ORANGE (CBS) — Employees at the Orange County Labor Federation offices found a noose hanging from the building’s roof when workers arrived for work Friday morning, police said.

“It’s just sickening to see, that’s all I can say about it. It just made me sick inside,” said executive director Tefere Gebre.

The noose was hanging directly in front of the door as employees came to work.

“We didn’t have any kind of incidents like this before and we had no reason to anticipate anything like this in 2011 either,” said Gebre.

Police don’t know how the noose got there or who is behind it. Workers who stayed late for negotiations left the building at midnight. The noose was discovered at 8 o’clock the next morning.

The federation represents more than 90 unions and is currently negotiating contracts with grocery workers and employees at Angels Stadium.

“If it was meant to intimidate us, it ain’t gonna work,” said Gebre. “We would actually double our efforts to stand up and fight for working families.”

There are no security cameras at the complex as officials say it’s typically a safe and quiet area. Residences and businesses surround the neighborhood. Anyone with information on the incident is urged to call Orange police.

Comments (5)
  1. Unzinkable says:

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. American Citizen says:

    Damn Devils…

  3. Mike_88 says:

    Unions used to be notorious for terror tactics. They bombed the LA Times in the early 1900’s and a few bombs were found in hollywood company basements 50-60 years ago.

  4. mojo says:

    now that the shoe is on the other foot I don’t think the unions quite like these terror tactics now do they? Payback is a M-F’er isn’t it?

    1. Ron says:

      Most likely the UNION put the NOOSE up just to get some attention and possibly sympathy for their GREEDY cause. But GUESS what, we have NO SYMPATHY !!!
      All you union GRUNTS on the ground will have one HELL of a time trying to find a new job, when you LOSE the current one you have. You were gullible enough to believe your HEARTLESS union LEADERS, that will have NO difficulty SLEEPING at night, when you LOSE your JOB and THEY will still be drawing THEIR PAYCHECK.

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