr. I don’t think that even covers the rise in the cost of living. They are willing to fight for just about on anything they can hold onto. I support the unions but I’m also not blind to the othe rfacts you pointed out in regards to how things work with them. This is a personal point of view and all those who agree, need to bring their concerns up to the correct people. Tough call though. I personally was not liked much at the local once I voiced my opinions. All politics aside, unions do provide a better standard of living for workers, and that’s the only reason I support them !!

  25. Luis says:

    Gene, you are so right !! Shame on the union for allowing that. It set the stage for a lot of people loosing their jobs. Its better to get rid of old timers who have full pay and full benefits and bring in new workers with less pay and no benefits for months !! There is so much corruption on both sides of the fence it sickens me.

  26. Luis says:

    Gene, sorry for pointing it out, but you have a run on sentence !! Let’s stop calling others stupid. Unless we are perfect and without fault.

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