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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City Controller Wendy Greuel announced Thursday that she was releasing an audit report card for the city.

She said the report card will save Los Angeles millions.

The report card grades how effectively City departments have implemented recent audit recommendations.

For more information about Controller Greuel and the Audit Report Card, click here.

  1. KPMG killed jane says:




    Misprision, the crime of not reporting a crime. So little time and so many criminals to report. I do hereby report the KPMG partners and employees working on Citigroup and Citigroup financial employees, their names are littered throughout this report.

    My discussion is more honest than anything the faux whistle blower (blowhard) Michael Hamersley ever provided the Senate, and of course, I am not lying like he did.

    Page 202, the company has over $100 billion of tax planning strategies to utilize bogus NOLs if it has to. I thought KPMG Citigroup’s auditor was out of the tax shelter business I guess not.

    KPMG and Citigroup are so arrogant they even suggest out of the thousands of KPMG corporate bogus tax strategies Citigroup would utilize the old offshore phony intangible company strategy. TSK tsk tsk.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg, I have copies of thousands of KPMG fraudulent tax strategies utilized by Citigroup in the past and for sure to be used in the future.

    Page 137, QSPEs and VIEs are described as “unconsolidated” ventures, this is merely code for FRAUD to the tune of Billions. These fake entities were used to hide bad debts, it is incontrovertibly true, everyone knows but I guess no one cares, except all the poor losers on main street who get 0% interest on their bank accounts because of the KPMG/Citigroup fraud while KPMG makes 100s of millions in fees and Citigroup makes tens of Billions borrowing at ZIRP and lending at 5%.

    If I were an employee/partner of KPMG or Citigroup beware, if the government (who owns the banks anyways) gets mad, KPMG will hire a firm like Skadden Arps and the likes of Peter Morrison of Skadden Arps to lie to the government such that you partners/employees participating in this fraud will be but raped for life and the lives of your families destroyed.

    Believe me I know cause I pray for death every day, KPMG will lie and kill to survive it is that simple.

    Misprision the crime of not reporting a crime.

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