Smoking To Blame For Mandeville Fire

BRENTWOOD (CBS) — Two men smoking are to blame for the Mandeville fire that burned earlier this week near Brentwood.

Officials say two young men were smoking in the area and their cigarettes ignited the fire. It was ruled accidental.

The fire started Monday and quickly burned 40 acres in the Sepulveda pass. It was 100 percent contained Wednesday.

  • alg

    What. ruled accidental. Who pays for this? Why weren’t these two men photographed and put on the evening news? This is outrageous.
    Put them in jail and make them pay for the damage and the cost of putting out this fire.
    How come no one is commenting on this????

    • Jeff

      nobody else is commenting on this because they’re not anti-smoking nazis like yourself. Why broadcast their pictures, you idiot? They were smoking cigarettes, not breaking the law. Should we post pics of fat people when they’re eating at McDonald’s or Burger King, seeing as how they cost tax payers billions a year in free health care?

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