LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The father of a homeless man who died after a scuffle with Fullerton police officers called Wednesday for the district attorney to aggressively pursue the case.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports Ron Thomas is learning more about how his son Kelly died — and he isn’t at all surprised by the revelations.

An attorney for the Thomas family said the UC Irvine Medical Center records – released Wednesday — confirm that Kelly died from blunt head trauma and that he was shocked with a stun gun right over his heart.

“After they beat him brutally, these rather large police officers – six of them. He was transported to the hospital to St. Jude’s. By the time he got to St. Jude’s, he was already brain dead,” attorney Garo Mardirossian said.

kelly thomas Dad: DA Needs To Indict Someone In Death Of Kelly Thomas

A flyer posted follwing the alleged assault of Kelly Thomas. (credit: CBS)

The family also released computer-generated images of Kelly Thomas’s body which they believe illustrate his medical records. The injuries include taser wounds near his heart, broken left jaw and three cracked ribs, according to the family. His dad said he saw the injuries and the unmistakable marks from the stun gun.

“Basically, it’s a needle with a barb on it like a fishing hook, but it’s straight,” he said. “You see the holes of where it went in.”

The coroner’s office has yet to determine the official cause of death — a development that also doesn’t surprise the older Thomas.

“I think they’re being told to delay,” he said. “Honestly, I think the D.A. needs to go ahead and come out with indictments at this point.”

“I’ve always stated that I am at war with the police department and if necessary, the D.A.’s office, the city of Fullerton in respect of they owe answers and that’s what I mean by at war with. Once they comply, they give all the answers, they cooperate, then we’ll all back off to an extent,” he added.

The six officers involved in the July 5, altercation have been put on paid leave. The death touched off a firestorm by some activists demanding the resignations of some Fullerton city officials, including the mayor.

Both the district attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are looking into allegations against the department.

Comments (51)
  1. Rodney Queen says:

    Blunt head trauma = steel toe boots & batons

    No justice = no piece

    1. YA D.A. says:

      You’re a moron, they don’t wear steel toe boots. And learn to spell.

      1. MMMM says:


    2. pro police says:

      It starts with the family…they are just as responsible for this as the son and the police. They should have taken care of their son instead they let him stay on the streets. The police can’t tell who’s always mental or just another person high on dope, they look the same. If you don’t like the police do their job, then take your sorry butt out of your nice little comfort zone and do their job……I highly doubt anyone of you will step up and do it.

      1. WOW says:

        Toxicology came out negative according to the doctors that worked on him. He was brutally assaulted by the police officers and the cause of death was assault according to the doctors. Full autopsy or not, anybody with any sense would know that Kelly Thomas was beaten to death. Even though the parents neglected him doesn’t mean trained police officers can beat him to death. The police involved should be held accountable for Kelly”s death. After reading some of these posts, I truly believe we live in some troubling times. After a man is beaten by 6 police officers, some of you people still feel that the police officers are not accountable for their actions. No justice for common citizens mean we live in a troubling society.

      2. Andy says:

        I agree with you. Look, I wouldnt want anybody in my family killed either, but this so-called father did not seem to care about his son when he was homeless and terrorizing his mother. I love the photographs depicting him as a clean cut man, and his baby picture. Come on, really? I thought only gang member families did that.

      3. Karen says:

        That is terrible there were no drugs in his system. He should have been on meds considering his mental condition. When the father threatened the mayor with a baseball bat, he totally lost credibility with me. The police say the son was violent and I say the apple does not fall far from the tree. The father is violent too.

      4. dc says:

        Agreed, if the guy was that crazy then he should have been in a safe enviorment, why didn’t the family take care of his needs as a mentally ill person?

      5. wgaf says:

        PRO POLICE,
        I would be more than happy to “step up,” if they fire one moron cop and let me keep the taxes I pay for the overpaid incompent moron cops. You better check with the overpaid moron aS$wipes before you go shooting off your mouth anymore, they’ll slap you silly for taking away what is statistically one of the safest jobs around, dumbf**k. FYI, Thomas had been in the area for some six years and well known by many,and it took a gang of real brain dead moron aS$wipes to act like they didnt know him … and kill him.

      6. Eric Kent says:

        Eat it PIG!!! He was over 18 and living how he wanted his family did not TASER him break his jar and BRUTALLY MURDER him PIG. All COPS PIGS are corrupt MURDERING LYING DOGS.

  2. Joe says:

    Um… unless the hospital did the full autopsy, I don’t think they can “CONFIRM” that he died from blunt head trauma. That would be the Coroner’s job determination. Just saying…

    1. Edward says:

      That would be the coroner’s job, true, but it doesn’t mean an ER physician (or most physicians, for that matter) can’t make the observation, either.

