LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A record-breaking offer to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers was met with mixed reaction from local baseball fans and residents on Thursday.

KNX 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports the founder of the Los Angeles Marathon, Bill Burke — with the backing of unnamed Chinese investors — offered Frank McCourt $1.2 billion to purchase the Dodgers.

The deal would include the team, surrounding land and media rights, according to The LA Times.

Reports of the proposed cash deal was greeted with thumbs-down from outspoken fans in Echo Park.

“No, I’m not happy about it,” said one woman.

“We want somebody from the United States to own the team!” another said.

Marathon founder Bill Burke and his backers sent a letter Tuesday to McCourt making the offer, according to the Los Angeles Times who cited two unnamed sources familiar with the offer.

The $1.2 billion price would be a record for a Major League Baseball team.

Still, some fans are likely to embrace any new owner who pledges a stronger security presence at Dodger Stadium after the parking lot assault on Giants fan Brian Stow back in April.

“As long as we have a team, I’m OK with it,” one woman said. “Honestly, I don’t mind as long as there are more strict rules and more security at Dodger Stadium.”

Frank McCourt has said numerous times that he is not interested in selling the Dodgers and wants to be the majority owner when the team emerges from bankruptcy.

Major League Baseball has not commented on the offer.

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Comments (27)
  1. JM says:

    Hell No! China already owns half the US with all the US bonds the own. And everybody and their moms complains about illegal immigration….How about complaining about how long the US has bent over for China….

    1. Marie says:

      So very sad and true statement…

    2. Stryker 21 says:

      The China man won’t put up with the Dodger/Raider/Lakers types starting trouble and dressing like gang bangers. Dress code will solve some of the problems. Then random searchers of ticket holders as they enter. No search, no entry.

  2. Fatgreens Vm says:


  3. Wc1 says:

    None of the players or fans are from the US. Whats the problem?

  4. rick says:

    Stop be naive, look at Britain, their top 3 soccer team; Manchester United own by American, Manchester City own by UAE, and Chelsea own by a Russian.

  5. EverydayGuy says:

    With every home run, you get egg roll.

    1. P says:

      Well the Dodgers sure can’t afford Burritos to give out.

  6. Ray says:

    McCourt is from the US, and look how he ruined the team. Lets be honest here, what you’re really saying we want a mexican to run the dodgers. Dont gimme that BS.


    “chiness lantern look like UFO”!!!!!!!!!

  8. Marie says:

    “Baseball” an AMERICAN tradition….

  9. LG says:

    Yeah! Keep China out of the MLB! Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to my Limited Edition, Made in the USA Ipod…oh wait…

  10. Mr. Wong says:

    Now we can have egg roll dogs instead of doyer dogs.

  11. Conithompson says:

    This McCort fellow should take the deal and get out. He obviously was sliding down hill already with the type of beating that happened there. What difference will it make who owns the team? America is so in debt that we will al l be owned by some other place soon enough. I think the bankruptcy court can make some decisions anyhow while in his debt issues.

  12. dc says:

    OMG, first McCourt now this….please someone (American) save the Dodgers!!!

  13. Ron says:

    We need someone who has a POSITIVE history with the DODGERS and MLB, like former players, etc., definitely NOT a foreign country.

    1. Ron says:

      Promise to BOYCOTT Dodger games, if any FOREIGN entity buys the team. DO NOT ATTEND any games. SPEAK UP and let it be known that we will NOT support FOREIGN buyers/owners.

  14. Linda says:

    NO NO NO AND NO. DO NOT SELL THE DODGERS TO CHINA. It will give them a foot in the door to control the media, what the heck is wrong with Americans selling off our Country so readily and cheaply.

  15. Paul says:

    Most of the people posting for this article against the sale must be Mexicans. Of all people, Mexicans should not have anyting to say about the future of the Dodgers. Current Dodgers fans are either Mexican Cholos or other low lifes from the same background. Same type that beat the Giant fan to a coma. Let’s be honest here, when Asians are the owners of something revenues and quality goes up. On the other hand, when Mexicans own something either it becomes a criminal interprise or the thing goes to hell. I’ll rather have someone who can pump money into the club, making it the west coast Red Soxs or Yanks.

    1. Joe says:

      I thought most of the people whining were white

  16. Steve Sax says:

    If they sell the team to the dodgers i will never attend a dodger game or watch or buy anything from them ever again! sell out and see what happens!

  17. Dave says:

    Yeah F the chinx ban the dodgers!

  18. Steve says:

    Move the whole thing to Mexicco.

  19. Mark says:

    Okay…lets just sell the Chinese Commies the team…Who really cares about America anymore…While we’re at it just sell them the rest of what’s left of our country and be done with it. It’s all about money anyway… No pride, no american apple pie and red, white and Dodger blue…It’s all BS… Walter O’Malley is no doubt doing summer flips in his grave..

    1. James says:

      It’s pretty obvious how much of a virgin you are. What’s it like knowing that you’ll be forever alone?

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  21. jaguar pc hosting says:

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