    2. Astonished says:

      Remember, these are “computer generated images.” Anyone with a little training can adulterate any computer image. It’s done every day. I say wait for the official report from the coroner’s office. Then if the family doesn’t agree with it, have a private autopsy done. ER doctors may suggest a cause of death, but only a coroner, after doing an autopsy can confirm cause of death.

      It seems to me that the family and their “legal advisors” are releasing information in order to inflame the public. The better to get more money.

    3. wgaf says:

      Wow, from who do you morons think the coroner gets his/her paycheck? And, those six overpaid moron aS$wipes are still on a paid vacation from basically the same employer.

  3. alan hart says:

    Since the Coroner hasn’t determined the cause of death, Mr. Thomas should have a private autopsy done. Then his attorney should go to court and have the court file a writ of Mandamus mandating the DA to bring charges against the police responsible. This would take the decision making away from the DA.

  4. mike says:

    those monsters should be tried for murder plain and simple

  5. JA says:

    Looks like the parents just want the money. All of a sudden they care about this crazy guy after he was homeless for being a violent crazy guy??

  6. jag says:

    If the Police invovled don’t face charges then there is no justice in htis world and we all better be afraid, very afraid!

    1. swhitS says:

      Agree, they have already gone too far zapping a pregnant woman for being upset while her 2yr old was trapped. Thoes tasers should be banned.

  7. jag says:

    The parents should have gotten him help instead of allowing him to be on the streets. It’s time parents stop giving up on hteir children when they have problems. That’s the time you must dig in and do PARENTING! no matter how tough it gets.

    1. wgaf says:

      So,are your parents still working on you, dumbaS$?

  8. James says:

    Cops that are informed about a mentally ill man by dispatch and what they should look for and trained how to react phsycologically towards the situation was taken out of context and these cops not only embaressed there colleges there department but there familys and there community for acting like dogs beating this man malisciously .These cops acted as a gang no better than the ones you see in jail on t.v. poor judgement .Finally big brother is and are going to be deweeding out all unprofessional civil servants to come good.RIP BROTHER I pray for justice just like it says in the bible.

  9. Joe says:

    Just give it some time. It takes a while to cover up a crime like this. I hope the FBI
    will bring these murders to justice. We all know that the Fullerton police will announce that the officers did nothing wrong.


    The DA is stuck in his own conflict of interest. He knows this was murder, but is reluctant to indict cops. He simply doesn’t consider the victim’s life nearly as important as the life, or freedom for that matter, of any one of the officers.

  11. Salar Arastoopar says:

    execute the officers! and the money is going to charity for u morons that think the parents in for the money, get ur facts straight before u come out with ur ignorant comments

    1. rich says:

      not one red cent of money from this will go to charity i can bet you that the parents may say they are going to donate it but i do not belive one word they say simply because they showed they have no morals by letting their son be homeless and not doing one single thing to help him till he got HIM SELF killed many have said the parents are limited cuz he was an adult well that may be so. but if it was my son then i would have been on the streets right beside him to keep an eye on him there IS ALWAYS A WAY TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD

      1. uh oh says:

        Rick you’re a moron. Problems with comprehension in school? Doesn’t matter where the money goes anyway. If they win a lawsuit they can do what they wish. Everybody doesn’t have a small narrow mind like you. Grow up!

      2. rich says:

        uh oh it does make a diffrence the parents went on record saying that any money they get from this suit will go to charity which i feel is a bold face lie because they showed no intrest in helping their son before this happen and now they are all upset and want tons of money that are just capitalizeing on their sons death

      3. wgaf says:

        You’re two steps past dumbf**k moron. Go live on the streets dealing with overpaid incompetent moron cops and report back, you don’t need a son to do so. I can bet it’s the balls up your as$ doing all the talking. Your parents did a piS$ poor job, dipsh!t.

      4. Eric Kent says:

        How do you know what his parents have done over the years to try and help him. From what I understand they had done all they could and their son liked to live the way he was living.

    2. Huh? says:

      ironic that you would use the words “moron” and “ignorant”.

  12. Salar Arastoopar says:

    cops these days think of them selves too big, now 6 of em can go to jail and be wit the real real criminals, and they can ttear those little pig butholes up

  13. TLWeldon says:

    So – it’s the family’s fault. BS, A**hole. When you have one like this young man in your family, then I’ll listen to you blow .

  14. ??? says:

    cracked ribs & broken jaw, etc. that’s pretty bad. All that to arrest someone and get them into custody? Sounds excessive. They had to do all that damage just to put handcuffs on? Sometimes the police ARE mean and go overboard. RIP

  15. Arod says:

    There wont be any justice. Some wise panel somewhere will say the cops had no choice. Just another example of thugs being hired by the police depts. In the L.A. area. I’ve come to believe that most cops have the iq of rabid fruit bats and are worse than most of the people the arrest. I’ve never spent a day in jail or been arrested but from what I’ve seen and heard I have lost all respect the police anywhere

  16. Glitcho says:

    The corner is being controlled by the city officials. They are probably trying to figure out how they can inject illegal drugs into his body and get away with it.

  17. The Truth says:

    Can you imagine what a stir would be created if Kelly Thomas was black?

  18. christian says:

    some of these comments make it painfully clear that the writers have no clue what mental illness is or how it affects a family.

    the fact of the matter is that a mentally disabled man was brutally assaulted by a gang of six grown men. how is this EVER justified?

    1. Karen says:

      He should have been on meds, then he would not have been violent and the police would have had zero reason to apprehend him.


        your so wrong karen! YOU should be on head meds yourself! witchy poo-poo lol

      2. Karen says:

        Republican – with a comment like that, you accuse me of being on meds? What did you take tonight?

      3. wgaf says:

        As you persist in confirming that you’re a dipsh!t provide a link to a picture of the father holding the baseball bat you run your mouth about. Or, is it your meds talking, moron?

    2. Astonished says:

      And I repeat myself again. Please explain to me how the police were to know that this person was mentally disturbed, and not high on drugs or drugs and alcohol? Is there a little flashing light that tells them “Don’t hit me I’m mental? Being mentally disabled doesn’t mean he wasn’t strong enough to do real damage to anyone he came in contact with.

      As for the father being able to see the broken ribs and broken jaw. I’d rather doubt it.

      1. Edward says:

        Astonished, here’s the answers: First of all, experience. The police collectively knew who he was, much as the Rampart cops know who’s who on Skid Row.

        Second, mental illness is not an excuse to being hit — they shouldn’t have hit him excessively for any reason. Rodney King got the snot beat out of him – but the issue wasn’t being smacked; it was being smacked excessively. For THAT, they were guilty, and so too are the Fullerton police.

        The potential for violence is not a green light for any force, much less excessive force. It’s a widening chasm between the police and citizens, those who sense danger at any given moment and those who resent the indignity of police relations.

  19. Jeff says:

    If he would have gotten down on his knees and begged the officers for his life then, they might not have been forced to bash his skull in, break his ribs, break his jaw and shot him with a tazer. For there own safety of course.

  20. Whateva says:

    Hey dad, remind us all again why you didn’t take care of him while he was alive? Oh yeah, that wouldn’t pay anything. Got it.

    1. wgaf says:

      Hey WHATEVA,
      Remind us why your parents raised a dumbf**k. Oh yeah, welfare pays by the kid. Got it.

      1. Eric Kent says:

        To “wgaf” this person “Whateva” is just another welfare recipient loser that has no comprehension of the fact that the man the FULLERTON PD MURDERED was a grown man over 18 years of age living how he chose to live. His parents responsibility towards him ended when he turned 18 by law. BY LAW his parents could not restrain him from going out or they would be breaking the law. He was not a ward of the court and he was living how he wanted many people are homeless by choice believe it or not.

  21. charliewinning says:

    DA’s caught in a bind. If he indicts the cops, that means a crime has been committed, and he exposes the City of Fullerton to a big $$$ payout when the civil case comes.

    Dad’s pushing for the indictment, of course. More $$$ in the future, for a son that he doesn’t care about, & tossed out in the street. What an investment.

  22. arbee says:

    I think people who say that it’s the parents fault and “where were they”, need to remember this guy wasn’t a child anymore, so they really had no way to control his actions at all, and his actions that day were ?????? Oh yea, he was sitting there minding his own business and because he LOOKED like he might be on drugs, or he LOOKED like he might be mental was the reason for bashing his head in….well, guess that’s as good a reason as any. How can anybody have this type of mentality is beyond me, the guy was a HUMAN being!!! So what if he was mentally disabled, so what if he was high on drugs (which he wasn’t), so what if he even was committing a crime like breaking into cars…he was not deserved of dying in such a malicious, vicious and disgusting sort of way, at the hands of those who are sworn to protect. He suffered a terrible death, he was cognitive enough to cry out for his fathers help, he felt every bit of the pain they wanted him to feel, yet you idiots seem to think that’s cool! What’s wrong with you!!!!

  23. Eric Kent says:

    Since when is killing another person an acceptable act? If I kill someone whom I catch breaking into my house I better be able to prove that my life was in danger or I am going to jail!!!! So why do the MURDERING PIGS have such a different standard for killing someone why is it acceptable for them to use LETHAL FORCE on a person who is begging for his life? Why do they not have to show that their lives were in danger? This is a war the PIGS against the citizens we are no different than CHINA if we let these MURDERERS get away with this.

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